7 Eye Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making If You’re Over 30

By Arwa Lodhi

Applying makeup after a certain age is different than applying it as a younger woman. Skin after 30 simply isn’t the same as it is when your body is still essentially growing, and so your skincare and makeup routine should change accordingly. 

One of the biggest issues is eye makeup, since the eyes are one of the first parts of the body to show the signs of ageing. You can watch a ton of eye makeup tutorials, but if you fail to realise that most of those videos are made by young women, don’t be surprised to realise that the results on your face will not be the same as those in the tutorial.

We’re here to tell you that what worked in your 20s may not work as well in your 30s or 40s. With that in mind, here 7 eye makeup mistakes you’re probably making if you’re over 30 – and how to correct them.

1. Not applying primer

When you’re young, and your skin is relatively healthy and you can get away without a primer. But as you age, before you apply anything else, you should prepare your skin with a primer, or your makeup may slip and not last as long. No foundation, no shadow, no concealer, or anything else – start first with a primer to help create smooth surface for makeup to glide over.

Your routine should go something like this: clean your face, apply a moisturiser, some nourishing eye cream, and after your skin absorbs the products, reach for a hydrating primer. Give it a minute to dry before applying any makeup.

Try: Hynt Beauty Primer. It’s light, natural, effective, has an SPF of 25, AND it smells amazing!

eye makeup mistakes

eye makeup mistakes

2. Layering too much product

While primer is a must, it should be noted that fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles are all more pronounced if you apply too much concealer, primer, powder or eye shadow. Most makeup professionals will tell you: remember that as you get older, less is more!

eye makeup mistakes

3. Not colour correcting

The key to hiding dark circles is colour correcting. This technique helps you even out the tone when you see discoloration around the eyes. Wondering how to do it? If you have light to medium skin tone, apply a concealer with slightly blue or green hues. For those with medium to tan skin tone, a peach or yellow hued concealer works best. Concealers can help you neutralise dark circles and dark spots caused by sun exposure.

Apply the product to the inner corners of the eye using a synthetic brush to even out discoloration around the eye. For your concealer, always go for a colour that is two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Try: RMS Beauty concealers. They’re free of all nasty chemicals, come in a range of shades, and last for ages.

eye makeup mistakes

eye makeup mistakes

4. Going too dark or bright with eye shadow 

Colour block eye shadow may be a huge trend right now, but for women over 30, it’s best to go for neutral colours like brown, nude, or beige. They work well on anyone! Apply neutral shade on the lid, and then a deeper brown in the crease. This will open up your eye. Being that the outer corners fall as we age, it is recommended that you apply eyeshadow in a 45-degree angle to help lift the outer corner.

If you absolutely love using colour, try using shades like soft plum, blue-grey, or (not too shiny) gold on the upper lid.

Try: Kjaer Weis Magnetic. It’s a beautiful, natural shade that suits all skin tones, and also comes in a refillable compact.


5. Using shiny or heavy shadows

Another mistake you can make when it comes to eyeshadow is going too shiny or heavy with shadows. These tend to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, making them that much more pronounced. Try sheer powder or cream shadows instead. These blend easily with a makeup brush and will look natural on aging skin.

Try: Prima Essential Eyeshadow Palette by Ilia. It’s mineral based, matte, and comes in a rainbow of neutral shades.

eye makeup mistakes

eye makeup mistakes

6. Choosing the wrong eyeliner

No matter how crafty you are at applying eyeliner, using the wrong kind can age your eye. For example, liquid eyeliners can look harsh on aging skin, especially if you’re using a glitter or coloured liner. It’s better to stick to long-wear eyeliner pencils or gel liners. When applying, keep them close to the lash line in order to perfectly define your eyes. For the bottom lash line, always go with a waterproof eyeliner, since products are more likely to smear on older skin. 

Try: Chantecaille Gel Liner in Jet. It goes on smoothly and lasts for ages, too.

eye makeup mistakes

eye makeup mistakes

7. Using too much mascara

We shed and regrow lashes all the time. However, with age, the growth cycle slows down a bit. A big mistake women over 30 make is reaching for a volumising mascara to pump up the volume. While this can be ok, the danger is that you’re using too much product: try curling your lashes alongside mascara to really widen the eye.

And if you find that your lashes just don’t grow as well as they used to you can try castor oil (apply with a Q Tip along the lash line each night) or an eyelash growth product like this to help them grow longer and thicker. If all else fails – go for fake lashes or lash extensions!

eye makeup mistakes

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