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15 of the Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies

By Lora O’Brien

A baby’s skin is such an incredible thing. Soft, smooth and somehow floral in scent, it’s an indication of perfect health and the beautiful blossoming of a new life.

To protect this delicate wonder, it’s essential to use only the most natural, non-irritating of products – and that includes clothing. Here, I’ve found 15 of the best organic clothing brands for babies, to ensure your bundle of joy’s brand-new skin remains as healthy and comfortable as it was on the day she or he was born. Of course, you can rest assured that all of these brands use 100% organic materials (mainly cotton), and produce their clothing ethically.

1. Frugi

Best for: One stop shopping – here, you’ll find everything from organic maternity wear to sweet little organic cotton swaddling blankets, onesies, booties and beyond.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 3 years.


2. Kate Quinn Organics

Best for: Essentials, from baby booties and mittens to onesies and more.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 8 years.


Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies


3. Finn + Emma

Best for: Neutral clothing – perfect if you don’t know the gender before birth or are looking for clothes that can be worn by both genders.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 18 months.

4. L’ovedbaby

Best for: Super sensitive babes – NO toxic dyes, metals, solvents, finishings, GMOs or plastics are used in any of their clothing.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Preemie to 6 years

best organic baby clothes



5. From Babies with Love

Best for: Their organic joggers are perfect for babies on the move, and the soft shades make them perfect for both boys and girls.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 24 months

6. Babysoy

Best for: Rather stylish, interestingly cut baby fashion  – their myriad animal prints are adorable, and are perfect for animal-loving vegan mums.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 24 months

Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies

7. Colored Organics

Best for: Mums with a heart – a percentage of all profits goes towards helping orphans in India. We love their cheeky slogan onesies, too!

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 12 years

Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies

8. Hannah Anderson

Best for: Bright, colourful clothes perfect for creating capsule wardrobes for your kids, from birth until their teens.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 14 years

Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies

9. MilkBarn

Best for: Graphics lovers – this brand has a range of amazing, unique prints that graphic design fans will really appreciate.

Ships: Within US

Age range: Newborn to 18 months

Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies


10. Monica + Andy

Best for: Baby clothing that looks like teeny, tiny adult garments – think hoodies, jeans and wee little khaki shorts. Aww!

Ships: Worldwide

Price range: Preemies to 7 years

Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies

11. Newbie

Best for: Delicate and soft Scandi-designed style clothing with super cute detailing, like booties with cat ears and caps with little panda faces (below). Prices are very reasonable, too.

Ships: Within the UK

Age range: Newborn to 8 years

Best Organic Clothing Brands for Babies

12. Mini Rodini

Best for: Hipster babies with a budding sense of social ethics – I mean, just check out this dolly dress, featuring both black and white faces! The brand also makes organic cotton homeware.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 12 years



Organic Clothing Brands for Babies

13. Mini Mioche

Best for: Mums concerned about ethics – Fairtrade clothing and lifestyle items abound in this Canadian shop, which also makes its garments locally. We love the urban basics, and the fact that much of their range is gender-neutral.

Ships: Canada and USA only

Age range: up to 8 years

best organic baby clothes

14. Touched by Nature

Best for: Their sweet, organic cotton dresses in various prints – so adorable! This brand is also perfect for anyone with more than one babe, as they often sell basics in multi-packs.

Ships: America only

Age range: Newborn to 24 months

15. Little Green Radicals

Best for: Vibrant prints for both boys and girls. Perfect for mums with more than one baby, as they offer deals on the more you buy.

Ships: Worldwide

Age range: Newborn to 3 years

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    May 18, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    These are so cute. I also bought a lot of Pact clothing for my niece and that’s all organic as well.

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      May 18, 2018 at 7:22 pm

      Pact is sweet! Makes me happy just looking at these teeny, weeny garments! 🙂

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