The Best Frankincense Based Beauty Products

Frankincense based beauty products have been used for centuries. Here’s how they can benefit you, too!

By Andrea Zahnd

Frankincense has a long history as a product of great value. It is mentioned in the Bible as being one of the gifts of the Magi to baby Jesus. But even before that, it was revered by the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Arabs for its heavenly aroma and miraculous health properties.

In fact, Arabs have always valued the health and beauty qualities of frankincense for its restorative qualities. Almost anywhere you go in the Middle East, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the heavenly scent of frankincense and its cousin, myrrh, burning in braziers.

The smoke of frankincense is said to have qualities that restore poor health. Apparently, it can even cure asthma! And the oil of this resin contains elements that can undo cellular damage. Now, scientists even postulate that the power of frankincense to send reparative messages to damaged cells could even be used to help cure cancer.

Frankincense oil is extracted from the resin of the Boswellia genus of trees that grow in China, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Its aroma is woody, sweet and spicy, with a slightly citrusy top note. Having both soothing and uplifting properties, the scent can lower anxiety and stress, while promoting relaxation.

More Health & Beauty Qualities of Frankincense

But the scent is not the only thing that is amazing about this oil. It also has potent anti-aging and skin healing properties. No wonder plenty of organic brands use it in their products, for its ability to promote cell regeneration while also keeping existing cells healthy. It can even help fade scars, heal wounds, and tighten and tone your skin.

You should also look for toothpastes that contain frankincense. This is because studies have shown that the Boswellic acid in frankincense has strong antibacterial properties, which can help prevent and treat oral infections. It can also prevent bad breath, toothaches, cavities and mouth sores.

Furthermore, research indicates that the Boswellic acid in frankincense can prevent the release of leukotrienes, compounds that can cause inflammation in the body. Frankincense can treat the symptoms of arthritis, reducing pain and improving mobility over time. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also support gut health, leading frankincense oil to be used as a natural treatment for Crohn’s Disease.

Yep, the health and beauty qualities of frankincense are enormous! By now there’s no doubt that you should have at least some frankincense based beauty products in your cabinet that contain loads of this miraculous ingredient. Here’s our list of the best organic frankincense based beauty products to try out right now.

The Best Frankincense Based Beauty Products

1. Neals Yard Frankincense Intense Cleansing Melt

Ever wished you could melt away the day? Now you can, thanks to this Cleansing Melt by Neals Yard. Treat your skin by massaging the melt onto skin to discover visibly smoother, softer skin with each cleanse.

Not only will it provide up to 12 hours of moisture to skin, it also removes makeup without drying your skin out. Plus, the soothing scent of frankincense essential oil will provide a deeply relaxing aroma, helping you to unwind.

Neals Yard has a whole collection of Frankincense products that are totally worth checking out. Especially since your purchase helps support the livelihoods of women in Kenya who harvest the frankincense!

Price:  Around $55

The Best Frankincense Based Beauty Products

2. Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Shower Oil

Showering itself can be a sensual experience for many. It’s a chance to unwind and relax from the day. There’s a reason this de-stress shower gel got the title of Best Shower Product – it really does make you feel great!

Allowing you to reset your body and mind, this shower oil will calm the body while the soothing, therapeutic essential oil blend of rosemary, wild camomile and frankincense will allow you to indulge in a moment of uninterrupted wellbeing.

As you step under the warm shower head, lather up this luxurious oil-to-milk formula and gentle cleanse and envelop the skin in moisture that will last long after you’ve stepped out from the shower.

Price: Around $36.00

frankincense based beauty products

3. Pure Essence Pure Frankincense Perfume

Allergic to most perfumes? Do they give you a headache? This all natural blend by Neals Yard will actually soothe your nerves. It contains only natural ingredients and has no nasties. So no headaches!

It’s one of those frankincense based beauty products that suits both men and women. In fact, our editor tells me she shares her bottle with her husband! (rather involuntarily, mind…)

Price: Around $50.00

frankincense based beauty products


4. ANATOMĒ Recovery + Sleep Somali Frankincense

Find your brain never shuts off? Or when you try to get some shut-eye, your mind seems to run a mile? Anatomē’s Recovery + Sleep Somali Frankincense blend is crafted to help you to switch off and get to sleep. Which means no more climbing into bed, tossing and turning to no avail.

Developed with the help of sports scientists, nutritionists and aromacologists, Anatomē crafts their products using botanical extracts, organic and scientifically proven ingredients to promote both physical and emotional wellbeing. The relaxing blend of essential oils helps to mitigate the factors that prevent our mind from switching off to get a good sleep.

Encouraging inner calm, the star ingredient is Somali frankincense. This was chosen for its high concentration of terpenes, which helps counter sleep-disrupting cortisol, promoting a restful, sustained sleep each and every night.

Price: Around $49.00

frankincense based beauty products

5. Green People One Balm

Balms are a versatile skincare staple, and a product each of us should own! This One Balm by Green People is also one of the best frankincense based beauty products, ever!

The botanical balm is gender-neutral and suitable for all skin types. It contains sustainably sourced ingredients include a nourishing blend of skin-soothing pomegranate, frankincense and myrrh.

One Balm cocoons your skin in a protective layer of nourishing plant actives. These work to calm and hydrate the skin. But this holy grail product can only be used to soothe dry, cracked heels, care for cuticles, be used as a shaving cream and is heavenly for cleansing skin.

A beauty industry first, the zero-waste balm comes in a petite wood pot that degrades in the soil after use, and leaves no trace of microplastics behind. The biodegradable box is made from wood pulp, plant polymers and 25% grass fibre.

Price: Around $28.00

green people one balm


6. Mauli Grow Strong Shampoo

Hair in need of a little TLC? Frankincense based beauty products work for your tresses, too! Restore life and vitality to your mane with Mauli’s shampoo. The formula, inspired by the plant powder of Indian botanicals, works as a deeply nourishing treatment.

Frankincense joins forces with turmeric, argan and Himalayan cedarwood to cleanse each and every strand. The shampoo expertly lifts away excess oil and impurities whilst it replenishes vital moisture back into your locks. This shampoo will work to rebuild damaged strands and smooth the hair cuticle, which in turn leaves hair looking thicker and stronger and left with a glossy sheen. Oh, and did I mention, it smells amazing?

Price: Around $45.00

7. 79 LUX Deeply Rejuvenating Golden Body Oil

Lux was a brand born from founder Karen Cummings-Palmer’s quest to find treatment for her grown-up skin that still showed signs of childhood eczema. The brand’s Deeply Rejuvenating Firming Golden Body Oil is an ultra-luxurious, cold-pressed body oil that will feed even the thirstiest of skins.

The anti-inflammatory body oil features frankincense, marula, rose and helichrysum oils. It works to firm, tone and replenish the body from head to toe. Simultaneously, it increases elasticity, circulation and collagen production. The gorgeous uplifting scent will leave your body with a wonderful scent. Plus, your skin will get a ‘lit from within’ glow.

Definitely one of my favourite frankincense based beauty products!

Price: Around $90.00

The Best Frankincense Based Beauty Products

8. AESOP Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream

Is your skin missing its glow? Whether you fly often, or you live in a cool and winter climate where your skin quickly loses moisture, you need this weightless face cream! It features a potent cocktail of vitamin-infused oils and of course, frankincense. All ingredients sink deeply into the skin, leaving it richly hydrated.

Jojoba ester, rosehip, vitamins E and C and shea butter join pure frankincense to create a silken moisturiser that will hydrate and moisturise dry and mature skin. This genderless product leaves your complexion with a nice, matte finish.

Price: Around $120.00

AESOP Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream

9. De-Stress Frankincense Oil

Struggling to schedule in a little ‘me’ time? My favourite ways to practice self-love is to run a bath with some essential oils. And there’s no better scent to use than frankincense!

This one by Aromatherapy Associates’ ‘De-Stress’ essential oil contains just pure frankincense that’s been ethically sourced. It has a woody, subtly sweet aroma that’s guaranteed to help ease stress and promote mental clarity, leaving you feeling uplifted and focused.

Use it in the bath, blended into a carrier oil, or burn it in an aromatherapy oven for best effects.

Price: Around $35.00

The Best Frankincense Based Beauty Products


10. Recenter Dead Sea Salt Bath

Remember what I said about how I love to take a bath, soaking in essential oils? Well, this is one of the best frankincense based beauty products I’ve ever tried! I got it as a gift, and it is a real game changer. It makes any bath a true luxury experience, thanks to the lovely rose petals and Dead Sea salts. But that’s not all! It also:

  • Detoxifies, revitalises and helps to impurities out of the body
  • Promotes circulation and helps soften skin
  • Supports healthy mineral levels
  • Sustainably made with recyclable glass packaging
  • Female owned & operated

What’s not to love?

Price: Around $18.00


The Best Frankincense Based Beauty Products


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