The Best Vegan Backpacks For All Occasions

We found some of the best vegan backpacks for work, school…any occasion, really!

By Noa Ben-Moshe

We all face the same struggles when the weather gets cold and rainy: trying to carry a tote bag and maybe send a text while juggling an umbrella against a strong wind. Not fun!

But it’s not just the colder weather that brings handbag issues: going to school or work with a tote packed with books and a laptop means one shoulder ends up just killing you in the afternoon. The solution to all these problems? A backpack!

While some think they’re still for kids, I must strongly disagree: these accessories are practical, easy and chic, and allow you to walk around with free hands and a clear mind. To avoid looking like a schoolgirl on her way to a class excursion, it’s simple: choose one of the most sophisticated vegan backpacks you can find!

You should try to keep these things in mind when choosing vegan backpacks:

Practicality: Choose your accessories based on your lifestyle and the things you’re carrying around with you. As much as you might like the look of a cute, tiny backpack, would it actually fit your needs?

Functionality: Are you more into a backpack with loads of different compartments, or without? Do you usually carry a laptop with you? If so, find a bag that has a padded compartment for that very purpose.

Quality: We all want our accessories to last for a long time, and here at Eluxe, we strongly believe that one bag of quality is better than buying several cheap ones – a well made backpack should be considered an investment that will last and last!

With these things in mind, here are some of our suggestions for some of the best vegan backpacks around.

The Best Vegan Backpacks For All Occasions

Best Vegan Backpacks For All Occasions

1. Matt and Nat DEELY Mini Backpack

The mini backpack is HOT right now, and no wonder: they’re super cute, easy to wear, and make any outfit you wear look more modern and stylish. The interior of this Matt and Nat bag is made out of recycled plastic bottles, and the flap has a magnetic closure, making it a great fashion companion with easy access. It’s available in many colours, including Kelly green, black and beige. But our favorite one this leafy red – such a stunning fall hue!

Best for: Short days out, strolls in the city

Price: $120.00

Best Vegan Backpacks For All Occasions

2. Labante Unisex Backpack

This gender-neutral vegan backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s perfect for work, and easily fits a 15 inch computer, documents, water bottle, phone, keys, makeup and more! But don’t worry about it getting heavy: it has thick straps for extra comfort. It’s sleek and sophisticated, and if you buy it as a gift for your partner…well, let’s just say it’s very ‘borrow-able’!

Best for: Looking super professional

Price: Around $150

unisex vegan backpack

3. Gunas Livia Backpack

A pop of red is always a good idea! And this beautiful Livia bag by Gunas is in a lovely lipsticky shade. This model was named after Eco Age founder Livia Firth, and it reflects her chic Italian style. The best part? It’s not just a backpack: you can easily transform it into a shoulder bag, making it highly versatile.

Best for: Bold, creative, romantic beings.

Price: Around $335

best vegan backpacks

4. Stella McCartney Falabella Go Backpack

The trend for monogram printed bags seems like it’s here to stay, and this stunning backpack by Stella McCartney boasts a highly stylish monogram print. It’s super eco-friendly, too, as it’s constructed from organic cotton and ECONYL regenerated nylon.

Perfect for: The trend-loving fashionista on the go.

Price: USD $945

Best Vegan Backpacks For All Occasions

5. Svala Gemma Backpack Purse

Want the look of snakeskin leather without having to actually, you know, kill a snake? The Svala Gemma backpack is a stunner, with its embossed snakeskin faux leather exterior. And the best part? This is two bags in one, as well! Just take off the back straps and replace them with the single top strap to transform the backpack into a tote.

Best for: Effortlessly cool girls at the workplace, or away for the weekend

Price: $295.00


svala gemma purse


6. Bobobark by LaFlore

With its Parisian chic and practical style, Bobobark has really conquered all of us here at Eluxe! This cork bag is light as a feather, and can be worn three ways. Not only as a backpack, but also as a shoulder bag, or held as a briefcase/purse. Wow, right?

Much thought has been put into its design, and as a result, it boasts a padded laptop compartment, a place for your phone, and several zips that make accessing your stuff inside easily, without having to dig around. This is definitely one of the most functional and beautiful vegan backpacks we’ve ever seen!

Perfect for: Hauling laptops around- they just slip in so easily!

Price: Around $250



7. UCON Hajo Backpack

This casual, minimalistic and unisex backpack is ideal for long days outside, biking to work, and will suit every outfit you wear, no matter what your gender. The innovative roll-top opens and closes easily with velcro, and the generous size of the bag allows you to fill it up with all your essentials and more.

And the best part? Ucon has eliminated all toxins from their products and packaging. This includes environmental toxins (such as bleaches, pesticides and heavy metals) and other toxins (carcinogens used in poorly controlled leather dyeing or hard chrome plating processes), as well as allergens such as nickel.

Best for: Urban professionals who love minimal design

Price: Around $80

best vegan backpacks

8. NUUWAI Svenya Backpack

My personal backpack of choice is the Svenya by NUUWAI. I wear mine everywhere! I love it for its simple yet stylish design, and also for the fact that it’s made out of apple leather on the outside, and has ECOALF’s recycled ocean plastic fabric inside. It’s big enough to store all my belongings, it can easily fit my laptop, and adds a touch of style to every outfit in my wardrobe.

Best for: University, work or day trips

Price: €199

best vegan backpacks

9. Doshi Collection Brown Paper Backpack

This eco-friendly backpack is made from Kraft paper and Tyvek, which are both fully recyclable and hold up just fine if they get wet – don’t worry! The exterior design is a beautiful floral print that’s reminiscent of what a really talented doodler might draw, and the straps are thin and refined. Another great thing about this bag? It’s one of the cheapest vegan backpacks here – but it’s great value for money, as the quality is fantastic!

We love Doshi not only for their unique style, but also for their commitment to give 5% of their revenues to charities benefiting animals, people and the environment.

Best for: Girlie girls!

Price: $59

paper backpack by doshi

10. Luxtra Black Backpack

This backpack ticks a lot of boxes: it’s elegant, practical and it’s constructed from FRUMAT: an innovative leather like material made from apple skins. A 13″ laptop, phone, documents, reusable water bottle and other daily essentials neatly fit inside, and the external, zipped pocket gives you easy access to your credit cards and phone.

Best for: The upwardly mobile, hardworking urban professional

Price: $455

best vegan backpacks

11. Miele Bianco Blush Backpack

The Maxine by Miele Bianco is one of the sweetest bags in town. It’s got a classic envelope style, and is super functional, too. There are two compartments and multiple pockets on the inside, and adjustable shoulder straps and a top carrying handle on the outside. This cute backpack is one you’ll surely want to add to your collection!

Best for: Girly girls! Not only is this vegan backpack pink, but it’s got an adorable polka-dot lining, too!

Price: $109

miele bianco backpack

12. JORD Maiken Envelope Backpack

JORD may be well known for their wood watches, but they make some of the best vegan backpacks around, too!

Take their Maiken, for example. This mini-backpack features clean lines and varied textures. There’s a smooth ‘leather’ combined with vegan ‘suede’, that’s actually made from cork.

We love the leather flap closure with its gold statement hardware. Inside, you’ll find a luxurious red velvet interior, and three sections to organise your stuff. The adjustable chain straps give the bag some fierce style, too.

Best for: Going out. This is one seriously elegant vegan backpack!

Price: $195


best vegan backpacks

13. Osier Studio’s Nieuw West 

Osier Studio’s Nieuw-West was built for business. This is the largest vegan bag they make, and it’s one of the best vegan backpacks for working men and women.

Why? Because inside, you’ll find sturdy compartments for your laptop and documents, along with generous space for loads of other stuff.

Their vegan leather is double-supported to protect and maintain its beautiful shape. And the strap length is easily adjustable, meaning it’s suited to all body types and genders.

Best for: Him, her…anyone who loves sleek lines and classic style

Price: Around $300

best vegan backpacks

14. Angela Roi Mini Mocha Backpack

One of the cutest looks for a vegan backpack is slung low, down the back. But this look only looks great if the bag is a mini, like this one.

Angela Roi’s mini vegan backpack in mocha is a sweet little classic. It’s just the right size for all your essentials, and it’s transformable! Yep, just take off the back straps to create a lightweight purse.

Best for: When you’re travelling light

Price: $205

best vegan backpacks

First three images: Matt and Nat.

Noa Ben-Moshe

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