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Carbon Neutral Beauty Brands Are Now A Thing

What are carbon neutral beauty brands? And why are they ready to disrupt the beauty industry? By Gina Gambhir First, it started with ‘clean’ beauty brand that were free of all nasties. We wanted natural deodorant, fluoride free toothpastes…


7 Great Apps for Finding Non GMO Foods

Want to eat as naturally as possible? Download one of these apps for finding non GMO foods! By Christina Ray Health and ethical issues concerning genetically modified foods have been a hot topic of debate for many years, and…

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How Eco Stylist Shows They Give A Damn

Menswear isn’t always all about the planet. But Eco Stylist shows they give a damn, in man ways By Emma Morgan Dressing like you give a damn gives you confidence: nothing feels quite as good as loving your outfit.…

Beauty Skincare

Sustainable Skincare Swaps To Save The Planet

Want to greenify your beauty routine? These sustainable skincare swaps are a great start! By Gina Gambir When our skin feels good, we feel good. Yet, when it comes to surveying the impact of the beauty industry on our…

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How Covid Has Affected Garment Workers Globally

The virus has hurt some groups more than others. Here’s how Covid has affected garment workers across the world By Roberta Fabroccino In the span of a few months, our world has changed beyond recognition. Our habits, plans, and…

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Natural Eye Makeup Brands For Every Day

Want pretty eyes every day? Here are the natural eye makeup brands you need to know! By Stacey Siebritz We all want pretty eyes every day, and we will do pretty much anything to get them. Some of us…

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The Best Ethical Vegan Slippers For Women

The best ethical vegan slippers for women will keep you cozy and warm all winter – and beyond! By Roberta Fabbrocino Nice loungewear can make us feel right at home. Comfy. Relaxed. I’m talking second-skin pyjamas, and of course,…

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10 Ethical Lingerie Brands That Are Smoking Hot

 These super sexy ethical lingerie brands exploit no people, and harm no animals. By Paige French “You know what’s sexy?’ asked one of our celeb faves, Sean Penn. “Giving a sh*t.” It stands to reason then that by wearing…

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Why Isn’t Circular Fashion The Norm Yet?

It’s cheaper, greener, and more logical. But why isn’t circular fashion the norm yet? By Claire Roussel A circular fashion economy based is one that moves away from the typical linear fashion  business model, where clothing is made, sold,…

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The Best Places To Sell Old Clothes Online

Need a few extra bucks? Not sure what to do with unwanted stuff? Check out these places to sell old clothes online! By Bona Kim It’s shocking but true that many of us actually throw old clothing away. Like,…

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Your Horoscope For The Year 2021

Anxious about the coming year? Check out your horoscope for the year 2021 right here! By Claudia Vannini There can be little doubt that 2020 was a tough year for most. Business closures, personal losses, losses of freedom and…

Upcycling companies
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Cool, Unexpected Ways Companies Are Upcycling

Let’s move beyond deadstock! Here are 5 cool, unexpected ways companies are upcycling By Jeff Moravec It’s tempting to think that recycling was “invented” sometime in the late 1960s, but that would ignore the fact that back in the…

The Best Natural Oils For Your Skin
Beauty Skincare

The Best Natural Oils For Your Skin

What are the best natural oils for your skin? And which oil is good for what? We explain all… By Arwa Lodhi For centuries, beautiful women have known that by using the best natural oils for your skin, you…

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10+ Homemade Plastic Free Christmas Gifts

Got some time on your hands? Feeling crafty? Check out these homemade plastic free Christmas gifts! By Arwa Lodhi Christmas is undoubtedly a seriously wasteful time of year, with its discarded wrapping, single-use greeting cards, food scraps and unwanted…

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Beauty Skincare

Catch A Buzz! 10 Honey Based Beauty Products

Honey based beauty products can calm even the most inflamed skins. Here are some of the best! By Holly Litchfield Honey is such a gift from nature. It can soothe a sore throat, cleanse wounds, and tastes great in…

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How Green Are Plant Based Leathers, Really?

They sound great on paper. But how green are plant based leathers, really? By Roberta Fabbrocino Oh my, but it can be exciting to hear about vegan leather alternatives! Pinatex, made from pineapple leaves. Desserto, created from cacti. Apple…

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COVID 19 And The Rise Of Fashion Resale

Government imposed lockdowns have had a devastating effect on people’s lives. However, there is at least one great new trend arising from them. See how COVID has contributed to the rise of fashion resale By Harleen Dorka Most markets…