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About Eluxe Magazine – We are the world’s FIRST ever publication fully dedicated to sustainable luxury.

We’re a quarterly published paper magazine and a daily updated digital publication based in London, dedicated to showcasing luxury brands that demonstrate a strong commitment to good ethics and environmental sustainability.

We determine a brand’s sustainability based on several factors, including whether it:

  • Uses organic, biodegradable, recycled or renewable materials
  • Traces the environmental accountability of the product throughout the supply chain
  • Follows a strict Corporate Sustainability Policy, with transparent annual reports.
  • Uses recyclable, recycled or no packaging
  • Is transparent about its employment and payment policies
  • Helps empower artisans and preserve artisanal traditions, with fair pay
  • Creates a product whose consumption can greatly reduce the owner’s environmental impact

We take a natural, holistic approach to health and well being, and advocate vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

Eluxe donates a percentage of its annual profits to environmental charities.

Full disclosure: we use affiliate links on many posts on this site. That doesn’t mean brands have paid us to do so; we only feature brands we genuinely love.

All About Eluxe Magazine: Meet Our Staff  

We’ve had plenty of freelancers contribute to our magazine, and two awesome, long-term writers (Arwa Lodhi and Sophia Hussain) move on to bigger and better things. But meet our current team, below!

Founder & Editor in ChiefChere Di Boscio 

Chere has always loved writing, fashion and languages, and holds degrees in Psychology and Art, and postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics and Education. Her long career in journalism spans several continents: she’s edited and written for prestigious fashion magazines in Toronto, Dubai, Paris, London and Buenos Aires, and also taught at the prestigious School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London for over a decade. Learn more about Chere’s extensive career on LinkedIn.

About Eluxe Magazine

Editorial Assistant & Freelance Features Writer: Jody McCutcheon

A Ryerson journalism graduate, Jody is a natural born writer, editor, music lover and architecture fan. He has written for a variety of publications, including the music mag Chart Attack, and is the author of several short fictional stories. He also runs an editing service called Final Pass. Learn more about Jody here.

Food Editor: Lora O’Brien

After graduating in Journalism from the University of Greenwich, Lora worked for Sugar and Healing Lifestyles magazines in London before being hired to write about food for Eluxe. She’s recently become a new mom to baby Lulla, and is writing a blog about the experience. See more about Lora here.


Senior Features Writer: Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Based in Italy, our Features Writer Chiara is also a film critic and an award-winning artist, with a special interest in eco-friendly art. She has spoken on television, radio and podcasts about everything from vegan fashion to Italian film. You can see her work and learn more about her here.

Features Writer & Social Media Manager: Noa Ben Moshe

Gorgeous Noa is the popular blogger behind the vegan website Style with a Smile. Residing in Israel, this vegan fashion influencer writes about all things fashionable, beautiful and animal-friendly.

About Eluxe Magazine

Senior Features Writer: Diane Small

A University of Texas journalism graduate and serious chocolate enthusiast, Diane was a sub-editor at the Houston Chronicle before falling pregnant. Today, she is the proud mom of two kids under the age of three, and freelances for Eluxe in between nappy changes and feedings.

About Eluxe Magazine

Fashion Contributor: Chantal Brocca

Fashion-and-thrifting obsessed Chantal is the co-founder of Studio Asanawa, an ethical luxury lingerie boutique based in Dubai. She’s also a stylist, creative, director, cultural writer, researcher, critic, and a sustainable fashion activist.

About Eluxe Magazine

Features Contributor: Nastassja Salem

Based in London, Nastassja is a branding and design expert with an interest in writing on the topics of fashion, spirituality and politics and their intersection with sustainability. A graduate of the prestigious London College of Fashion, Nastassja is a creative at heart who is enthusiastic about exploring the worlds of art, culture and design. She has lived and worked in New York, Doha and London.

Junior Features Writer: Katy Caric

Currently studying for a degree at SOAS in London, internationally experienced journalist Katy has written for various publications, including theExpat Singapore and Mynah. She is also the eco-styling talent behind the ethical fashion website Sustainable Outfits. Follow her on Instagram here.

Fashion & Beauty Writer: Sruti S Raman

Sruti is the award winning Vegan Fashion blogger at Love And Blossoms and the owner of The Cherry Blossom Closet. She believes in creating a more compassionate world by showing others that you can be stylish without being cruel. A passionate lover of animals and children, she has established the Love And Blossoms Foundation, a charity that helps kids and stray dogs.

Travel Features Contributor: Charlotte Lynham

After working for some of the most prestigious luxury houses in the world, including LVMH and Christie’s, this self-confessed travelholic decided to set up her own publication, the Bespoke Black Book, where she covers luxury travel and culture. Charlotte also writes about travel for Eluxe Magazine.


Beauty Writer: Sophia Hussain

Beauty expert, makeup genius and manicure addict Sophia held the inaugural role of Beauty Editor for Eluxe, but left the magazine to work as an advisor to Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, Viktor&Rolf, and Kérastase. She has particular expertise in beauty trends forecasting.

Features Contributor: Amma Aburam

Currently a Senior CRM Executive at AllSaints, London, Amma is also the blogger behind Style + Sustain. She’s passionate about ethical fashion and loves to shop for second hand and vintage clothing. She is a frequent contributor to Eluxe Magazine, and resides in London.

Features Contributor: Alexandria Beyer

Writer and teacher Alexandria delights in exploring the great outdoors, loves to sing and dance, and is ever fascinated by the things nature has to teach us. She studies yoga and Ayurveda and loves to cook (and eat!) nourishing food. She seeks to shed light on the intersection of intention, wellness, and luxury in the modern world.

Beauty and Wellness Editor: Bec Gregory

Based in Cheshire, Bec has over 20 years’ experience in the beauty and wellness industry. She holds a degree in Cosmetic Science from the world-renowned London College of Fashion. She is currently studying a master’s in journalism at the University of Derby. Her most recent projects explore spiritual life in Britain and the effects of female-centred spirituality on women’s wellness. Follow her on Instagram here.

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SEO and Web Help: Alex Daniel

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