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Meet 1 People: A Fashion Brand That Cares

Meet 1 People – a fashion brand that truly cares about people, and the planet, too By Chere Di Boscio In these turbulent, fast-changing times, I personally hold up brands that put people before profits in higher regard than…

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Sustainable Shoe Brands Walking On The Eco Side

These sustainable shoe brands have both the planet’s health and people’s comfort in mind By Anna Van Der Heidjen What’s meant by ‘sustainable fashion’ anyway? The truth is, the answer is never simple, and ‘sustainable’ means different things to…

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15+ Eco Friendly Vegan Leather Alternatives

These truly eco friendly vegan leather alternatives should make the naysayers abolish animal leather forever! By Chere Di Boscio I must confess: here at Eluxe, we were horrified to learn that some of the bags and shoes we thought…

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10 Ethical Beach Essentials For This Summer

Got a beach holiday planned this year? Don’t forget your ethical beach essentials! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi When the barometer rises and it’s finally time to hit the beach, you’re gone for the whole day. It’s a glorious ritual…

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Old Mags To New Bags: By Hands From Claudia

By Chere Di Boscio Ever since I can remember, I loved leafing through fashion magazines. I adored their layouts, their fashion shoots and soaked up their beauty and health advice like a sponge. From Seventeen and Sassy to Vogue…

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The Best Wood Watches for Conscious Fashionistas

The best wood watches are sustainable, ethical and vegan friendly. Just like our selection, below! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Wood watches were once a cheap, hippy/beach bum staple, adorning the wrists of surfers who – ironically – probably didn’t…