10 Great Casual Ethical Fashion Brands

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If you’re interested in conscious fashion you can wear every day, you need to know these great casual ethical fashion brands!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi  

Of all the types of clothing, leisurewear probably conveys the most personal expression. Unlike workwear, casual outfits don’t abide by strictly defined dress codes, allowing the wearer to bring her own touch of creative flair to whatever she’s wearing.

With casual clothing, we can add sunglasses as well as ethical jewellery, handbags and other accessories to make the outfit truly ‘ours’. We can dress it up with the right shoes, or layer sweaters over tees, or jackets over sweaters to adjust leisurewear to suit our seasons.

But since we buy and wear casual clothes more often than anything else, it’s more important than ever to ensure that these items are made from materials that aren’t harming the planet or your health.

Recently, we’ve discovered some casual ethical fashion brands that are definitely up and coming. These are labels that not only make clothes you can comfortably wear every day, but that also care about people, animals and the environment.

10 Great Casual Ethical Fashion Brands

1. Sandra Meynier Kang (SMK)

This cruelty-free label is thoroughly engaged in many aspects of ethical fashion, from pursuing animal protection and ensuring local, transparent production to selecting natural or recycled fabrics. The result is deliciously soft, comfortable casual wear that’s perfect for yoga, dancing, or hanging around the house.

A passionately vegan brand, SMK loves animals so much, they donate 5% of each collection benefits to the animal non-profit association CARE. Their new collection, called “Among Dancers,” and its related  Fashion Film, beautifully reflect the brand’s values and image.

ethical hoodie

2. Mother Erth

Mother Erth is more than a conscious fashion label – it’s a social enterprise that empowers women and reduces plastic pollution by creating zero-waste totes, clutches, handbags and even a pet collection!

Each piece is handwoven by female artisans who bring new life to factory discarded plastic/aluminium that cannot be recycled, and would otherwise clog up landfills and oceans. The materials used in each bag are extremely light and durable, made with a beautiful weaving procedure.

This year, more celebrities than ever were wearing Mother Erth clutches, as they were part of the celebrity goody bags at the Golden Globes.

Casual Ethical Fashion Brands

3. ME (Majamas Earth)  

ME (Majamas Earth) is an eco-friendly clothing brand that was founded on the principle that casual fashion can be alluring without damaging our beloved planet. ME is committed to creating collections that leave the smallest impact possible: all of the fabrics, which include organic cotton, modal and Tencel, are made in the USA under strict environmental standards. Casual wear offerings from this brand are aimed at not only men and women, but moms-to-be, babies and even pets.

Casual Ethical Fashion Brands


Italian startup WRAD has borrowed a trick from the ancient Romans – they repurpose industrial graphite powder (a safe by-product of tech companies involved with the production of electrodes, otherwise destined for landfill) as a clothing dye called ‘greyphite’.

The powder creates beautiful, dark shades of greys, greens and blacks which the brand uses to dye its ethical casual fashion collections that are often seen on the streets of Berlin and Milan.

But graphite powder is not the only thing they recycle. WRAD also gives new life to used buttons, wool, and other yarns in their collections.

WRAD fashion

5. Hackwith Designhouse

This brand (which is also featured in our second image, above) offers unique handmade clothing for the modern woman, made in-house in the Hackwith Design House Minnesota studio by a talented team of seamstresses.

The sharp, chic aesthetics of Hackwith Design House can be worn casually every day, or dressed up for evenings, too. Fully sustainable fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and Tencel, are carefully selected for how they drape on the body or hold the shape of a geometric cut.

The eco-consciousness of the brand is further attested to by the fact that many of their garments are made only once they are ordered by customers, to reduce waste.

6. Stidston Swimwear

This is a brand that was born in Devon, UK by a young, female designer, Claire Stidston. She decided to create a unique, high quality leisurewear line that would be suitable both for swimming and casual occasions.

Whilst giving a vibrant twist to each design, Stidston is strongly committed to minimising any negative impact: every piece is custom-made to order and created by hand, ensuring that there’s minimal waste to her consciously sourced fabrics.

The ethical brand’s latest creations have deep, rich colours and a velvety texture, with cuts that represent the perfect transition from beachwear to daywear.

7. Ninety Percent

This brand is getting huge! And no wonder. They make casual ethical fashion from mainly Tencel, recycled fibres, or organic cotton jersey, as seen in this tie dyed tee, below.

But not only that – the brand gets its name from the fact that it donates a whopping 90% of its profits between those who make each collection happen and four charities. You can even get a chance to decide which causes the funds are donated to!

Casual Ethical Fashion Brands

8. Faithfull The Brand

Faithfull The Brand is based in Indonesia, where each piece is hand-dyed, printed and made by local artisans, who receive fair wages for their work.

Breathable, natural fibres like organic cotton and linen are often used by the label. For their swimwear and activewear, ECONYL and recycled polyester are their preferred fabrics.

We love that this is one of the casual ethical fashion brands that’s a step above in terms of style – rather than producing your typical streetwear, their styles are more comfortable, casual chic.

Casual Ethical Fashion Brands

9. Girlfriend Collective

I’m not gonna lie – as a person who works from home, I pretty much live in yoga pants day in, day out! I usually pair them with a sweater and rock a ‘Flashdance’ look daily.

Girlfriend Collective make the perfect leggings for my ‘uniform’! They’re made from recycled water bottles and dyed with eco-friendly solutions to achieve their bold hues.

Casual Ethical Fashion Brands - Girlfriend Collective

10. Everlane

No matter what your age, shape, size or gender, Everlane is one of the best casual ethical fashion brands for you! They have a wide array of organic cotton denims, tees and sweaters made from ethically sourced cotton, wool, and hemp, and even a line of ethical underwear!

The brand does a lot of great things in terms of reducing its waste, and has built a reputation for supply chain transparency. They’ve also managed to pay all the workers in their production processes a fair wage, whilst keeping prices reasonable for the consumer.

Casual Ethical Fashion Brands Everlane


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