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The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services Near You

These vegan meal delivery services near you will make your life a lot easier, tastier, and healthier, too! By Lora O’Brien There has never been a better moment for vegan delivery services to enter our lives! There are so…

vegetable fritters with dip
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Skip the Skip! 30+ Vegan Recipes For Leftovers

These vegan recipes for leftovers help you save money, resources – and tasty food! By Lora O’Brien We all want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, right? And that certainly involves wasting food less. But even the most eco…

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Cool, Eco Friendly Gifts For Guys For All Occasions

Buying eco friendly gifts for guys is easier than ever with our handy guide! By Lora O’Brien Whether it’s an anniversary, Father’s Day, Christmas, a birthday or other occasion, getting gifts for guys can be tricky. Ever-changing technology means…

Natural Cleaning Products For A Healthy Home

The Best Natural Cleaning Products For A Cleaner Life

Using the best natural cleaning products at home is a great way to keep your domain toxin-free! By Lora O’Brien It’s insane. These days, we’re told to wash our hands and keep everything cleaner than clean. Fine. But I’m…

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Boss it on a Budget! 30 Cheap Vegan Recipes

For some reason, for some, there’s a misconception that vegan food can be pricey. These cheap vegan recipes bust that myth once and for all! By Lora O’Brien One of the most common misconceptions I hear when people refer…

Vegan Air Fryer Recipes
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30 Crispy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes

Think they’re just for meat? Think again! We’ve got tons of vegan air fryer recipes here! By Lora O’Brien Yep, it’s true that most people use one for meat, to reduce fat. But did you know there are loads…

Easy Recipes

30+ Retro Vegan Recipes Full Of Nostalgia

Feeling nostalgic? Try making these retro vegan recipes…your gran will be proud! By Lora O’Brien The golden age of the dinner party was probably from the late 1950s to the late 1970s; a.k.a. the Mad Men era. It was…

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Our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide For 2020

Our ethical Christmas gift guide for 2020 has something for everyone: men, women and kids! By Lora O’Brien Anyone else kind of love – but kind of hate – the holiday season? You marvel at all the gorgeous lights…

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30 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

These vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas will be loved by meat eaters and vegans alike! By Lora O’Brien The American tradition of having the President pardoning a turkey started with the hottest of leaders (if you ask me): John F.…

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10+ Of The Best Vegan Hair Styling Products

Looking for vegan hair styling products that are kind to your mane – AND to animals? Read on! By Lora O’Brien Rewind a few years, and vegan hair styling products were practically unheard of. Sure, food chains were pushing…

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The Best Charcoal Based Beauty Products

The best charcoal based beauty products can do more for your skin, hair and teeth than you’d imagine! By Lora O’Brien If you’re up on your trends then you’ve probably already heard about how charcoal is this year’s go-to…

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10 Luxury Vegan Gifts Anyone Would Love

These luxury vegan gifts are the perfect cruelty-free gift suggestions for any occasion! By Lora O’Brien Vegans can be notoriously tricky to give gifts too. Chocolates? Oops – they’ve got milk in them. Gloves? They’d better not be leather!…

Hot And Sweet Vegan Pie Recipes
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30 Hot And Sweet Vegan Pie Recipes

These sweet vegan pie recipes are perfect for summer, winter, and special occasions, too! By Lora O’Brien Who else has fond memories of visiting a grandparent and being engulfed by the delicious scent of something sweet baking? My gran…