10 Vegan Skincare Products We Love

These light vegan skincare products are perfect for those with oily or sensitive skin

By Sruti Raman

People have become more mindful of what they are using on their skin, including the ingredients brands are putting into their products. And that makes sense: your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs everything you put on it, so it’s important those products are non-toxic.

But even the purest products can sometimes clog pores. In fact, pores can get plugged up for several reasons. Here are three main ones.

  1. Ageing. According to the Mayo Clinic, as you get older, your skin’s ability to shed dead skin cells from the skin’s surface slows down. This can lead to a buildup if you don’t exfoliate regularly.
  2. Using the wrong beauty products. This is another culpritYou’ll have to look for non-comedogenic formulas—i.e. products that are formulated with ingredients that don’t clog pores – to keep your skin clear.
  3. Oily skin. Yep, as you probably know, excess oils can clog your pores. Your skin has sebaceous glands, which work to create natural oils (aka sebum) that are meant to nourish your skin. Ideally, sebum should simply keep skin soft and hydrated. However, there are times when sebaceous glands can become overactive. During these periods, your glands can actually create too much oil, which can cause dead skin cells to stick together instead of shed off.

The solution? A skincare regime that includes a great cleanser, toner, and light moisturiser.

Animal-Kind Beauty

But let’s not just think of ourselves; we need to think of animals, too! You’d be surprised at the extent to which animal parts are used in beauty products. For example? Bovine collagen packs skin creams; keratin from the hoofs of pigs and cows go into shampoos and conditioners; and lanolin from sheep is packed into moisturisers. Many natural brands that call themselves ‘cruelty free’ also use honey and milk products. If you’re vegan and care about the animals, you really need to read labels carefully!

Or, you could just turn to a trusted magazine to know brands you can rely on to be vegan friendly, non-toxic and non-comedogenic too.

Here, I have rounded up some of the best light vegan skincare products to try. I’ve only included brands I’ve tried and tested myself, and I can assure you that not only will none of these products clog your pores, but they will also work hard to remove excess sebum, dead skin cells, and keep you hydrated without any heaviness.

The Best Vegan Skincare Products

Light Vegan Skincare

1. Q+A Skincare Peppermint Daily Cleanser

The refreshing, minty formula is the perfect everyday cleanser that is packed with natural actives. It provides a gentle cleanse, while effectively removing your makeup and excess sebum.

I love that this cleanser doesn’t dry my skin and keeps skin feeling balanced and healthy. I also love that this product is so affordable! At around $8, it’s one of the cheapest of all the light vegan skincare products, making it accessible to everyone. This face wash is perfect to keep in your beauty and gym bag!

Best for: All skin types.

Price: Around $8

Q+A peppermint cleanser

2. Organic Apoteke Active Face Hydrating Gel

This is another wonderfully light vegan moisturizer that promotes clear and radiant skin.

If you’re prone to blemishes, this is a great product to keep in your arsenal, because it contains active botanical ingredients that work to prevent spots, reduce oiliness and calm inflammation. This multi-action hydrating gel is also amazing because it also promises to even out your complexion, and heal and protect the skin.

Best for: All skin types, especially those prone to blemishes.

Price: Around $40

vegan skincare products

3. Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Serum

This pure clear serum for normal to dry skin contains 200 mg of hyaluronic acid per bottle, which helps to hydrate skin from within and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love the beautiful and delicate fragrance of this product – it comes from the rose water that’s present here. Organic pomegranate extract is also added to protect your skin and keep it soft.

If you don’t already know what an amazing ingredient hyaluronic acid is, I’m here to tell you all about it! Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, meaning it really plumps up your skin without any heaviness. That’s why this acid is a highly effective ingredient for anti ageing. I’ve noticed a huge change in my skin tone and it has definitely helped my skin look younger.

You have to get your hands on this product and try it for yourself! I promise you will love it.

Best for: Mature skins.

Price: Around $40.

evolve organic beauty serum

4. Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Cream

If you are looking for light vegan skincare products that hydrate, renew and balance your skin, then you have to try this Moringa based all-beauty cream! It boasts a light and beautiful texture that moisturizes while promoting a youthful glow. Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil and of course, Moringa seed extract, all combine to create this incredible beauty cream.

I love using this product just before I apply my makeup! I feel that it works as the perfect base layer to keep my skin refreshed and plumped all day. It also includes lemon balm, which is a powerful antioxidant, and prickly pear extract which has a high level of skin-protecting vitamin E.

This is a face cream that you can use everyday, it is definitely a beauty staple and I would highly recommend you to try it. I now use it every day and honestly can’t get enough of it!

Best for: Normal to dry skin; mature skin.

Price $37

vegan skincare products

5. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

The Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser is creamy gel face wash that is gentle yet effective in removing all your makeup and any impurities on your skin. I love that it’s pH-balanced, which means your skin will never feel tight or uncomfortable after using it.

While you can lather this up, you can also use it on dry skin to remove your makeup, which saves you from buying an additional makeup remover. If you are looking for a cleanser that gently removes dead skin cells, this is the one for you!

Best for: All skin types. Price: $18

Light Vegan Skincare

6. The Natural Deodorant Clean Deodorant Balm

I don’t know about you, but I have suffered clogged pores all over my body. Even under my arms! Perhaps it was the buildup of dead skin cells, or maybe my deodorant contained skin-clogging ingredients. I don’t know. What I do know is that this Clean Deodorant Balm is gentle, effective, and non-comedogenic.

It contains antibacterial magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to keep you smelling fresh all day long. For that extra nourishment for your delicate underarm skin, it includes shea butter and anti-bacterial coconut oil. The combination of these ingredients means that your skin is protected and soft, without any buildup of dead cells and bacteria.

Best For: Everyday use.

Price: Around $16

vegan skincare products

7. REN Ready Steady Go

If you want to keep pores clear, a great toner is one of those vegan skincare products you really need! And this one by REN is packed with a gentle skin-resurfacing formula that exfoliates and brightens your complexion.

The reason this formula works so well to clear out dead skin is its combination of lactic acid and willow bark extract (a natural BHA). These both act to naturally exfoliate your complexion.

This toner sweeps away dull surface cells and minimizes the appearance of visible pores. It’s still gentle enough for daily use, and you can expect a smoother, fresher look after the first use.

Best for: Oily skin

Price: $38

Light Vegan Skincare


8. Pai Skincare Calming Day Cream

Sometimes, clogged pores can make your complexion look irritated and red. But this Calming Day Cream by vegan brand Pai Skincare contains all kinds of stuff that’s well known for reducing inflammation.

There’s chamomile and rosehip, for example, as well as matricin and azulene to soothe even further. Omega oils 3, 6, 7 and 9 are added to keep your skin gently hydrated.

Best for: Sensitive skin, of course!

Price: $60, and worth every penny!


Light Vegan Skincare

9. Sukin Revitalising Face Scrub

Keep your visage clear of dead skin and oily buildup with this all natural face scrub! This is another one of the cheapest light vegan skincare products, and it’s also one of the most necessary if you want to keep your pores clear.

It combines micro particles of natural bamboo charcoal extract and finely ground walnut shells with soothing aloe vera and chamomile, whilst jojoba and sesame replenishes and protects the skin’s moisture barrier.

Best for: Weekly use

Price: Around $10

vegan skincare products

10. Together Health Multibiotic Microbiome Support

Though there’s not much evidence for it, a lot of people strongly believe that eating things like French fries and chocolate lead to worse skin, even breakouts. Those people will love Together Health Multibiotic Microbiome Support, which effectively helps your overall digestive health, balances the bacteria in your stomach and keeps healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Taking this incredible whole food supplement every day gives you the benefits of 45 farm-grown fruits and vegetables, all of which are completely free of pesticides. I would HIGHLY recommend this supplement because I have seen the benefits of taking it (more vibrant skin) after just a few days.

Best For: Improving your digestive health and consequently, the look of your skin.

Price: Around $20

multibiotic microbiome support

Main image: Ere Perez. Image 2: Glossier. All other images from the brands

Sruti Raman

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