10 Of The Best Online Vegan Fashion Stores

Whether you’re looking for a gift, new bag or beauty products, we’ve found the best online vegan fashion stores to shop at

By Sruti Raman

There can be little doubt that veganism is one of the fastest growing movements around the world. The milk industry is suffering due to the popularity of almond, oat and other vegan milks. You can easily get a vegan burger at any fast food chain, including McDonald’s and Burger King. And the leather industry is stressing out so much about leather alternatives that they’re trying to ban the term ‘vegan leather.’

And yet…it’s not all that easy to find exclusively vegan stores. Sure, there are plenty of vegan options at major retailers now, like Net A Porter and Selfridges, and in the UK at least, most major department stores have decided to eliminate fur and exotic skins from their racks. But what about those one-stop-shops, where vegan can buy everything from clothing and accessories to home wear and gifts?

Well, the truth is, such places are generally still not all that ubiquitous. But I have found some online vegan stores you need to know. They’ve got stylish, modern vegan fashion, beauty and home items in stock for men, women, and in some cases, even children, and most will deliver anywhere in the world!

10 of the best online vegan fashion stores

1. Immaculate Vegan 

Based: UK

Brands: The Morph Bag, Collection and Co, Votch, Zuri and many more

Vibe: Contemporary, stylish and chic 

As the name suggests, Immaculate Vegan’s stock is all 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. And if it’s beautifully designed and well made, you are sure to find it here. From gorgeous shoes, bags, and clothing to luxurious skin care, cosmetics and home wear, this online store has it all. They have some super chic and innovative brands like Wanderer Wanderer, Osier, Dauntless and Collection and Co just to name a few. But this store’s not just vegan-friendly; it’s human-friendly too! All the brands on Immaculate Vegan stocks have or are currently working towards having the most sustainable supply chains and product packaging on the planet. 

Best for: Vegan leather jackets, boots and shoes, and swimwear for men and women. There’s also a wide range of bags, from men’s wallets and unisex backpacks to purses that are oh so stylish! In fact, I’m absolutely LOVING everything on Immaculate Vegan! This is definitely one of my favourite online vegan stores.

best online vegan stores


Based: Germany 

Vibe: Minimalist, European style

JANN ‘N JUNE is a brand that stands up for our planet. They use many eco-and-vegan textiles in their clothing, including recycled linen, cotton and polyester to make elegantly draped tops, warm jumpers, stylish trousers and more.

From unique, minimalistic jewellery to beautiful printed shirts and skirts, you’ll find up-to-the-minute vegan styles here with a European flare. These are clothes you can invest in and wear year after year – basically, the opposite of fast fashion. And somehow, it seems like everything on this site matches everything else. Capsule wardrobe, anyone? Actually, I wish my entire wardrobe was from JANN ‘N JUNE! 

Best for: Shirts, hair accessories, earrings, cardigans, trousers and skirts. Everything they design is beautiful in terms of both design and quality. 

best online vegan fashion stores

3. Vegan Style 

Based : Melbourne Australia 

Brands: Ahimsa, Matt & Nat, Gunas, Zette Shoes, Inika and many more

Vibe: High quality and a wide variety of styles, from minimal to bold colours in shoes and bags 

Vegan Style was born in Melbourne in 2010, from a desire to show fashionistas that we don’t need to harm animals to be stylish. They are passionate about sustainability as well as veganism, so all the products and brands they stock are made fairly and environmentally responsibly. I particularly love this online store for bags and shoes, because they have such a huge range of accessories in seemingly every colour and style. They offer high-quality vegan basics for both men and women, from ethical brands you’ll love.

You will find everything here, from the perfect vegan sneaker or high heels to belts, wallets and even vegan cosmetics. 

Best for: Definitely one of the best online vegan fashion stores for shoes and bags for both genders 

best online vegan stores

4. Hemp Tailor

Based: United Kingdom 

Brands: Just Hemp Tailor

Vibe: Casual and Comfortable 

No prizes for guessing the main material used by this brand! Yep, Hemp Tailor uses hemp as their main fabric to create beautifully designed outerwear, jackets and jumpers. The brand believes that everything starts with a choice – and they choose to make a difference in the world with their eco-and-animal friendly designs. 

Their goal is to push the fashion industry to be better and inspire others to start living a more sustainable lifestyle, and so are now working towards replacing the organic cotton (which takes up more water than hemp does) found in some of their jackets. This is just one example of how this casually chic brand is constantly working to be more sustainable and ethical. There’s plenty to choose from here, from vegan leather skirts and pants to gorgeously draped shirts and sweaters for men and women. But if you’re looking for a cute puffer jacket or outerwear that will keep you really warm, this is one of the best vegan outerwear stores in the world!

Best for: This is one of the best online vegan fashion stores for shopping jackets, outerwear and jumpers

best online vegan fashion stores

5. You’re So Vegan

Based: London, UK

Brands: Dauntless, Miele Bianco, Vaute Couture, Cornelia Guest and more

Vibe: Casual, basic

Upmarket vegan fashion for men and women defines this popular online British store. Their main focus is stocking up on the latest vegan accessories – namely bags. In fact, if you’re in the market for a new investment handbag, this is the place for you! But it’s not just accessories you’ll find here: there’s lot of stunning outerwear, too, like classic vegan biker jackets and blazers.

Best for: This is definitely one of the best online vegan fashion stores for those looking for vegan bags.

best online vegan fashion stores

6. Wearth London

Based: London, UK

Brands: Georganics, Mandarin Beauty, Miss Organics and more

Vibe: Highly Instagrammable, cool

This unique shop is a one-stop lifestyle store for vegans. one of the best sustainable fashion stores for vegans! It’s actually one of the first ever online vegan store in the UK, and offers a wide variety of delectable, covetable things, from sustainable jewellery, ethical clothing, organic beauty products and even furniture!

Young, fun, conscious consumption happens here, and what I love best is that you can choose filters, such as Recycled, Made in the UK, Plastic Free or Refillable.

Best for: Vegan goods for your house that come in minimal packaging

7. Petit Vour 

Based: US 

Brands: Angela Roi, Amanda Uprichard, People Footwear and many more 

Vibe: Girly, pretty

This is a website that holds brands to the highest standards to ensure that every customer has a beautiful shopping experience on their online store. They have a strict standard for ethics, performance, and aesthetics when it comes to what brands they stock, and of course, the shop is fully cruelty-free. This means absolutely NO animal testing or partnering with brands who sell in countries where animal testing is required and NO manufacturing in countries with lower working standards than the USA. In short, they are actively pushing to create the best online shopping experience for you.

There’s so much to love here, from beautiful summer dresses, a variety of luxurious beauty products, and there’s even a monthly beauty box that’s simply the best gift you can give to someone – or yourself!

Best for: Lingerie, bags, shoes , dresses and tops, skin care and makeup 

best online vegan fashion storesbest online vegan stores

8. Alltrueist 

Based: Canada 

Brands: Alexandra K, Mashu, Swedish Stockings, Wise, Sans Beast, Marzeri and many more 

Vibe: Urban, trendy

Alltrueist believes that through our consumption habits, we are either creating a more compassionate world or simply contributing to cruelty, and of course, this online store stands for positive change. 

They have a great selection of fashion designers whose focus is on cruelty free design and quality, so that when you shop at Alltrueist, you can be sure that whatever you’re buying was made ethically, and is doing something good for society and/or the planet. For example? Swedish Stockings uses recycled materials to create sexy tights made to EU standards; LSTN’s vegan leather headphones donates hearing aids to people in need worldwide through their charity partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation, and Mashu’s slick vegan bags promote Greek craftsmanship by working with local artisans and factories ensuring workers’ rights.

Best for: Bags, wallets, outerwear, shoes.  

best online vegan fashion stores

9. Moo Shoes 

Based: New York and Los Angeles 

Brands: Compassion Co, Ahimsa, Bhava, NAE, Matt & Nat and many more

Vibe: Sleek, sophisticated

MooShoes is much, much more than just shoes! It’s a vegan-owned business that sells an assortment of cruelty-free footwear, bags, T-shirts, wallets, books, reusables (like food containers and water bottles) and a variety of fashion and accessories. Unlike most of the online vegan stores in this article, Moo has actual brick-and-mortar shops in New York and Los Angeles you can visit, but no matter where you are, you’ll love browsing their up-to-the-minute styles online. 

Best for: Shoes and bags  

best online vegan fashion stores
 est online vegan fashion stores

10. Alive Boutique 

Based: United Kingdom 

Brands: Labante, Votch, Bazaar De Luxe, Good Guys and many more  

Vibe: A little bit rock’n’roll

Alive Boutique has become a one-stop shop for exclusive ethical, vegan fashion. It’s a virtual space that brings together a vast range of stylish and ethically made vegan shoes, handbags, clutches, T-shirts, and vegan leather watches, all made from the highest quality, most sustainable materials. At Alive, you’ll find a whole host of exciting staple pieces for both men and women. They have taken great care in selecting each of their brands to ensure that their customers have exclusive access to the most sought-after, cruelty-free fashion pieces.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of sneakers, unisex vegan grooming products or a gift for your brother’s birthday, you’ll find it here. I also love that a percentage of every sale goes towards reducing animal suffering and promoting the benefits of plant-based living. No wonder that after just over a year in the market, Alive continues to grow at a steady pace with big plans to further expand.

Best for: Shoes, handbags and watches 

best online vegan stores best online vegan stores
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