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How Green Are Plant Based Leathers, Really?

They sound great on paper. But how green are plant based leathers, really? By Roberta Fabbrocino Oh my, but it can be exciting to hear about vegan leather alternatives! Pinatex, made from pineapple leaves. Desserto, created from cacti. Apple…

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The Best Vegan Handbag Brands EVER

This is probably the best list of the best vegan handbag brands ever found on the internet! By Chere Di Boscio Over the years, Eluxe has been immersed in the world of vegan fashion. We’ve been a media partner…

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9 Vegan Brands Using Cactus Leather

These vegan brands using cactus leather are on the cutting edge of sustainable vegan fashion! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi The world is finally shifting to a plant-based lifestyle! More and more people are acknowledging the importance of going vegan…

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Frida Rome: Vegan Bags With An Edge

By Roberta Fabbrocino Valentino did it with their Rockstud shoes and bags. But fashionistas looking for cruelty-free accessories with a touch of punk were stuck. Until now! British sustainable fashion brand Frida Rome offers vegan bags with an edge.…

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The Best Vegan Boots for Winter 2021

Looking for some gorgeous vegan boots for winter? We’ve found a huge variety, for all budgets! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi With the rise of eco-friendly faux fur, there are hundreds of stylish, warm winter coats to choose from, but…

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20+ Of The Best Vegan Sneaker Brands

Looking for a great shoe for everyday wear? These vegan sneaker brands have got you covered! By Katy Caric Vegan sneaker brands are staying abreast of the latest footwear trend – basically, the chunky, clunky (but surprisingly comfy!) trainer.…

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10 Vegan Briefcase Brands To Take To Work

These vegan briefcase brands are just what you need to make an impression at work! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi After carrying canvas totes and straw bucket bags around the beach all season, it’s time to go back to work…

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Label Love: Panafrica Ethical Shoes

Panafrica ethical shoes are definitely some of the coolest fashions coming from Africa right now By Chere Di Boscio When you think of ethical or vegan shoes, lots of brands come to mind: Rothy’s, TOMS, Stella McCartney, or Beyond…

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The Best Vegan Tote Bags For All Seasons

No matter what the season, these vegan tote bags will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Having a few vegan tote bags in your closet is essential for the organised fashionista. They’re roomy, stylish,…

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Ethical Summer Jewelry Trends For 2020

They’re natural, beautiful and cool. Get ready to rock these ethical summer jewelry trends! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Great news! The hottest ethical jewelry trends for this summer reflect overall trends: they’re focused on sustainability. In fact, natural materials…

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What Are Vegan Leather Bags Made Of?

They’re getting increasingly popular. But what are vegan leather bags made of? By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi The vegan vs cow leather debate is one that always sparks passionate discussion in the sustainable fashion community. For vegans, there’s really no…

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Meet 1 People: A Fashion Brand That Cares

Meet 1 People – a fashion brand that truly cares about people, and the planet, too By Chere Di Boscio In these turbulent, fast-changing times, I personally hold up brands that put people before profits in higher regard than…