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Fairtrade chocolate brands
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The Best Fairtrade Chocolate Brands

The best Fairtrade chocolate brands make a perfect gift for Easter, Valentine’s Day. Christmas, birthdays…any occasion, really! By Katy Carik Chocolate should make everyone happy, right? It’s tasty, creamy, and just the right amount of sweet. Although it’s pretty…

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20+ Crunchy, Salty Vegan Bacon Recipes

These crunchy, salty, tasty vegan bacon recipes may just convert a few carnivores! By Lora O’Brien People just get obsessed with bacon. In Britain, eating it after a big night out is a popular way to cure a hangover;…

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Spicy Vegan Recipes For Those Who Like It HOT

Like your food with a kick? You’ll love these spicy vegan recipes! By Lora O’Brien Remember back in December when the world lost its mind after supermodel Gigi Hadid shared her spice cupboard? Seeing lots of well-known Indian spices…

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Hot Vegan Drink Recipes Beyond Coffee And Tea

Coffee? Ho hum. Tea? Meh. These hot vegan drink recipes are luxurious, decadent alternatives! By Lora O’Brien The weather in the UK right now is freezing. I say freezing in the literal sense: we’ve had flurries of snow and…

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20 Easy Vegan Recipes for Kids To Make

Kids hungry? Bored? Get them busy with these vegan recipes for kids! By Lora O’Brien Whether they’re our sons and daughters, friends, or nieces and nephews, we all love spending time with wee ones. But sometimes, it can be…

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Sweet and Savoury Vegan Pancake Recipes

Whether you like ’em sweet or savoury, you’ll love these vegan pancake recipes! By Lora O’Brien Did you know that Shrove Tuesday is kinda the world’s first zero-waste food days? Yep, that’s right! The idea behind the day was…

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Vegan Cheese Recipes You Gouda Try!

It’s the one thing most vegans miss. But there’s no need to say goodbye to cheese when these vegan cheese recipes exist! By Lora O’Brien I’m sure a lot of vegans have been asked this question: ‘but…how can you…

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30 Healthy Vegan Snack Recipes

These vegan snack recipes are ideal for serving up to friends, or nibbling on when you get the munchies! By Lora O’Brien ‘Elevenses’ was the term they came up with to describe that grumbly tummy feeling you get around…

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Vegan Chocolate Recipes To Die For

These vegan chocolate recipes include everything from hot drinks to ice creams! By Lora O’Brien Chocoholics, look away right now. This page is your pusher. This page is ‘the man’ you’ve been waiting for. It’s full of richly delicious,…

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The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services Near You

These vegan meal delivery services near you will make your life a lot easier, tastier, and healthier, too! By Lora O’Brien There has never been a better moment for vegan delivery services to enter our lives! There are so…

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Skip the Skip! 30+ Vegan Recipes For Leftovers

These vegan recipes for leftovers help you save money, resources – and tasty food! By Lora O’Brien We all want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, right? And that certainly involves wasting food less. But even the most eco…

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Boss it on a Budget! 30 Cheap Vegan Recipes

For some reason, for some, there’s a misconception that vegan food can be pricey. These cheap vegan recipes bust that myth once and for all! By Lora O’Brien One of the most common misconceptions I hear when people refer…

Vegan Air Fryer Recipes
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30 Crispy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes

Think they’re just for meat? Think again! We’ve got tons of vegan air fryer recipes here! By Lora O’Brien Yep, it’s true that most people use one for meat, to reduce fat. But did you know there are loads…

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30+ Retro Vegan Recipes Full Of Nostalgia

Feeling nostalgic? Try making these retro vegan recipes…your gran will be proud! By Lora O’Brien The golden age of the dinner party was probably from the late 1950s to the late 1970s; a.k.a. the Mad Men era. It was…