Pamela Love Jewellery: Rock Genius

By Arwa Lodhi

Think kids making friendship bracelets is just a typical activity leading nowhere? Not so with Pamela Love, whose childhood passion for jewellery carried over into an adult career (eventually, that is).



Obsessed with making bracelets as a child, this multifaceted American designer had an early passion for jewellery, but was also fascinated by film, fashion and music. Still unsure what to do with her life when she was a teen, she studied at New York University‘s  Tisch School of the Arts, and worked as a  stylist and art director for films, fashion shows, and music videos before finally deciding to design jewellery as a full-time profession.


In May, 2012 she married the poetically  named illustrator and musician Matthew Jameson Nelson Love–clearly a match made in heaven, as not only did her husband share her interest in music (Pamela is in a rock band called Scorpio Rising), he gave her part of the name that would become her renowned brand.


But making music and jewellery wasn’t enough for this stylish rock chick–Pamela wanted to ensure what she was doing was as ethical as possible. So, she checks that all her gemstones and semi-precious stones are ethically sourced, and that almost all the metals she uses are made from recycled materials. The entire jewellery making process, from design to mould to manufacture, takes place locally, usually in Pamela’s studio, adding to her eco-kudos.


Her nature-inspired, slightly Gothic jewellery often features punky shapes like skulls, claws and bones, or Native Indian motifs, and animals like snakes and birds. Love’s edgy, unique pieces have won high profile fans, including British ‘it’ girl Alexa Chung; designers the Olsen twins, and the man of the moment, Pharrell Williams. She’s also recently collaborated with hot French label Zadig & Voltaire to create stunning pieces in eco-gold.



Multi-talented, cool and chic–Pamela is obviously the kind of woman you’d want not only to make you a friendship bracelet, but be your BFF too!

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