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30 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

These vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas will be loved by meat eaters and vegans alike! By Lora O’Brien The American tradition of having the President pardoning a turkey started with the hottest of leaders (if you ask me): John F.…

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30 Tasty Vegan Appetizer Recipes

These vegan appetizer recipes are perfect for parties, or as starters before a meal By Lora O’Brien No memorable party is ever complete without some tasty vegan appetizers (or, as we say here in the UK, vegan starters). Yep,…

Recipes Special occasions

Vegan Wedding Cake Recipes To Wow Guests

These vegan wedding cake recipes will make anyone’s nuptials unforgettable! By Lora O’Brien I don’t know about you, but my favourite way to celebrate any milestone or achievement in life is with cake. Got a birthday? Cake! Passed your…

Recipes Special occasions

30 Exotic Vegan World Food Recipes

Take your tastebuds on holiday with these 30 exotic vegan recipes from around the world! By Lora O’Brien The world is getting smaller –  and thank god for that. Time was (or so I’ve been told!) that food in…