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What’s in the stars for you this month? Renowned Astrologer, Claudia Vannini reads your Eluxe horoscopes.

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Eluxe Horoscopes: June Overview

Get ready for a delicious month! June arrives with a Solar Eclipse. It means the opening of doors for this semester. This Solar Eclipse is driving the future, so, prepare your best plans!

On the 2nd, Venus enters Cancer. Relationships are more harmonious. More weddings happen. All sectors that take care of beauty and well-being will be growing. Decoration, design of environments and architecture gains strength.

On the 10th, the Solar Eclipse takes place. And you know what? It’s pure magic. Elevate your thinking and project your best intentions to Cosmos. On the 20th, Jupiter retrogrades, so some public events may be canceled. On the 25th, it is Neptune’s turn to retrograde. More people on Earth finally see the real picture. There is little fantasy and illusions diminish.

That being said, people can rationalize too much. Don’t lose your ability to dream! And cultivate good ones.

On the 27th, Venus goes to Leo. It’s an excellent time for business and investments. Everyone feels more courageous. More victorious and alive!

Let ‘s organize our LUNAR CALENDAR

3rd – Waning Moon in Aquarius – good for gathering and auditing

8th – Balsamic Moon in Aries – suitable for healing and forgiveness

11th – NEW MOON in TAURUS – beginning of a new cycle

16th – Emerging Moon in Cancer – conducive to gaining strength

19th – Waxing Moon in Leo – no guarantees!

23rd – Gibbous Moon in Libra – suitable for persevering on a theme


31st – Disseminating Moon in Aquarius – conducive to breaking standards

Have a great month, everyone!

Claudia Vannini

Eluxe Horoscopes for June 2021


Eluxe Horoscopes

PISCES Feb 19-March 2

The vibes this month center around a new home! The month’s Solar Eclipse shakes your family and your home. In the next 6 months, you may change your residence. A general renovation of the old house is also welcome. It is time to improve the family structure, too. Relationships with family members may have to undergo a review. Count on many disagreements and even separations. Do not immerse yourself in family dramas. Arm yourself against them! June promises good surprises due to the creative vein. You can develop your projects very successfully. Work can change. Accept a new proposal. Your health remains unstable until the 21st. Love improves a lot after the 21st. Singles will have good surprises in a new relationship. Good Days: 1,2,3,11,13,20,21,29,30





AQUARIUS Jan 20-Feb 18

A month filled with new ideas! June’s Solar Eclipse shakes up your creativity. Over the next 6 months, you can basically create anything you want. You might be attracted to art, crafts, music or dance. You can have a new baby or create new life. You will seek fun. Your projects are notable for their boldness and innovation. There are good financial opportunities, including in speculation. It is a very lively semester. If you have children, be prepared to deal with the rebelliousness of youth. Health is strengthened. Love undergoes severe tests. Couples might have to review the relationship. Your sex life is an important topic this month, too. Something new has to be created in this sector. No dullness and monotony, though! Good days: 1,2,3,8,17,18,20,21,24




Eluxe horoscopes

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 1

This month brings a new routine! June’s Solar Eclipse moves your schedule. You might change habits, give up addictions and get your vocation just right. There is a vocational call. If you work outside of what you love, you are likely to see changes, fast. It’s time to embrace what makes your heart flutter. Through all of this, don’t worry: finances remain stable. But your health can be an issue. Don’t just accept just one diagnosis. Hear a second opinion. Something may be hidden and the treatment may be wrong. Electronics might fail. Back up everything. Take care of your car and accept it if the blender stops working. Love goes through a stable phase. Avoid traveling all month. Good Days: 1,6,7,11,12,19,21,26,27





It’s a time of creating permanent unions! June’s Solar Eclipse marks a new partnership in your semester. You could make an emotional union more official. Another trend is to establish commercial partnerships. If you already have partners, there may be a review of that contract. Read all clauses carefully. Finances are impacted by Saturn, so don’t make risky investments. It is best not to make big moves in June. Take it easy and let life get organized. Health strengthens after the 21st. You can react very badly to the consumption of alcohol or toxic substances. Detox and keep your diet clean. Married people can strengthen the union. Singles seek an effective partnership. Love is a strong theme this month. Good Days: 1,11,17,18,19,20,24,27



Eluxe horoscopes

SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 2

There are vibes this month for a new job! The Solar Eclipse moves your desire for power. You want more and go after the changes that could make that happen. In the next 6 months, you might get a new job or form better partnerships. Expand your networking to help make this happen. Talk to everyone! Create links. These new contacts will be very important for the changes to come. The keys to your future are in the hands of friends and other connections. Prepare for computers failing. Back up everything. Remember to detox your life. When it comes to power, there’s nothing better than giving away everything you don’t use and getting involved in more charity work. If you share, everything will be easier. Health remains strengthened. Love goes through a good time. Good Days: 1,11,14,15,19,20,23,27




LIBRA Sept 23-Oct 22

You crave geographical change! This month’s Solar Eclipse agitates your desire to travel and study new concepts. It is time to plan a change of country or region. In the next 6 months, you may well be at another location or at a new school. Other scenarios will open and it will be surprising. You can even change your view of your spiritual belief or faith. Your professional life gets a strong boost after the 21st. Until then, expect turbulence in the workplace. If you have legal issues, expect a negative outcome. Health is strengthened until the 21st. Stress can strike you at the end of the month. Love goes through some tests. Get ready for a collapse of electronics and engines. Drive carefully. Good Days: 1,8,12,13,18,19,20,21,24,27




Eluxe horoscopes

VIRGO Aug 23-Sept 22

Work is working for you! June’s Solar Eclipse moves your professional life. It’s time to seek a promotion or a change in work. This whole process takes place in 6 months. So, if you want a better position, get ready! Study, strengthen your networks and create the foundation for this change. Finances are still going strong this month. There are gains until the 27th. You should include moments of relaxation in June. With work overload and the search for growth, you may have a lower than expected income. Now, it’s time to be well. Your health is strengthened after the 21st, but love is in an unstable phase. There may be a breakup. Relax and dialogue with patience. Good Days: 1,9,10,11,12,19,20,25,27





LEO July 23-August

Expect to make new friends! This month’s Solar Eclipse affects your social groups. Get ready to have your friendships tested. You will know, clearly, who is by your side and from who you should walk away. This Eclipse also brings a new job or involvement in new groups and institutions. Allow that change to happen. Over the next 6 months, these new people will make a big difference in your life. Observe and control your aggression. There is a good chance that you will get into arguments and get hurt as a result. These injuries can even be physical. Drive carefully and prepare for an outbreak in your electronics. Strengthened health. Stable love. Good Days: 1,7,8,11,18,19,20,25,26,27





CANCER June 21-July 22

It’s time to review the past! June’s Solar Eclipse moves your memories. It is time to reframe your trajectory. Memories are very important. They are the basis for the new cycle that is opening. Work on your painful memories and hang on dearly to the good ones. Select what is useful for the next semester. You might choose a new faith or spiritual belief. Finances are safe this month, but you will make changes. You will either reduce your spending or move your money for another purpose. This Eclipse doesn’t have much of an impact on you, so, support the other signs that are most affected. Health is strengthened after the 21st. Love is in an excellent time. Good Days: 1,4,5,11,15,18,19,20,23,27

Eluxe horoscopes




GEMINI May 21-June 20

This month, you start to create a New Self! This month’s Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign. Over the next 6 months, you will notice the changes. You may only change your look; a new haircut or more modern clothes. Gradually, you will realize that you have chosen other paths and life is different. You changed your own route. In this internal revolution, some friends will become more distant. Others appear and bring good surprises. Finances go very well. It is your month to shine and be glamorous. If you want a new job or a new home, far away, you can pack your things soon. Strengthened health. Rest on the eve and day of Eclipse. Love is at an excellent time. You may even get the attention of new partners. Good Days: 1,3,11,12,18,19,20,21,29,30





TAURUS April 20-May 2

Pay double attention! June calls for special care with your finances. June’s  Solar Eclipse involves your money and your investments. If you have debts, it’s time to make a good plan to pay them all off in 6 months. If you are organized in that sector, you can create new ways to make money. A new job or two simultaneous activities. Be very careful with financial speculation. Make sure you are only going into safe business ventures, because the results will echo for the next semester. Health is strengthened until the 12th. Love is in a stagnant phase. Don’t try to force or convince your partner of anything. There may be disruptions. Good Days:1,7,9,10,16,19,20,24,25,26,27



Eluxe horoscopes

ARIES March 21-April 19

What a busy month! This month’s Solar Eclipse activates your sector of communications, studies and electronic equipment. You can make decisions about changing schools, new courses and even new, more modern equipment. You can change your car and study more about interpersonal communication. You must deepen the emotional structures in your life. Your mental health calls for attention. Until the 17th, you can experience big financial gains – or losses. During this period, everything will be out of control. Health is strengthened until the 21st. Love is in a surprising stage. Anything can happen in that sector for you, too. Good Days: 1,6,7,11,18,19,25,26,27

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Mairead Wade
Mairead Wade
1 year ago

Thank you Claudia Vannini, you are always so wise!

Teri Mason
Teri Mason
1 year ago

Makes me happy to see some of hope in these crazy times! I saved the importants dates in my calendar. Awesome article!

1 year ago

Great column!

Olivia Chen
Olivia Chen
2 years ago

Woah! this surprisingly accurate. I could make use of this as a guide throughout the whole month.

3 years ago

The love and topics sections for Pieces and Capricorn seem to look the same.