7 Vegan Fashion Blogs You’ll Love To Follow

Sure, we all love checking out vegan food blogs. But here are some vegan fashion blogs you’ll love to follow, too!

By Lora O’Brien

We all know there are loads of great vegan food blogs out there. In fact, Eluxe often covers vegan recipes from some of our faves, including Oh She Glows, Chocolate Covered Katie, Rawmazing and more. But what about fashion? It’s actually harder than you’d think to find inspiring vegan fashion blogs.

That’s not because there’s a lack of great vegan brands out there. Nope. It’s simply due to the fact that quite often, people seem to give up on their sites! Researching this piece, for example, I found loads of interesting blogs, but then I realised that many of them hadn’t updated their posts for years. 

And that’s a shame. From  vegan accessories to vegan shoes, there are some beautiful products made by designers who promote cruelty-free  lifestyles. While we cover these regularly in Eluxe, we do sometimes cover upcycled or recycled leather and eco-friendly silk, which means we can’t be classified as a ‘vegan blog’ ourselves. So, who can you follow out there that’s strictly vegan? And terribly stylish?

It may not be a huge list, but we found 7 awesome Vegan Fashion Blogs that we definitely think are worthy of your attention. Why not check them out?

7 Vegan Fashion Blogs You’ll Love To Follow

Vegan Fashion Blogs

1. Style With A Smile

This is for sure one of our favourite vegan fashion blogs of all time! And it’s not just because Noa was one of our writers for years. We love her positivity, energy, and beauty, too!

After working as an animal rights activist for two years (she rescued tons of animals!), she decided there was a huge gap in the market for vegan fashion bloggers. The result? She launched her own site, Style With A Smile, and modelled vegan clothes she loved. Today, this highly photogenic writer inspires thousands with her sustainable vegan outfits and travel escapades.

She’s also a judge for the Eluxe Awards, and has even designed a stunning, practical vegan bag line for Nuuwai!

best vegan fashion blogs

2. Love and Blossoms by Sruti Sethuraman

This award winning vegan fashion blogger aims to not only inspire with her stunning outfits, but also to set us straight on what’s ethical to wear. Sruti Sethuraman was dubbed ‘The Best Dressed Vegan’ of 2016 by PETA, thanks to the gorgeous outfits she showcases on her fabulous blog, Love & Blossoms.

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s sweet, feminine style and shooting her looks on rare sunny days around London’s most chic neighbourhoods, Sruti is popularising vegan fashion for the masses.

Sruti Sethuraman

3. Fashion by Compassion by Salma 

If you’re looking for a vegan fashion blog that fuses together fashion and ethics, then Fashion by Compassion is the one to follow. As the name suggests, everything about this blog is created with compassion at its core. Founder Salma shares all things fashion and beauty on her vegan lifestyle blog, while using her voice for the animals

Salma follows a lifestyle that is reflective of her love of all living beings and the environment, and her blog is a platform to share this compassion with the world. Fashion by Compassion shares sustainable fashion, cruelty-free cosmetics, vegan food and ethical lifestyle tips we think you’ll love!

Fashion by Compassion by Salma 

4. Living in a Fairtytale by Anna Myrha 

Anna Myrha is the photographic talent behind this whimsical blog. Also referring to herself as a Make Believer and Miracle Seeker, she searches to find the magic in everyday life, sharing it with her followers. Anna is a breath of fresh air in an often overwhelming world, and her platform is a form of escapism for so many, thanks to her high tech wizardry.

Through her blog and Instagram feed, vegan champion Anna teaches her followers that with a shift of perspective and use of our imagination, the world we live in can be as magical as we’d like. And together with Anna, we can re-create the world to something that is absolutely dreamlike and fantastical. And cruelty free!

Uniting the dream seekers of the world, Anna’s stories all focus on honouring nature and being loving and kind to all beings on this earth. All of her content and stories focus on showcasing how wonderful a sustainable and vegan lifestyle can be.

Anna Myrha 

5. Style Destino by Shruti Jain

Dubai-based Style Destino was launched back in 2011 by Shruti Jain in a bid to break the stereotype that vegan fashion is drab and boring. She has since become an ethical influencer, inspiring those looking to live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Proving luxury and compassion can coexist stylishly, Style Destino is the go-to blog for those looking to change their mindless consumer habits. Shruti not only promotes a sustainable way of shopping, but she regularly reuses the same clothes, normalising the fact there is so shame in flaunting the same outfits multiple times. That’s a stark contrast to many influencers who promote fast fashion!

Style Destino also shares cruelty-free beauty products and healthy vegan food, showcasing how easy it can be to live a life without causing harm to animals or the planet. We think it’s one of the best vegan fashion blogs around!

6. Ethical Elephant by Vicky Ly

Creator Vicki Ly created Ethical Elephant to be a cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle guide and above all, a voice for animals. She asked herself, “How do we get people to care about animals enough to change their consumer habits?” This blog aims to provide various answers. Ly features vegan fashion and lifestyle tips on a colourful and playful platform.

What we love most about this blog, though, is the awesome vegan shopping guide that’s here. Looking for truly vegan cosmetics, beauty products, shoes, or clothes? You’ll find a wonderful list of the best vegan brands and where to find them.

best vegan fashion blogs

7. Anca Monica

Anca Monica is a huge advocate for animal rights and sustainable fashion and uses her passion on her self-titled blog to spread awareness. The edgy vegan blogger is passionate about all things related to animal rights, but she also loves shopping secondhand or from sustainable and vegan companies. By doing so, she is hoping to inspire the younger generation.

This is one of the best vegan fashion blogs for finding essays about ethical issues, mainly within the fashion industry, and on her social media feed you’ll find styling tips to help you dress your best all while living in a cruelty-free fashion. Anca also shares delicious vegan food, art and literature on her social media feeds, as well as videos of her becoming a contortionist. Yep, she has many unexpected talents, which we love!



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30 thoughts on “7 Vegan Fashion Blogs You’ll Love To Follow”


  2. You should check out thechangedistrict.com. It’s basically a vegan shopping directory, but they also have a blog section as well.

  3. Expressions NYC is a line of luxury vegan handbags. The handbags are PETA approved and the lining is made from recycled plastic bottles .

  4. Great piece especially for new bloggers. I wish I would have known some of these things before I started fashion blogging professionally. I will definitely be sharing it.

  5. Great post. There’re actually more and more fashion bloggers feature vegan products in their posts. Michal Kors also announced that they’ll stop using fur products by end of 2018. Check IG: @sightusa

  6. Great article ELUXE! So good to see so many awesome individuals helping change the way we with think about fashion and how we can all be more mindful of the ethical attributes of what we wear. Creating ethical bags and accessories is a passion of mine and would love to hear your thoughts about my brand Thea & Theos.

  7. I write to inform you that we will open our new ” OneEarthstore ” on Etsy,
    where you can find some VEGAN t shirts.
    Since we opened our new business your loyal support will help us grow.
    If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.
    We look forward to seeing you at our new store.
    Thank you.

  8. Great post!
    I’m a vegan and just want to suggest a website with awesome curation of animal-free womenswear – Human 21 (human21.co)

  9. Hi Arwa,

    Great post, I read many articles on fashion but never got such nice post on fashion.
    I appreciate you for sharing the great article as well big thanks got the list of best fashion bloggers.

    Best regards,

  10. I love your posts! I would rather appreciate if you could let me know if you could advertise any of our handicrafts on your blogg!
    our website is: wayuupatterns.com

    looking forward to hear back from you again

  11. As a new vegan on the block, I agree with you there is still a lack of good vegan fashion blogs. As an Image Consultant I aim to educate people on how to look stylish and elegant with cruelty-free products. Please check my Instablog @ima_zh
    My motto: #VeganWithStyle

  12. This dress is interesting. I feel like at times though she should dress down, in terms of expense and overall style/look though for these events with Nadia murad. But then I’d have nothing to look at, lol. Loved the Alexander Maureen dress from the other day, with all the little prints all over it.

  13. Cool post – I hadn’t heard of Ethical Code so thanks for the recommendation. As you mentioned was the fate of many other vegan fashion blogs, Duckalicious also hasn’t posted since March 2015 so I think she must have bowed out. It’s a shame though because I was fond of her monochromatic minimalism.

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