WOOP! Our Noa Designed A Nuwaii Vegan Bag Collection!

We’re so proud of our writer for designing a Nuwaii vegan bag collection! Read about her experience here

By Chere Di Boscio

I knew as soon as I laid eyes on the gorgeous vegan blogger (and Eluxe writer) Noa Ben Moshe that the girl had style. No matter what this black haired beauty wears, she looks amazing!

But there’s much, much more to Noa than great hair and lovely clothes. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met – and that big heart has a lot of room for animals, too!

A passionate vegan, Noa has always been interested in animal welfare, and so I wasn’t surprised at all when I learned she designed a Nuwaii vegan bag collection. I’m really proud of her, and want to support her as much as possible, so I asked her a few questions about her latest venture.

Our Noa Designed A Nuwaii Vegan Bag Collection!

nuwaii vegan bag

What are the bags made of?

The bags are made of appleskin! To make it, Nuuwaï takes the fruit waste from the apple industry (mainly from apple juice production), dehydrates it and then grinds it into a very fine apple powder. The powder is then mixed with PU (polyurethane) and applied to a tear-resistant roll with cotton fabric. These rolls are then washed and heated to produce a weather-resistant, durable fabric, which is then can be left smooth or embossed to create different surface structures.

Although it still contains a synthetic (PU), it contains far less of it than the usual ‘vegan leather’, and it’s also more durable.

For our lining, we used Ecoalf’s “Upcycling the Ocean” deadstock upcycled ocean plastic fabrics. For our SHAI bags, we also incorporated the use of organic cotton to one of the bag’s straps.

How did this partnership with Nuuwai begin?

There is a long story of friendship behind this collection! One year ago, at NEONYT Berlin, I met Svenja, Founder of Nuuwaï. We kept in touch and little did I know she’d become one of my closest friends in the world! We worked together multiple times, met 6 times in one year (and considering we live in different countries, that is a lot), been through so much together, helped each other and were there for each other during good and bad times. One day during our conversations we said we should create a capsule collection together, and 7 months later, with a lot of hard work, this became a reality – and we couldn’t be happier about it!

nuwaii vegan bag

What inspired your bag designs?

This collection of bags truly represents every single thing I believe in and was inspired by a strong friendship, animals, nature, and mostly by the modern woman.

While designing our collection, I kept in mind that I wanted my bags to be practical, unique, fashionable and meaningful. That’s why the designs we chose are timeless yet fun and colorful, have clean lines and suit the daily use of modern women around the world. The collection consists of three bags: one small, one medium, and one large. I did this to allow women to find a perfect bag for every occasion: from a day at the office, to strolling out with friends, to fun nights out.

It took us a few months to finalize the designs and a few attempts to make them the best bags we could possibly come up with, But apart from designing beautifully-looking bags, we wanted them to have a beautiful impact. That’s why we collaborated with Freedom Farm Sanctuary and will donate 5% of all sales to them, and named all our bags after the animal residents of the farm.

How involved were you with the design?

I was involved in every little part of it. The design ideas for the bags were mine: I really knew what I wanted, and I was involved in all small and big parts of the decision making & design of our special collection: from selecting the color of the lining to deciding how many centimeters the logo embossment should be, or how the bag tag should look like. It was a new and fun experience for me that somehow felt so natural! I want to do this more often in the future!

What inspired the colors you used?

In the collection, we wanted to prove that bags can be timeless, practical and colorful, too. We chose colors that are bold and fun and will complement almost every outfit that’s going to be paired with them. Our classic cobalt blue is twinning with 2020’s Pantone color of the year: it will add a statement for every outfit you’d wear, and helps you upgrade your daily looks instantly. Our Millennial pink is a dusty pink hue that looks different in different light, but is the kind of pink-nude that would mix well with all colors. For our tote bag, Yossi, we chose a beautiful taupe shade that will be your next go-to bag when running errands, shopping, traveling or going on a weekend getaway!

Tell us a bit about the photoshoot with the animals?

The photoshoot took place at the amazing Freedom Farm Sanctuary (which I already covered for ELUXE a year ago!). I took Svenja there when she visited me last September, and she loved it so much, for a good reason: it is simply the happiest place on earth. It is a safe haven for the survivors of the animal agriculture industry, most of whom came from abusive, cruel places. It helps them recover and regain their life, freedom, and trust in humans. The farm strives to create consciousness in the way humans view the earth, animals and themselves. We both love their mission and work which is why we will donate 5% of all sales from our collection to Freedom Farm Sanctuary!

What else would you like to design?

I’ve always had a dream of designing vegan, sustainable clothes, mainly overcoats, and romantic dresses. Oh, and very dainty gold jewelry. Maybe one day it will happen!

Finally: where can we buy you Nuwaii vegan bag collection?

You can support our mission and buy our limited edition, cause-driven collection exclusively on the NUUWAI website, right here!

nuwaii vegan bag

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