The Best Vegan Sandals For The City Or Beach In 2023

Our selection of vegan sandals for the city or the beach are bang on trend for the summer!

By Katy Caric

Is there anything better to pair with a summer dress or shorts than a great pair of vegan sandals? They’re practical, comfortable, and obviously cruelty-free. Sandals by definition are just any shoe that has an open toe and a strap – they can be super strappy, heeled, flat, or buckled. There are so many to choose from, and they’re a great summer alternative to sneakers.

But of course, it’s really important to wear the right kind of vegan sandal – namely, one that isn’t made with toxic materials that will slowly ruin your feet, and the environment.

For example, plastic straps on sandals can be full of toxic petroleum-byproducts, or worse yet, carcinogenic BPA. The very worst material is PVC plastic (as used by ‘vegan friendly’ shoe brand Melissa), which contains seriously nasty dioxins and chlorine, which are pretty much guaranteed to harm your health.

Here, I’ve rounded up some of the best vegan sandals for this year, to wear around the city or to the beach. And the best part? These are kind to your feet, and the planet, too.

7 Great Vegan Sandals For Summer

Best Vegan Sandals for summer

1. Skyla Raffia Sandals

Thank you, Stella McCartney, for creating our favourite vegan sandals this summer!

These Falabella kitten heels feature some of the hottest details this year. Namely: thick soles and heels. These shoes are going to give you legs for days!

But the best part? These heeled sandals are super sustainable. That’s because they’re crafted with forest-friendly viscose. Stella’s responsibly sourced forest-friendly viscose is FSC-certified, traceable and never from ancient or endangered forests. It’s all verified by the CanopyStyle Audit.

Price: $835

Best vegan sandals for: These are versatile enough to wear in the city or at a beachy resort.

Skyla Raffia Sandals

2. Rothy’s Demi Shoes

In summer, we just want to slide into our shoes. The less fuss, the better. While these Demi shoes by Rothy’s are technically more a mule than a sandal, we’re adding them here because a) they’re open at the back. And sandals are, by definition, open shoes, right? and b) they slide on. Like a slide. Which is a kind of sandal. Are you with us?

These are super sustainable, too, since they’re made from recycled plastic bottles. And they’re 3D printed to save waste!

Price: Around $140

Best vegan sandals for: Those who hate fussy shoes. Perfect for sliding on and off at the beach!

vegan mules

3. Sammy Wedge Sandals

Summer shoes should feel light and airy. And these vegan sandals by Vivaia fit the bill!

They’re 3D knit to save on waste, and come in ten colours. The yarn they’re made from is derived from recycled plastic bottles, making these shoes super sustainable!

Price: Only $97

Best vegan sandals for: Those who find walking in heels tough. The wedge style and rubber grips on the soles make these super comfy!

sammy wedge sandals

4. Venus Gold Goddess Sandals

Why have one pair of sexy vegan sandals when you could buy one pair that transforms into two? That’s what vegan shoe brand Veerah specialises in doing.

For example, their elegantly classic Venus Gold Goddess sandals can be worn simply with the matching ankle strap, or you can turn it over and use the glittery gold strap instead. If you’re feeling playful, clip on a bow at the heel your shoes. Got a big event? Add a stunning clip on Orchid Blossom Brooch (as seen below) to make this sandal even fancier!

Price: $378

Best vegan sandals for: Big summer events: weddings, hot dates, gallery openings, you name it!

5. The Nira Sandal

The Nira wants to be your best friend this summer. She’ll pair perfectly with shorts, jeans, dresses or skirts. No matter where you go, she’ll feel right at home. This low heeled sandal is made from recycled materials, too. Yay!

Price: Around $50

Best vegan sandals for: Those who hate shoes that slip and slide. These will stay firmly on your feet, thanks to the two straps and toe hold!

matt and nat sandals

6. Elysa Sandals

Comfy, chunky heel? Check. Buckled strap? Check. 100% vegan? Check! Neutral shade that goes with everything? Check! Yep, it seems the Elysa sandal from Matt and Nat has everything you need in an everyday vegan sandal for this summer.

Price: $95

Best vegan sandals for: Everyday wear at the office in the city

7. NAE Hazel Vegan Sandals

The Hazel slide by Portugal-based vegan shoe brand NAE is a super classic flat shoe that looks great with everything from shorts and skirts to jeans. They’re comfortable and cushioned so that you can wear them all day long, especially on hot summer days. And they were made in a way that respects the environment.

Oh, and the shoe is super-ethical, too: the factory NAE produces in is CO2-free and all the fabrics are Oeko-Tex Certified.

Price: Around $80

Best vegan sandals for: Casual summer outfits.

NAE Hazel Vegan Sandals

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