Clean & Green! Our Top Natural Facial Cleansers

Our top natural facial cleansers are vegan friendly, non toxic, and sometimes, fully organic! There’s definitely one here for you

By Sruti Raman

Isn’t it funny that we wash our face up to twice daily, but often don’t think much about the products we use so regularly?

It seems that as long as we feel a face wash gets us clean, that’s enough. But did you know many facial cleansers are actually packed with harsh chemicals that can irritate and damage not only your skin, but your health?

Chemicals like sodium laureth sulphates and parabens can actually have long-term impacts on our internal organs, never mind our external complexions.

So of course, it’s more than worth it to seek out an all-natural or organic facial cleanser that’s right for your skin type.

But…what’s meant by ‘natural’, exactly?

What Is A ‘Natural’ Cleanser?

Unfortunately, there is no clear definition for what qualifies as ‘natural’ when it comes to cosmetics and skincare.

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t offer a good definition.  Some products may be certified by the Department of Agriculture or by other skin care agencies such as NATRUE, but not all natural products are regulated.

Natural could mean anything from naturally occurring, naturally derived, or nature-identical.

Let’s Get Our Terms Right

So what’s the difference between naturally occurring, naturally derived, and nature-identical? These are not the same things. Let’s clarify these terms a bit, below.

  • Naturally occurring: An ingredient is considered to be naturally occurring when it is found in nature and is used in its natural form, with no further treatment or refining. Plant based oils and crushed flowers are examples of naturally occurring additives.
  • Naturally derived: This means the ingredients need to be treated in order to access particular properties of the raw material. For instance, some plant based dyes need to be treated before being added to a product.
  • Nature-identical: This means that the ingredient has been produced in a lab and is chemically identical to a natural product. But it’s not derived from nature.

Here, we’ve found some fantastic natural face washes from ethical brands that come in a wide variety of different formats, using different methods and ingredients to cleanse the skin.

Their ingredients are all naturally occurring or naturally derived.

Whether you’re after a balm, something that foams, or a gentle cleansing milk, you’ll find that one of these natural facial cleansers below will leave you feeling as fresh – and as natural – as a daisy.

Our Top Natural Face Washes

1. Foreo Micro Foam Cleanser

Foreo’s Micro-Foam Cleanser is a vegan friendly, foaming face wash with a lightweight, satiny texture.

The cream-to-foam formula works to uplift pore-clogging impurities and excess sebum oil. Amino-Acids and Vitamin E help to moisturise and protect skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.

It’s gentle enough for daily use, and deeply purifies without stripping away natural oils. It supports a clean, radiant complexion that feels soft to touch.

One of the best natural facial cleansers for: Oily skin, acne

Type of cleanser: Lathering cream that washes off with water

Price: Around $44

Foreo Micro Foam Cleanser

2. Pai Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil

Looking for a great smelling, non-soapy, all natural face wash? Pai’s creamy face cleanser is gentle on the skin and effectively removes all traces of makeup while cleansing your skin without stripping it.

Natural rosehip oil gently sucks up every impurity, whilst helping your skin to retain moisture. Here’s how it works. Simply put, oil clings to oil. Which becomes pretty helpful when tackling waterproof makeup, SPF and daily dirt, right?

This is a fully vegan, palm-oil free product that’s great for everyday use.

One of the best natural facial cleansers for: All skins, especially sensitive

Type of cleanser: Oil. Massage it in, then wipe off with a wet cloth.

Price: From around $20 (travel size) up to $49 (full size).

best natural facial cleansers

3. Aromatherapy Associates Exfoliating Rose Cleanser

Natural, fully biodegradable Jojoba beads are blended into this creamy exfoliating formula to gently remove dead skin cells.

Even if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, you’ll love this! The beads are so tiny, and so smooth, these spheres won’t scratch or irritate your skin even with everyday use.

This natural face wash is blended with pure rose water, which not only smells great, but is known for its astringent, antiseptic and moisturising properties, too.

One of the best natural facial cleansers for: Dry or mature skins.

Type of cleanser:

Price: Around $40


best natural facial cleansers

4. In Transit No Traces Wipes by ThisWorks

Rosewater and mint provide the delectable scent behind these light facial washing pads. The rosewater leaves a slightly hydrating film whilst the mint refreshes.

The only issue is, we’re not sure if these little pads are biodegradable. And what’s more, they’re small, meaning you may need 2-3 to remove all makeup.

One of the best natural facial cleansers for: Those on the move; oily skin

Type of cleanser: Ready-to-use pads. Wipe, then toss

Price: Around $30

best natural facial cleansers

5. Kora Organics Cream Cleanser

Packed with certified organic ingredients,  supermodel Miranda Kerr helped formulate this foaming face wash to gently wipe away daily dirt.

Totally soap-free, the formula features all kinds of plant based goodness, including aloe vera, avocado oil and rosehip. But that’s not all!

The cleanser also boasts the presence of rose quartz. This crystal is believed to carry a soothing energy to encourage love and acceptance of ourselves and others.

Miranda herself apparently chose the key ingredients herself. The idea is to protect your skin from free radicals and leave your face feeling refreshed and invigorated.

One of the best natural facial cleansers for: All skin types

Type of cleanser: Cream. Massage in, then wipe off with a damp cloth

Price: $40


natural facial cleansers

6. Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk

If you’ve got very dry skin, this cleanser moisturises very well. It will wipe off the dead skin you’ve shed all day. But you may need something extra – like an oil – to thoroughly remove makeup.

That being said, this is the ideal cleanser for moms who don’t wear much makeup, kids and teens.

It’s easy to use, too! Just apply it, then wipe it off with a cloth.

One of the best natural facial cleansers for: Dry or sensitive skin

Type of cleanser: Milk. Massage in, then wipe off with a damp or dry cloth

Price: $25

juice beauty cleansing milk


7. Oskia Perfect Cleanser

With this ‘perfect’ cleanser, coconut is the main actor. It works to remove excess oil, makeup and other impurities, without stripping moisture.

But there’s also rich almond and sesame seed oils, which help to restore your skin’s lipid barrier and increase elasticity. Vitamin E and rosehip seed oil protect your face from free radical damage and pollution.

This milky cleanser is ideal for all skin types, but since it delivers anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritated or reddened skin, I’d recommend it particularly for sensitive skin.

One of the best natural facial cleansers for: Dry, irritated or sensitive skin

Type of cleanser: A rich balm/milk. Massage in, then wipe off with a damp or dry cloth

Price: $56

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