Where To Shop Vegan Fashion For Men

Wondering where to shop vegan fashion for men? We’ve found some of the best shops for everything from outerwear and shoes to blazers and bags!

By Lora O’Brien

Sure, just hearing the words ‘vegan clothing for men’ would have once conjured up images of scratchy hemp clothing and hideous footwear. But times have gloriously changed. And in today’s modern world, the vegan movement is redefining the quality and style of the clothing we can wear.

As PETA director Elisa Allen stated, a vegan fashion revolution is underway. And many people – both men and women – are more conscious of the choices their consumer habits are having on the welfare of animals and the planet.

The end result? More and more innovative textiles, which really make vegan fashion desirable.

For example?

In shoes and bags, you can find materials made from anything from:

  • waxed canvas
  • recycled plastic bottles
  • apple, pineapple and grape based ‘leathers’

And as for clothing, once again, there’s plenty of innovation.

Sweaters, tees and pants are made from:

  • cupro
  • viscose
  • organic cotton
  • hemp

and many other plant-based materials.

But if you’re still not sure where to shop, don’t sweat it. I’ve compiled a list of the best vegan online stores for guys right here. They all deliver worldwide.

Whether you’re trading in your shoes for some fresh sneakers, want to invest in a new backpack for everyday living or are looking for vegan suits for all occasions, these stylish vegan fashion brands for men will have a place in anyone’s wardrobe.

The Best Men’s Vegan Clothing & Accessories Shops

1. Alltrueist

Ethically crafted in Alicante, Spain, these bespoke sneakers reduce waste by being made on-demand only.

Each pair is a bold statement of style and sustainability. The shoes are comprised of vegan Nappa and feature a customisable design, a wide range of sizes, and a message that champions animal welfare.

In fact, you could say Alltrueist’s shoes are more than just footwear. They’re a call to action, wrapped in a classic, cushioned silhouette.

What they sell: Casual sneakers for men.

Best for: Feeling comfortable – not only with your shoes, but the ethics of your purchase.

2. BEDI Studios

Ethically handmade in Canada, all coats by BEDI Studios tackle the issue of landfill by repurposing discarded materials into something new and useful.

Namely, coats made from ECONYL (based on recycled fishing nets) and other recycled fabrics. For example? They use automotive scrap yards as a great source of materials. They use upcycled seatbelts in their coats, due to their incredible durability.

BEDI’s coats are so warm and sturdy, they’re guaranteed for life. Which is a good thing. After all, you should only need to buy a good winter coat once in a few decades!

What they sell: Much needed, very warm winter coats.

Best for: Those looking for an alternative to down-filled puffa jackets.

3. Tentree

Sweatpants. Hoodies. Tees. Sweaters. Coats. Pants. Tentree is a one-stop shop for vegan fashion for men. And they do it all sustainably! Not only do they use lots of organic cotton to ensure their menswear is ultra-soft and super comfy. But the best part? As the name implies, ten trees are planted with every purchase. Yay!

Tentree also has an exciting new material: their innovative fruit fiber called kapok. The fruit has fluff-filled seed pods which can be turned into fibers that are then incorporated into Tentree items, such as their shirts, jackets and hats. Not only is the brand using this renewable textile, but in a closed loop process, they’re also planting kapok trees, too! I think I’m in love….

What they sell: Everything you need to face the elements on a daily basis

Best for: Casual dudes who also love nature but aren’t defined by it

vegan fashion for men

4. Everlane

Whether you want to overhaul your entire wardrobe or stock up on some basics, Everlane is the place to shop vegan fashion for men. The sustainable menswear brand uses textiles such as linen, hemp and organic cotton to make a versatile range of clothing garments, from basic tees and shirts to jeans, jackets and even shoes.

Referring to the brand as ‘radially transparent’ Everlane reveals the true cost behind all products they make. From where the garments are made to all the sustainable materials used, you can visit their site to get all info you need.

What they sell: From everyday clothing to loungewear, Everlane caters to all casual clothing needs

Best for: Casual men with a conscience


We love the name of this men’s vegan clothing brand! WAWWA is a sustainable and ethical lifestyle brand. People and the planet are always valued ahead of profits.

The brand was created back in 2015, and since then, they’ve been on a mission since to put the earth first by using organic and recycled materials, as well as other innovative materials. Everything is durable, so it will last for years to come, and all items are made in a fair way.

Plus, WAWWA also offers a 1+1 collection where, for every one bought, one is donated.

What they sell: WAWWA offers a versatile range of casual and wearable unisex styles

Best for: Casual clothing that is effortlessly cool

vegan fashion for men

6. GOT Bag

We all know that ocean plastic isn’t great if it’s recycled into clothing. That’s because of how frequently it’s washed, and the microplastics that get leaked into the waterways. Yikes! But recycling plastics into things we don’t need to wash often, such as bags, is an ideal way to repurpose the material. It also offers cruelty-free and vegan alternatives to eco-consumers.

So that’s why we love GOT bags. They are not only sustainable, but they’re also super stylish, too! Their unisex backpacks and wallets are designed to be classically cool for many years to come. One of the best places to shop vegan fashion accessories for men, for sure!

What they sell: Bags

Best for: The minimalist looking for an ethical bag for modern day-to-day living

GOT bag backpack

7. Oliver Co. London

One of the most important items for a man is his wallet. And Oliver Co. makes them from wood waste and apple pulp, as opposed to dead animals!

In fact, their commitment to the environment is reflected in their use of low-impact leather alternatives and certified recycled/organic linings. This not only helps in resource conservation and toxicity reduction but also puts the brand among the top 5% for their commitment to environmental impact among 5,000 certified B Corporations worldwide.

Additionally, Oliver Co supports environmental non-profits by donating 1% of their revenue every year through their partnership with 1% for the Planet.

What they sell: Wallets, card holders, laptop cases

Best for: Gifting. Each item comes beautifully packaged!

Where To Shop Vegan Fashion For Men


LØCI provides vegan fashion for men, with one clear mission: to disrupt the fashion industry and its use of animal products. Challenging the status quo, LØCI isn’t trying to mimic animal leather. Instead, they’re turning recycled ocean plastic into a highly durable textile to make vegan kicks that put the planet first.

The brand also follows a bold statement when it comes to the future: the best way to predict it is to invent it. Working towards protecting the future for generations to come, the brand uses innovative approaches and manufacturing techniques to make a sustainable, eco-friendly product.

What they sell: Sneakers

Best for: Those modern vegans and athletes who love wearing sneakers every day. LØCI are stylish minus the cruelty!

vegan fashion for men

9. Boody

It’s not just women who like comfy clothes! Whether it’s chilling in a tee or wearing breathable pants, Boody’s range is the perfect place to shop vegan fashion for men. They offer all kinds of eco-friendly basics. Made from sustainable viscose-derived bamboo, the garments are soft, durable and breathable, and made with longevity in mind.

What they sell: Boxers, briefs, socks and tees

Best for: Affordable eco-friendly basics that feel super luxurious

10. Komodo

Planet-friendly fashion is widely available today, which we love! But a brand that was way ahead of the trend was Komodo.

Referring to themselves as the original ethical brand since ’88, they’ve worked hard to develop and promote hemp and bamboo fibres and were fully invested in using organic cotton way back.

Note: They sell some wool products, but everything else is 100% vegan clothing for men.

What they sell: Pretty much everything! From T-shirts and jeans to shirts and even dressing gowns, this place is perfect to build an eco vegan wardrobe!

Best for: Stocking up on those wardrobe staples.

11. Matt & Nat

When it comes to vegan fashion, Matt & Nat is one of the best known vegan fashion stores for men.

Based in Canada, their designs are clean, simple, and are aimed at urban professionals of all types. But alongside their bags, they have a range of stylish outerwear and shoes, too.

The brand has, and always will be committed to not using leather or any animal based byproducts in any of its designs. Each season they explore new, innovative ways to improve their sustainable and eco-friendly ways, while still focusing on producing high quality products that will withstand the test of time and last beyond trends.

What they sell: Accessories such as bags, shoes and sunglasses and stylish vegan jackets

Best for: Bags! Whether it’s a casual backpack or a briefcase for work, Matt & Nat have a chic bag for every occasion.

12. NAE Vegan

NAE stands for one thing: No Animal Exploitation. Their mission is to create cruelty-free and ecological alternatives for accessories in the modern world.

All of NAE’s shoes and accessories are manufactured in certified and ethical factories in Portugal and are dedicated to making the world a more sustainable, animal-friendly and free place to be. What more could you ask for in a brand?

What they sell: Shoes and accessories such as belts, braces and bags

Best for: Shoes and boots. There’s just such a wide variety to choose from!

vegan fashion for men


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1 thought on “Where To Shop Vegan Fashion For Men”

  1. Most suits are unfortunately still made using a wool mixture and many jeans still have a leather patch on the back, but other that those, finding vegan menswear has never been a problem. Of course, this doesn’t address whether or not cotton used is ethically sourced; and that polyester and nylon are bi-products of the petroleum industry, as is PVC which is sometimes used as an alternative to leather. Polyester and nylon I have to say that I regard as necessities for clothing.

    Since the mid-1990’s it has been quite straightforward finding breathable non-leather footwear, albeit made from synthetic materials, but prior to that it was well nigh impossible, except if trainers (sneakers) were made entirely of a canvas material of some sort.

    For clothing it is very difficult to find menswear, except at the tailor-made, top end of the market, that is ethically made. Even if made in Britain it could be in a sweatshop, by Bangladeshi workers employed in conditions not much better than they would get in Bangladesh. There is a similar issue with footwear, except if purchased from a specifically ethical retailer such as Ethical Wares.

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