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Stylish Eco Friendly Accessory Brands for Spring

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By  Diane Small

Spring’s  warmer days and budding trees evoke thoughts and images of rebirth and renewal. That’s true not only for flora and fauna, but for ourselves, as well. Perhaps even more so than New Year’s Eve, springtime is the season to think about how your choices impact the planet and all life on it.

For example, the  growing numbers of eco-conscious companies in the stores today means there’s really no excuse for not making eco-friendlier wardrobe choices, and since we tend to buy more accessories than clothing, that means  thinking about the origins on your bags, shoes, jewellery and other fashion items is more essential than ever.

Making sustainable decisions not only makes a difference in terms of picking natural materials that are kinder to the earth, but it also sends companies the firm message that we DO prefer products that aren’t disrespectful of the planet we’re all living on, and encourages those who have gone green to continue doing so, and those who haven’t, to change their policies.

Here are some stylish, eco friendly accessory picks we think illustrate the point that you don’t have to compromise on style to be sustainable.

Sunglasses + Specs: BluePlanet

Based in California, BluePlanet  specialise in creating eco-friendly sun- and-reading glasses with a social conscience. Their frames are made from sustainable bamboo, beechwood, cork and other materials (including recycled plastics) and for every pair purchased, the label will donate a pair of  glasses to those in need all over the world with their #VisualizeChange program.

To encourage you to be more eco-friendly, BluePlanet is offering Eluxe readers 20% all purchases on their site this springtime! Just enter the Coupon Code: Eluxe20 at checkout.



Scarves: Apoccas

Apoccas, meaning ‘Ancient Power on Cotton, Cashmere and Silk’, is a socially aware luxury brand specialising in woven scarves, wraps and throws. Its founder, ex-banker Alexandra du Sold,  designs her scarves with the intention of enhancing  general wellbeing through the incorporation of colour, crystals and words hand-woven onto organically dyed fabrics. Each piece has a predominant colour theme, and based on that, they have small semi-precious colour-coordinated stones knotted into the fringe and a powerful mantra embroidered onto the scarf. What more could you ask for in a garment?



Bags: Nella Bella

This  Canadian vegan handbag and accessories  brand uses eco-friendly  vegan fabrics to create beautiful, trend setting collections of quality that accentuate an individual’s sense of style.  Nella Bella stands out for its innovative designs, modern details and of course, its cruelty-free materials.  We especially love the ‘London’ range, which features punky touches like studs and chains.



Jewellery: WeWood

WeWood makes watches for both men and women from sustainable wood like Blackwood, which is native to Tasmania’s forests and is the perfect timber for delicate craftswork. Easily worked, table and long lasting. Blackwood’s durable seed remains viable for decades, making this delicate timber easy to grow, ensuring sustainability. Not only are WeWood’s watches eco-friendly, they also use recycled materials in its packaging, so that each box is not only 100% recyclable but also as eco-stylish as its content.


Shoes: Coclico

Since  2000, Coclico has been supporting the notion of mindful business practices, taking great care with its operation’s environmental footprint and ethical responsibilities. The brand has built a strong reputation for creating modern footwear from timeless materials that only improve with age. Production is done from start to finish in a small family owned factory in Spain, and each component is carefully considered for its beauty, utility, and environmental impact. For example, wedges are made from recycled Portuguese cork and renewable German pine; leathers are sourced only from European tanneries accredited for their use of environmentally conscious practices and vegetable-tanning expertise. Due to their sustainability, Coclico  has won a  Source Award  in recognition of their  dedication to high environmental and ethical standards.


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