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Eluxe Horoscopes For May 2022

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What’s in the stars for you this month? Renowned Astrologer, Claudia Vannini reads your Eluxe horoscopes.

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Eluxe Horoscopes: May 2022 Overview

May promises a lot of surprises – good and bad, depending on your sign.

Jupiter enters Aries on the 10th. That’s a time for boldness and innovations in various sectors. Entrepreneurship gains strength. Modern, bold projects are launched.

Look at your natal chart and see which house the sign Aries is in. This will be your expansion sector until October 28th. It is a very creative phase for all.

Mercury goes retrograde between May 10th and June 3rd. As always in such a case, pay close attention to communications and electronic equipment. Medical tests can show mixed results.

On May 16, we reach a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. It will be visible in the Americas and Antarctica. A Lunar Eclipse allows you to regenerate a theme. You can wrap something up in the next few months, and surely, something unprecedented will enter your life. Physically, this Eclipse affects the intestines and sexual organs. Eclipses affect us for a full 6 months. Pay attention.

May is a very busy month in the astral and full of new opportunities. On the 24th, there is another activation of the fire element when Mars enters Aries. We awaken our inner warriors. It’s great energy for everyone. There is no fear or discouragement that affects us.

Venus moves to Taurus on the 28th. It’s a good time for those who work within the realm of luxury. For example, 5-star hospitality and the world of beauty and clothing gain momentum. Everyone wants a special product of excellent quality then. This phase also stirs passionate hearts. There is a lot of sensuality in the air.

Be happy on this Planet Earth Adventure!

Let’s organize the Lunar Calendar

5th – Emerging Moon in Cancer – time to take strength

8th – Waxing Moon in Leo – there are no guarantees, persist

13th – Gibbous Moon in Libra – conducive to persevering in a theme

16th – TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE – FULL MOON in Scorpio – peaks, maximum energy, shadows in excess – don’t decide anything

19th – Disseminating Moon in Capricorn – conducive to breaking patterns

22nd – Waning Moon in Pisces –  gathering, auditing, finalizations

27th – Balsamic Moon in Taurus – conducive to healing, forgiveness and breakups

30th – NEW Moon in GEMINI  – suitable for launching businesses and ideas

Read your Sun Sign and Rising Sign, too. Have a good month, everyone!

Claudia Vannini

Eluxe Horoscopes For May 2022


Eluxe Horoscopes

PISCES Feb 19-March 2

May brings you so much great stuff! Health, love and money are all on the rise. Jupiter signals where money is to be made. And you run after it! This month’s Eclipse moves your travels and contact with foreigners. You might even move change countries or states in the next 6 months, for different personal reasons. Now is also a good time to transform your faith or study something new. All these themes are strengthened in May. Given that the months supports you, you’re in a better position to give your support to close friends and children if they need it.

GOOD DAYS: 6,7,8,9,16,17,18,25,26



AQUARIUS Jan 20-Feb 18

The month marks major changes. Mars and Venus move out of your sign. As a result, you feel more relaxed and put your defenses down. There’s money to be made, but you don’t feel as competitive. Your sense of greed drastically reduces. This month’s Eclipse moves how you perceive your professional life. You might want to change jobs and seek a calmer work routine. You may even accept a smaller salary in order to have a  job closer to home. In any case, you end up with what you need. You’ll be invited to loads of social events, but be selective: your health is a bit delicate and may be worsened by too much socializing.

Good Days: 1,6,11,14,15,16,20,23,24,25,28



Eluxe horoscopes

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 1

Be very careful in May: you suffer fragile health and really need to focus on this. Mercury and Jupiter call for a greater connection with your spiritual life. Improve your mind/emotions/spiritual life so that your body follows those improvements. Your home life is also shaken by Mars. Get on well with your relatives and partner, and everything will flow well. This month’s Eclipse moves your social group. New and old friends will emerge. Some come back just to say goodbye, which is fine. Practice forgiveness. New ones arrive with a lot of vitality and knowledge that expands your routine. Accept them into your life.

Good Days: 1,6,7,8,10,11,13,25,27,28



This month, expect good health, but confused love. Jupiter moves your creativity. This could mean different things to different people: you could make art, or get pregnant. Saturn messes up your finances. Organize your budget carefully. Love is impacted by Mercury. New relationships can arise at the wrong time. There is a lot of work during the month, and a lot of social events, but contact with so many people might feel disconcerting. The month’s Eclipse shakes your 12th house. You may change your spiritual life or take a fresh look at your past. It’s a great time to work on ancestral healing. Try to learn from the past.

Good Days: 2,3,4,6,10,13,19,21,25,31



Eluxe horoscopes

SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 2

Sit tight, Scorpio! The Eclipse occurs in your sign. This means the month of May is all about making internal changes. A new Self will emerge in 6 months. These changes can lead you to a new look or a readjustment of the way you show yourself to and perceive the world. This is BIG! Saturn participates in this Eclipse in your sign, which means siblings may need you. There are new romances in the air – love is in a restless, transitory stage. Finances follow the traditional path – no problems there. Jupiter asks you not to invent anything new to make money.

Good Days: 6,7,8,9,10,11,17,20,25,30



LIBRA Sept 23-Oct 22

May is a month of love! You’ll enjoy good health, and love is in an excellent phase. Between the 3rd and the 25th, you will see your romantic life greatly strengthened. For singles, it is the ideal time to start an important relationship. Jupiter, Mars and Venus work to help you in this direction. This month’s Eclipse affects your finances. Something in this sector will be transformed. It could be a more profitable job or a profitable business. It can also be cutting a big expense. Take a close look at how your parents and/or siblings are doing. They may need some help emotionally or financially. Answer the call for this if it’s made.

Good Days: 1,5,6,10,11,15,16,20,28,30


Eluxe horoscopes

VIRGO Aug 23-Sept 22

Do you communicate well? If so, May will be great. If not, count on serious problems. Mercury in retrograde affects you, and the Eclipse also moves your communication sector. Knowing this, update your antivirus software and make many backup copies of files. Confirm your appointments multiple times. To deal with the chaos this month brings, try to meditate every day.By the end of the month, you will have learned how to communicate more effectively. At least you’ll have stable health and balanced love all month.

Good Days: 2,3,4,6,7,8,16,19,25,30,31


LEO July 23-August

May brings good news and bad news. There’s fragile health, but stable love. Get ready for surprises – both good and bad. The month is chaotic for you. Mercury messes up your finances. You can earn the same amount as usual, but prepare for unexpected expenses. Your parents might give you some cause for concern. This month’s Eclipse moves your Home and the lives of relatives. Around the 16th, slow down and try to relax. Renovations can be made to the house for unexpected problems. Be flexible. Deal wisely with unforeseen circumstances and financial delays. Manage your finances and don’t spend more than necessary after the 10th.

Good Days: 1,2,3,4,10,11,12,16,19,25,28



CANCER June 21-July 22

Whew! This month offers you both stable health and peaceful love. May arrives with a lot of happiness, too. Jupiter makes trade-offs in your professional life. This could be a new job or promotion. There is money circulating all month. Enjoy this  prosperous phase. This month’s Eclipse moves your House of creativity and children, too, bringing some much-welcomed fun! Want to keep that positive momentum going? Take note of your dreams. Your subconscious mind knows what you need to do.

Good Days: 6,7,8,9,11,16,18,20,25,26,30

Eluxe horoscopes


GEMINI May 21-June 20

There’s some shaking up with month for you, Gemini.Love goes through a revolution, as Jupiter moves your romantic life. Partnerships are the theme for you this month. If you’re paired up, your relationship may be rocky. If single, you might want to find someone special. Money remains strengthened until the middle of the month. Organize your budget so that it lasts until the 31st. This month’s Eclipse shakes your 6th house, which means the way you make money might be questioned. Some Geminis will quit their jobs and pursue something that touches their heart. Habits and routines undergo transformation. Watch your eating habits and rest – your health is weak in May.

Good Days: 5,6,10,11,15,16,20,23,24,25,30




Please be careful this month, Taurus. Unstable health is in the stars, and love is tested. Unfortunately, May is quite intense for you. Jupiter moves your past – you might feel overly tied to it, and miss potential new opportunities. Try to fight this tendency. Mercury also affects you directly, leading to frustrating problems with equipment, engines and communication. Even your money circulates more slowly than you’d like. Don’t count on much good luck or big financial results. Work only with what’s guaranteed. This month’s Eclipse moves your 7th House. What does that mean? Romantic partners and spouses can change completely. Do your best to accept it.

Good Days: 1,2,3,4,6,13,18,21,25,28,30,31

Eluxe horoscopes


ARIES March 21-April 19

Smile, Aries! May brings excellent health, abundant love, and good times in general. The month is prosperous and you want to show off a bit to others. Go ahead! Invest in a new look and invite people out. Money comes easily, especially if you speculate in the financial market. Jupiter in Aries benefits you in several sectors. The Eclipse moves your 8th House. In fact, this month’s Eclipse ends a theme. And for you, it could be that your sex life ends up with you having a more permanent a partner, for example. Make room for something new and unexpected.

Good Days: 1,3,4,6,7,8,13,17,22,25,27,28,31

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  1. Makes me happy to see some of hope in these crazy times! I saved the importants dates in my calendar. Awesome article!

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