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Vegan Summer Recipes With Seasonal Ingredients

There’s nothing more sustainable – or delicious – than these vegan summer recipes using seasonal ingredients! By Lora O’Brien As the seasons come and go, so does the type of produce that grows. And that’s important. Not only will…

Vegan Sandwich Recipes
Recipes Summer

30+ Insanely Creative Vegan Sandwich Recipes

Looking for some insanely creative vegan sandwich recipes? Check these ideas out! By Lora O’Brien Is there ever a time when a sandwich doesn’t seem like a great idea? Road trip? Pack a sandwich! Going on a picnic? Pack…

Recipes Summer

25 Vegan Vacation Food Recipes

Sad summer is over? Here are some vegan vacation food recipes in case you start missing them! By Lora O’Brien Sorry, what? Summer is almost over? Are you serious? It seems we barely had any summer at all! And…

Easy Recipes Summer

25 Fancy Vegan Ice Cream Recipes For Adults

These fancy vegan ice cream recipes are the ultimate adult dessert indulgence! By Lora O’Brien The sun is  finally beginning to shine, the hum of bees and singing birds are the soundtrack to our days and our windows and…

Easy Recipes Summer

Brilliantly Boozy Vegan Cocktail Recipes

These brilliantly boozy vegan cocktail recipes will impress guests and lift your spirits! By Lora O’Brien At the risk of sounding like a raging alcoholic, sometimes we all just like to kick it back and have a cocktail or…

Recipes Summer

Recipe Of The Week: BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

Yep, we’re still doing a recipe a week for you to try under lockdown! This BBQ tempeh sandwich will get you ready for summer flavours… By Lora O’Brien With lockdown extended for many of us, cabin fever is real.…

Recipes Summer

25 Sizzling Vegan Barbecue Ideas

Who says vegans can’t have fun at BBQs? Everyone will want to try these vegan barbecue ideas! By Lora O’Brien Some of my fondest memories of summer are of family and friends coming together for a good, old-fashioned garden…