5 Eco Friendly Bloggers To Follow

Looking for style advice? Eco living tips? These 10 eco friendly bloggers can help!

By Alexandria Beyer

It’s fair to say that blogs are as popular now as magazines were for years, if not centuries, before. Today, instead of popping into the local newsagents for a weekly fix of glossy gossip, we’re now opening up our phone, laptop and tablet browsers and reading our favourite sites.

For eco-lifestyle lovers, this is a great thing. Sustainability has hit the mainstream, and blogs are one of our very best sources of information on the topics that interest us most. The issue is, most of these are considered to be quite ‘niche’. And so they can be a little bit difficult to find. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, of course!

But never fear. Whether it’s organic beauty, zero-waste living or sustainable fashion you’re looking for, we’ve found it. Here below are 5 eco friendly bloggers that we here at Eluxe read all the time. And yes, they’re all female! Of course, right?

5 Eco Friendly Bloggers You Need to Know

1. Thoughtful Flamingo

Carley’s blog, Thoughtful Flamingo, is a fun guide to the ethical fashion world. She believes you don’t have to sacrifice style (or sequins) to be sustainable and overconsumption is (so) last season.

In 2017 Carley moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco to much less space and a job that kept her traveling. Around this time, she started reading about the true cost of fast fashion for both the environment and people in the supply chain. She needed a clothing change but didn’t want to lose her love for fun fashion. So she asked kickass women how they built conscious wardrobes that didn’t sacrifice their diverse, unique styles.

Thoughtful Flamingo is a place where she shares their stories, tests out ethical clothing practices, and provides guides to the best places to buy sustainable (and fun!) clothes around the globe.

Based in: USA

One of the best eco friendly bloggers for: Those who are looking for ethical city shopping guides.

5 Eco Friendly Bloggers You Need to Know

2. Katrine Carstens

Besides writing the occasional travel post for Eluxe, Danish native Katrine Carstens keeps busy running a blog called SusDane, which she uses to write about the treasures of a sustainable and socially aware world. With the aim to ignite your inner curiosity, Katrine brings you on a journey to explore which fascinating places this wonderful planet we live on really has to offer.

But that’s not all! She covers food, culture, and wellbeing, too.

Based in: Denmark

One of the best eco friendly bloggers for: Conscious foodies and travellers

best eco friendly bloggers

3. The Glamorganic Goddess

This is a healthy beauty and lifestyle blog by Danielle Messina. She’s a young breast cancer survivor whose story motivated her to go green with her skincare and makeup.

In 2009, when she was only 31, Danielle was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. This came totally out of the blue: there was no history of the disease in her family, and was a huge shock, as this young woman was a healthy former pro figure skater. After two surgeries and radiation, (she opted out of chemo and Tamoxifen after learning that the side effects included other forms of cancer) Danielle is thankfully well again, and has since chosen a more natural lifestyle.

As a figure skater, she had been wearing makeup since she started training at the age of 4, and she clued in that maybe chemicals in cosmetics contributed to her cancer. Determined to turn her pain into purpose, Danielle has publicly documented her journey on The Glamorganic Goddess and is on a mission to find the very best clean beauty products.

Based in: USA

One of the best eco friendly bloggers for: Anyone concerned about chemicals in skincare and makeup

best eco friendly bloggers

4. Style With A Smile

Style with a Smile is a vegan fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel blog written by a super sweet young woman called Noa Ben-Moshe.“In my blog, I want to show everyone that all the beautiful things in life are cruelty-free and that we can still enjoy life, dress well, travel the world and have so much fun without hurting other beings- all in a very positive, approachable way,” she says.

We love Noa’s style – and her open, warm and eternally friendly attitude!

Based in: Germany

One of the best eco friendly bloggers for: Animal loving and vegan fashionistas who need a daily smile!

best eco friendly bloggers

5. Beauty by Tahira

Professional makeup artist Tahira Herold shares everything she knows about natural makeup and beauty. And it’s quite a bit, considering she’s spent 20+ years in the industry. Tahira has a host of video tutorials where she uses an easy-to-follow, direct approach to share all kinds of beauty tips. Tahira also advocates for small brands, new companies and people ‘striving to create beautiful products in beautiful ways.’

Based in: London

One of the best eco friendly bloggers for: Organic, natural  and vegan skin care and beauty tips.

tahira herold


Lora O'Brien

25 thoughts on “5 Eco Friendly Bloggers To Follow”

  1. I enjoyed checking out the Glam organic Goddess!! Great story on building a life after breast cancer. Thank you for permitting us to comment as well!

  2. These babes are life savers! Been looking to share this article a saved quite a while ago too: seems new, but you’ve got to love her humour.

  3. Hey there, lovely post I especially like the Eco Princess’s blog.

    A couple of your eco gals (Brooke Lacey and Brooke Hahn) are dead links now, might want to replace the dead links with someone new on the eco blogging block? 🙂

  4. Such a lovely post!
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    We provide a deeper connection to the items because we want to bring greater value to our products.
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  5. I have went and followed everyone on this list. can you recommend to me any males to follow. I am looking to start my journey in understand sustainable fashion as the president and co-founder of our multi-faced non-profit @Limitless_La_vie…

  6. Thank you very much for the post,
    some of them already knew them,
    with this post we have had the opportunity
    to know something more about them and their
    stories that motivate and inspire us
    For us as a brand new
    sustainable eco accessories, it is helpful
    a post like this.
    Thanks again

  7. I’m vegan and healthy girl, really care about ecology, but I also love beauty and to be fabulous. Not always easy with ethical brands. I’m new on the blogger world, I’ve decided to come back to a very old project and start again a new one, more engaged and continual. Will do my best with researches, interviews and reviews to be able to help this cause and help to push things going to the ethical directions. I truly believe that is possible to be a princess with an eco friendly wardrobe and lifestyle, without renounces.
    I visited these blog you reviewed and found great inspirations from these girls. They are amazing!
    I’m happy to found out your magazine and follow your work, can’t wait to discover the other posts on the website. Best wishes. Irene

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