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Carbon Neutral Beauty Brands Are Now A Thing

What are carbon neutral beauty brands? And why are they ready to disrupt the beauty industry? By Gina Gambhir First, it started with ‘clean’ beauty brand that were free of all nasties. We wanted natural deodorant, fluoride free toothpastes…

Beauty Hair

10 Short Hairstyles For the New Year

From bobs to buzz cuts, here are some of the best short hairstyles for 2021 By Diane Small It seems many women equate long hair with femininity, and no wonder: from childhood, we’re shown cartoon heroines ranging from Rapunzel…

Beauty Skincare Wellness

Why CBD Oil Skincare Is Trending

CBD Oil skincare brands are really taking off! Here’s how they can benefit you – internally and externally!  By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi Rose, gold and coconut have all been been promoted heavily as ingredients in beauty products that boast…

Beauty Skincare

Organic Beauty Bloggers You Need To Follow

Want to learn more about clean skincare? Natural makeup tips? Follow these organic beauty bloggers! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi In all modesty, Eluxe’s beauty section rocks. We cover some areas that few others do, and our beauty articles, like…

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Palm Oil Free Beauty Brands We Love

Care about the rain forests and orangutans? Make sure you’re using palm oil free beauty brands like these! By Lora O’Brien It seems like everyone is talking about palm oil right now. But…why? I mean, it seems to be…

Beauty Skincare

Sustainable Skincare Swaps To Save The Planet

Want to greenify your beauty routine? These sustainable skincare swaps are a great start! By Gina Gambir When our skin feels good, we feel good. Yet, when it comes to surveying the impact of the beauty industry on our…

Beauty Makeup

Our Favourite Clean Beauty Trends For 2021

I’m pretty sure at least one of these clean beauty trends for 2021 will inspire you! By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi How will you keep your glow on this year?  Staying locked up at home, and not being able to…

Beauty Makeup

Natural Eye Makeup Brands For Every Day

Want pretty eyes every day? Here are the natural eye makeup brands you need to know! By Stacey Siebritz We all want pretty eyes every day, and we will do pretty much anything to get them. Some of us…

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Natural Sex Boosters: Just Say YESSS!

Irritating plastics? Toxic parabens? These natural sex boosters have none of those nasties! By Lora O’Brien Doubt that women need natural sex boosters now more than ever? Well, here’s a shocking fact for you: over 80 percent of the…

benefits of gold skincare products
Beauty Skincare

The Benefits Of Gold Skincare Products

The benefits of gold skincare products are richer and more brilliant than you may think! By Chere Di Boscio They sound super fancy and they look lovely. But what’s the point of using gold skincare products? Are they just…

Beauty Makeup

The Best Natural Vegan Lip Balm Brands To Try

Whether they’re dry from the sun or the cold, your lips will soak up these vegan lip balm brands! By Lora O’Brien We all know the pain and horror that comes from having sore, dry and cracked lips. They’re…

Beauty Hair

10 Of The Best Long Hairstyle Trends For 2021

Looking for the best long hairstyle trends this year? Read on! By Diane Small For many ladies, long, luscious locks are the gold standard of a good women’s hairstyle. But having stunning longer hair means more than just growing…

Beauty Wellness

8 Surprising Tips for Better Breast Health

Our tips for better breast health will make you look – and feel – great! By Chere Di Boscio We need to talk about your boobs, ladies. Your Lolas. The girls. They’re pretty important. They serve to attract a…

Beauty Skincare

How To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation Naturally

Now that your summer tan has faded, are you noticing brown spots on your skin? There are ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation naturally! Read on By Chere Di Boscio Now is the time, friends! If you’ve discovered tiny…

Beauty Hair

10 Hair Dye Trends You Need To Know For 2021

These hair dye trends are hot for the coming year. But which is right for you? By Diane Small We’re living in crazy times. It’s hard to predict what will happen next week, let alone throughout the coming months!…

The Best Natural Oils For Your Skin
Beauty Skincare

The Best Natural Oils For Your Skin

What are the best natural oils for your skin? And which oil is good for what? We explain all… By Arwa Lodhi For centuries, beautiful women have known that by using the best natural oils for your skin, you…

honey facial mask
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Catch A Buzz! 10 Honey Based Beauty Products

Honey based beauty products can calm even the most inflamed skins. Here are some of the best! By Holly Litchfield Honey is such a gift from nature. It can soothe a sore throat, cleanse wounds, and tastes great in…

Natural Rose Products
Beauty Skincare

The Best Natural Rose Beauty Products

From perfumes to hand creams and beyond, who wouldn’t love these natural rose beauty products? By Sophia Hussain Tending to our beauty regime should be a wonderful ritual, not a chore. And natural rose beauty products allow you to…