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35 Vegan Chocolate Recipes To Die For

By Lora O’Brien Chocoholics, look away right now. This page is your pusher. This page is ‘the man’ you’ve been waiting for. It’s full of richly delicious, creamy, gooey chocolate recipes that you simply won’t be able to resist.…

Recipes Sweets and desserts

30 Vegan Coffee Based Recipes

These 30 vegan coffee based recipes include everything from cupcakes to cocktails! By Lora O’Brien I live for my morning coffee. I enjoy nothing more than the taste of coffee, the aroma of coffee. I even use a few…

Recipes Sweets and desserts

25 Vegan Halloween Candy Recipes

These vegan Halloween candy recipes are perfect for parties, or trick or treaters By Lora O’Brien Hallowe’en is a kind of love/hate time for many parents. You want your kids to have fun dressing up and enjoying the spookily…

Recipes Sweets and desserts

10+ of the Best Fair Trade Chocolate Brands

The best Fair Trade chocolate brands make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Christmas, birthdays…any occasion, really! By Katy Caric Chocolate should make everyone happy, right? It’s tasty, creamy, and just the right amount of sweet. Although it’s pretty…

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25 Healthier Vegan Junk Food Recipes

Feel zero guilt about your junk food habit with these healthier vegan junk food recipes By Lora O’Brien Ask anyone what their favourite food is, and chances are they’ll answer with a junk food: ice cream, chocolate, burgers, cookies…you…