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15 Natural Perfumes To Warm Up Your Winter

By Jenna Catherine

Colder weather means we need some comfort. There are many ways to find that: curled up in front of a fireplace with your favourite book; sipping a cup of thick hot chocolate or tackling the cold directly by bundling up and dashing out into the snow!  Oddly enough, winter provokes some of the most comforting scents around: who doesn’t have fond memories of the scent of pine from their Christmas tree, or spices from hot pumpkin pies?

This selection of all-natural perfumes contain notes of everything that’s wonderful about winter, and were only selected if they contained zero nasty chemicals. Pair them perfectly with your favourite chunky sweater or  cashmere scarf, or just wear them against your skin and snuggle up!




One Seed Bohemia

Based in Australia, One Seed produce fully natural perfumes that last for ages, are beautifully packaged and blend completely unique scents, like Bohemia: a bitter-sweet composition of alluring amber, smoked tea & dark chocolate set against luscious blood orange & vanilla tones, with a sensual sweet floral heart. Sounds a bit like Christmas!


 A Perfume Organic Mejica

This American company is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to synthetic perfumes, which are full of acetone, petroleum, and phthalates. We particularly love Mejica, a rich, snuggly blend of three vanillas, rare resins and spices.


Tsi La Kesu

Tsi La founders  Annie Morton and Natalie Szapowalo make natural, vegan friendly skincare products as well as gorgeous vegan, organic perfumes like Kesu, which evokes the mystery of an exotic souk, or a moonlit winter garden.  This dark, provocative fragrance blends elegant notes of warm amber and precious rare woods with seductive, smoky incense, softened by a hint of Egyptian jasmine and spices.


Lurk OM11

Based on organic jojoba and  pure essential oils, Lurk is alcohol free, meaning it lasts for ages. OM11 blends rich oudh & sandalwood with a lighter jasmine and lotus blossom to create  a carnal, hedonic experience that’s both vibrant and feminine whilst being dark and seductive.


Harvey Prince Organics Temptress

When it’s cold outside, raise the heat inside with a spritz of Temptress! It was formulated with a blend of pumpkin pie spices like  cinnamon and nutmeg combined with lavender. These fragrances were specifically chosen  to evoke a time when you felt safe and cared for and loved. What’s more seductive than that?


Rich Hippie Nirvana

I love the name of this brand! That’s exactly what you’ll feel like when you wear this deep, masculine, warm and romantic scent, which features extracts of organic Indian sandalwood, West Indian wild bay leaf and organic Italian bergamot peel.


Acorelle Land of Cedar

A perfume that falls into the woody Hesperidium family is sure to be meant for colder winter months. Hearty notes of cardamom, cedar, and sandalwood will support strength and courage.  Bergamot will encourage positivity and balance. This eau de parfum will have your spirits lifted and feeling empowered when the sun sets at 4pm!


Organic Pharmacy Oud

I love the thick glass and gold tag of this luxurious bottle! Oud is the journey through the Arabian Souk, the incredible incense market where cedarwood, oud and sandalwood infuse the air with their intoxicating scent. The perfume opens boldly with Moroccan cedarwood, Indian oud , black pepper and cardamon moving to a heart of delicate rose and finishing with a warm mysterious base of sandalwood, vetiver and Tonka bean.



Pacifica Sugared Amber Dreams

When I heard about this new release from Pacifica Beauty, I was really, really excited!  As a long time fan of their Island Vanilla scent, I knew that this scent would be just as lovely but perfect for the winter months, where I craved the sweet creamy vanilla scent, but something less tropical than Island Vanilla.   The amber notes make this the perfect sweet scent for winter. Not to mention it’s cruelty free and 100% vegan!


Pour Le Monde Envision

Three words: erotic, sensual and spicy – that sums up the perfection that is Pour Le Monde Envision.  With notes of pink peppercorn, lavender, vanilla, woods, and patchouli this scent will warm even the coldest winter nights.   Free from synthetic ingredients, Pour Le Monde perfumes are certified 100% natural, but they don’t  stop there: they have three perfectly curated eaux de parfums, all of which are cruelty free, vegan, and certified by the Natural Products Association.  



Atelier Perfume Oud Luban

Did you know that dark, resinous oud is the most expensive essence in the world? Here, a blend of 8 varieties was used by Atelier Perfume to achieve this heady blend. This is a perfume of great highs and lows, with no middle notes. It opens with the fresh citrus top notes of the fine frankincense followed by balsamic notes of vanilla and aged patchouli. The drydown reveals the smoky choya ral and precious oud – intimate and softly animal, like a lover’s body.



Neal’s Yard Frankincense

This unisex perfume by the British organic skincare and aromatherapy expert Neal’s Yard is a blend of pink pepper, balsam copaiba, patchouli, and bergamot, all set on a base of precious frankincense. It’s just a tiny bit masculine, but mainly reminds me a bit of baby powder.


Vivacite de Bach Perfume

Bach Flower Essences represent a unique concept of beauty and wellbeing for body, mind and soul, and this is the first perfume in the world based on a blend of organic Bach flower essences. A  combination of flower essences that lift your spirits with positive energy even on the darkest wintry days, olive, gorse, and white chestnut flower extracts merge with oakmoss and citral for a spicy and rich scent.


My Daughter Fragrances Always Loved

This Canadian brand says to wear this scent with your favourite cashmere sweater and red lipstick.  Check and check!  With a mix of Bulgarian rose oil and Turkish rose absolute, this is a rose lovers dream, but it is by far a single note perfume.  There are hints of bitter cocoa absolute, patchouli, vetiver and cedar which make it a perfect winter scent.


Aura Soma 75

Light springtime notes of orange and jasmine give way for headier neroli and patchouli with a hint of  vanilla to form this complex, long-lasting scent. Designed to expand communication from the heart, helping you to put compassion and care into your actions, this scent was also designed to help embrace the relationships within ourselves, like the intuition and analytical aspects.


LilFox Fà´ret Verte No. 2 Perfume Oil

Curated by Madam Fox herself, this perfume oil was created with over 25 natural botanical elements to entice your senses. Cedar, rosewood, violet leaf, rose otto and green vetiver blend together to evoke a snowy forest. This unique woody scent will leave you with an air of elegance and sophistication.


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