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His OR Hers: 15 Delightful All Natural Unisex Perfumes

By Annie Gillman

Calvin Klein was the first to introduce a unisex scent back in the 90s with CK One. Since then, some of the best – and sexiest – fragrances on the market have been designed to be worn by both women  and  men. The chemicals in male and female skins always make the perfumes smell slightly different, meaning you’ll never smell ‘manly’ and he’ll never smell like you. But there is something sensual about sharing the same scent with the one you share kisses with…

Of course, we’ve only chosen natural scents – that is to say, brands that contain no nasties typically found in perfumes like phthalates, ethyl acetate,  methylene chloride, and more. Toxins like these can not only irritate the skin, cause headaches and disrupt hormones, but can  even cause cancer.

Not only that, but by using conventional perfumes, you may be making those with chemical sensitivities around you ill – just like cigarette smoke, some people are highly sensitive to these chemicals, and wearing toxic perfumes around them could cause them nausea, headaches and feelings of disorientation. Talk about the perfect way to ruin a romantic moment!

These natural unisex perfumes are not only so clean that even the most sensitive people won’t be affected, but they’re perfect for sharing with the one you love.

AESOP Marrakech Intense

Marrakech Intense is a woody oriental blend balanced by fresh floral top and heart notes, with a hint of mystery. AESOP made this fragrance with the help of renowned  French perfumer Barnabe Fillion, who was inspired by the  interplay between innovation and tradition, and a deep respect for the intelligent marriage of science and nature. We love this fragrance because it evokes devotion and the delights of travel, and lasts all day without reapplication.

One Seed: Hope

This all natural interpretation of a classic eau de cologne blends creamy Australian sandalwood, cedar and notes of dewy oakmoss, with a subtle undertone of green lavender and sunny citrus accents. It’s an uplifting fragrance that will remind you that hope is inspired by the belief that all good things are worth waiting for. We love the simple, recyclable, minimalist packaging that looks great on his bathroom shelf or yours.



Inlight: Eau De Parfum Boisee

Part of the Eau de Philae range, this was designed as  a scent for men, but women will also be drawn to its unique blend of  citrus blossom accompanied by heavy wood notes.  The name translates as a ‘wooded perfume’ and indeed, one is reminded of a deep forest after the rain. With citrus extracts from Southern Italian orchards, we love that this scent is perfect for  vegans and is also  82% organic.


Florascent: Attar Noir

Talk about pedigree: this scent was based on an exclusive  recipe created for the Maharaja of Rajasthan! This natural perfume’s exotic, deep fragrance exudes  from a  Thai Agarwood and Jatamansi root base, with a heart of Sambac, noble spices and just a hint of femininity from Indian Rose Absolue, making it bold enough for a man, but soft enough for a woman.


Organic Glam: Oud

With powerful base notes of oud and  sandalwood, this is a delicate fragrance by the Organic Pharmacy for both genders to indulge in. Gorgeously intoxicating cardamon hits you first with black pepper adding a bold spicy top note to an already fresh spicy exotic aroma. This is an  interesting scent with a more than impressive staying power. The luxurious, heavy glass bottles lend a further touch of decadence.


Aura Soma: 75

This unique perfumier uses the energy of colour vibrations and naturally derived oils in its scents. Packaged in a bi-coloured bottle, 75 is one of our favourites, with its citrusy punch of Orange and Neroli, spiced up with Patchouli, and softened by just a touch of Vanilla.

Its colour combinations of magenta over turquoise encourages communication from our hearts through the feeling side of our being. When those two colours or energies interact, we also have the possibility to really enter into the flow in life.  This also encompasses the relationships within ourselves, like our intuition and analytical aspects.


Neal’s Yard: Frankincense

Organic British skincare brand  Neal’s Yard offers a simple, clean  100% natural fragrance that  arouses  the senses. Packaged in a minimalist bottle, this is an intense yet very soothing fragrance based on pure, soothing Frankincense that lasts for ages. It has added touches of lime and bergamot to make this a truly comforting yet exotic  scent for both genders.  


Tiziana Terenzi: Laudano Nero

This Oriental, spicy scent for men & women can best be described as sensual and mysterious. Warm, dark top notes include wormwood, cognac, rosemary, tobacco, myrtle and amber, whilst middle notes are softer and sweeter: velvety red rose, black locust honey, cedar, iris, sandalwood and slate. Base notes are cashmere musk, laurel, incense, camphor, agarwood , vetiver, and  labdanum, making this unique Italian scent a sensual, heady delight for colder weather.


Walden The Solid Earth

This unisex  scent is exactly what you’d expect from the name; it’s earthy, rich, and warm, opening with a fresh citrusy tang with Petitgrain, quickly followed by a heart of vetiver and finishing with a light Patchouli scent, complimented by some creamy Amyris. Dare we say it? It’s reminiscent of Hermès Terre, but a lot more natural.


Honore Des Pres: Nu Green

This well known  French label has created a unisex, vegan friendly scent that’s 100% natural. Dewy grass and mint leaves make up the heart of the scent, whilst base notes include musk, cedarwood and tarragon, evoking the freshness of a garden after a storm. These perfumes are housed in recyclable packaging, but their longevity is medium – reapplication is necessary every few hours or so.


Abel Organic: Vintage 13

Packaged in a recycled wood box, this is a beautiful spicy scent with the main notes being ginger, thyme, black pepper and sandalwood. Sweet vanilla under notes make this a favourite for both men and women. Though it smells wonderful, its longevity is quite short – I had to reapply this every hour or so. Abel Organic is the world’s first 100% fully organic perfume, and the brand also  guarantees fair trade practices for all of its workers.


Call of the Vialed: Dream Parfum Pur

All of this all-natural brand’s perfumes are meant to be unisex, including this one. Featuring verbena and yarrow to stimulate creativity, subtle chamomile offers a gently sweet  undertone. Seductive ylang-ylang lends this a celestial note to this long-lasting fragrance, which takes on a different character depending if it’s worn by a man or woman, and lasts for around two hours on the skin.


Vivacites De Bach  

Blended from aromatherapeutic Bach Flowers, this is the first perfume in the world to use these natural essences. The healing flowers and herbs help with your wellbeing and bringing positive energy. The scent has clean woody notes that do not turn musky- it’s almost quite fresh smelling. It does give off the impression that it is a masculine scent due to the woody notes; however, it is a rich and spicy scent that is slightly floral. The heart of the fragrance has white chestnut, olive and hornbeam with base notes being larch and mustard. A very uplifting scent perfect for both day and night.


Eve & Daphnee Contre Lui

Luxury and craftsmanship meets sustainability and design in   ‘Contre Lui’, the  first scent by Eve & Daphnee made with concentrates from Charabot, a ‘living Heritage company’ based in the Perfume Capital Grasse.  Both Charabot and Eve & Daphnee are committed to ethical and fair trade practices. The packaging is from sustainable sources and the labels are made with sugar cane fiber. Contre Lui is a unisex scent with top citrus notes of Bergamot and Mandarin, rooted in woodsy fragrances of Sandalwood and Cedar. Counterbalancing these are the floral notes of Damask Rose and Iris.

Art de Parfum Sea Foam

Art de Parfum fragrances are crafted in France by a young French perfumer using only the best raw materials gathered from around the world.   Sea Foam is the scent of the sense of freedom you feel being beside the vast ocean. It’s luxuriously rich in natural oils and essences that call to mind the multitude of scents that transport us to the sea: the salt, the fresh air, and the unique aroma of the sea grasses up on the dunes. Basically, Sea Foam is like summer sunshine in a bottle, and will allow both men and women to relive those memories wherever you are or whatever the weather.

Main image: Eaux de Bach

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