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Drinks Recipes

Hot Vegan Drink Recipes Beyond Coffee And Tea

Coffee? Ho hum. Tea? Meh. These hot vegan drink recipes are luxurious, decadent alternatives! By Lora O’Brien The weather in the UK right now is freezing. I say freezing in the literal sense: we’ve had flurries of snow and…

Drinks Recipes

Sweet and Savoury Vegan Pancake Recipes

Whether you like ’em sweet or savoury, you’ll love these vegan pancake recipes! By Lora O’Brien Did you know that Shrove Tuesday is kinda the world’s first zero-waste food days? Yep, that’s right! The idea behind the day was…

Drinks Recipes

What the Heck is Vegan Wine?

By Chere Di Boscio By now, we all know what vegan leather is, and can usually tell the difference between that and dead animal leather. But vegan food can be a bit of a landmine: does that cheese-less pizza…