Our Top Spa & Wellness Trends For 2023

These spa and wellness trends for 2023 are bound to rejuvenate and reinvigorate!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

The past few years have been stressful for most of us. And we need pampering now more than ever!

And why not? A good pampering treatment is an investment in YOU. It’s an act of self-love. You deserve it!

But which treatments are most effective, for what? Well, this New Year, there is new set of trends when it comes to the wellness sector. Wondering what they are?

Our friends at the Spa Trends Report recently unleashed some of the most exciting experiences and treatments that they think will be uber-popular this year. They based their report on internet searches, which indicate what people are most in need of.

Ready to see a few of our favourite spa and wellness trends for 2023? Read on!

What’s Trending In Wellness For 2023

spa and wellness trends for 2023

1. Crystal Healing Massage

This treatment is in high demand for 2023! A crystal healing massage involves placing various healing minerals and crystals around the person receiving the treatment, depending on their needs. The goal is to allow these elements of nature to unleash their healing vibrations, while you get a relaxing massage.

As you probably know, healing stones contain the energy accumulated by the Earth in their very slow process of formation. This primordial force is released when the crystal comes in proximity with another body. In theory, this is how they help rebalance and alleviate the malaise you might carry in your body.

Best for: Anyone. Crystals can be curated depending on the individual’s needs. They are said to be able to do many things, such as open up the chakras, calm stress, block harmful frequencies and more.


crystals and sage

2. Lymphatic Drainage Facials

If your face looks puffy and your skin has lost its glow, opt for a lymphatic drainage massage. The technique used for this treatment will drain toxins from your face. The goal is to diminish:

  • blemishes
  • swelling
  • bags under the eyes
  • pimples caused by stress.

Basically, it helps fight that tired look by facilitating the flow of accumulated liquids.

Lymphatic drainage facials follow the Dr Vodder Method. Namely, gentle circular pressure and rotational movements to encourage the flow of lymph. As a result cells are regenerated, the nervous system is relaxed and the immune system is boosted.

Best for: Those with puffy faces, under eye circles and toxic systems.

Photo Credit: SpaUlysse

spa and wellness trends for 2023

3. Gold Massages

This type of a massage uses 23-karat gold to give the skin a dewy glow. Besides the beautifying results, this is one of those spa and wellness trends that’s said to strengthen the skin’s immunity and lower stress.  If this treatment is done as a facial, it will help diminish wrinkles and fine lines. It will also improve the health of your skin whether it is dry, oily or acne-prone.

Applying the precious foil on the body activates a powerful detoxification process. At the end of a gold massage you will have a more youthful appearance and feel sparkly inside and out.

Best for: Boosting overall immunity, diminishing the signs of ageing.

Photo Credit: Manetti

gold massage

4. Turkish Baths

Searches for traditional Turkish baths rose by 85% already this year, making them one of the top wellness trends for 2023. A Turkish bath is held in a traditional steam room known as a Hammam. A masseuse first allows you to steam, opening up your pores and relaxing your muscles. Then the fun really begins!

Your whole body will be washed, scrubbed, massaged and exfoliated, leaving you with a serious glow. This invigorating and refreshing experience also improves your health through heat therapy. And if you have low blood pressure, this treatment is preferable to a sauna that has much higher temperatures.

Best for: Overall health; glowing skin


Photo Credit: allmoroccotravel.com

5. Sound Bathing

This might be one of the most unusual spa and wellness trends for 2023!

Sound baths offer participants the opportunity to be bathed in sound as a form of mindful practice to clear both the body and mind. The treatment has exploded in popularity and is now offered in many spas around the world.

Lie down on a comfortable mat with a thick blanket. The healing power of sound occurs through various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs or even the humming of a human voice.

It’s all about a projection of acoustics that help clear discordance. Although it may seem very ‘new age-y,’ sound bathing is deeply rooted in science. In fact one can compare it to the use of ultrasound technology in several medical practices. And in addition, Tibetans have been doing this for centuries, with their chants, sound bowls, and gongs.

Best for: Energetic clearance

Photo Credit: Addictive Creatives/Stocksy United

sound bathing

6. Silent Spas

Our minds are bombarded with information. Through media, speech and social media. We can never really catch a break! The result? Endless ‘chatter’ in our heads. Even when no one is talking, there’s constant ‘talking’ in our minds. And that’s this is one of our favourite spa and wellness trends for 2023!

Silent spas aren’t just about relaxation in silence. They’re also about cutting yourself off from electronic communications, too. A silent spa is for people who love quiet and contemplation.

Best for: Those who find it difficult to focus. People who feel overwhelmed by the bombardment of information in society.

Photo Credit: There Laa

spa and wellness trends for 2023

7. Light Therapy Facials

This specific facial is one of the most effective spa and wellness trends for 2023! It uses LED light technology to improve the skin’s texture. Light therapy provides quick, visible benefits for all sorts of problems. Various coloured lights address different skin concerns. Namely: red is for collagen density, blue works on acne,  yellow deals with photo damage, green with hyper pigmentation.

These innovative hi-tech beauty treatments have been booming amongst celebrities and keep going strong. Contrary to what you might think, LED light technology does not contain any harmful UV rays,. On the contrary, it’s designed to stimulate cell repair and the growth of collagen and elastin.

Best for: Painlessly addressing anti-ageing concerns on the face.

Photo Credit: Lovoir

light therapy facial

8. Thalassotherapy

One of the hottest spa and wellness trends for 2023 is actually an ancient one!

The word ‘thalassa’ comes from the Greek term, meaning ‘sea’, therefore this therapy uses seawater to benefit the body. The marine world provides healing process not just through salty water, but also via application of sand, algae and mud. This practice goes all the way back to 19th century Brittany, although it is believed that thalassotherapy was already in use amongst the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

Thalassotherapy can help skin pathologies, such as eczema, psoriasis, erythema, dermatitis and even cellulite. It has also proven effective for respiratory conditions from sinusitis to bronchitis. Even muscular and rheumatic pains benefit from this sea-based therapy.

Best for: Enjoying in summer, or tropical places, as this needs to be done outside (usually).



9. Salt Saunas

Sure, it makes food taste way better. But did you know that hanging around salt can actually be extremely good for the body? Yes, it works with thalassotherapy (see above). But it also works on its own, too.

Specifically, Himalayan salt activated saunas are exceptional for your respiratory system. The heat of the sauna increases blood circulation, while the salt allows your oxygen levels to go up. Spending some time in the salt room cave is also very good for your joints and muscles. Another of the most unusual spa and wellness trends for 2023, but an easy – and effective – one to do!

Best for: Those with asthma, arthritis, and skin conditions.

Photo Credit: Da Nang-Mikazuki

salt sauna

10. Dog-friendly Spas

Pooches deserve some wellness time just as their humans! This means that not only can you be accompanied to the spa by your four-legged friends, but they will also have their own dedicated space, too. Dogs will be treated to outdoor fenced areas, equipped with thermal pools just for them. Some spas even provide for a dog sitter and pet-kits containing bowls, snacks and mats!

This combination of human and dog wellness activities has been growing ever since the popularity of ‘doga’, the practice of doing yoga with your dog. So far dog-friendly spas are more focused on treatments for humans who want to be accompanied by their furry friends. But we expect 2023 to also provide a specific roster of massages and treatments for our beloved babies!

Best for: Those with emotional support animals.

Photo Credit: Gray Malin

dog spa

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