5 Celebrity Makeup Artists’ Tips & Picks

By Sophia Hussain

Makeup artists are the behind-the-scenes talents that are behind the fabulous looks of  film stars, rock stars, models, and athletes.  Whether it’s for a magazine cover, the catwalk, or a VIP event, truly professional makeup artists always know which products will create a flawless, beautiful glow, no matter how the client’s complexion may be.

But ever wonder what the most in-demand celebrity makeup artists use on their high-profile clients? Even if you can’t afford their incredible services, you can still benefit from the talents of these  fab five makeup artists from the world’s fashion capitals, as they’ve have kindly shared their tips & picks of the best organic cosmetics to make you shine like a star, too!

1. Lauren Kay London, England


With a background as a visual artist, she made her debut in the beauty industry doing very fancy body painting, so it’s no surprise that  Lauren Kay is rather ingenious with the way she uses makeup. She’s also an avid healthy beauty advocate, preferring to use “clean & green” beauty products than chemical ones.

Celebrity Faces: Gillian Anderson, Cara Delevigne, Suki Waterman, Lily Cole, Dynamo

Top Cosmetics Picks

1. Bareskin Beauty Blissful Youth Cream

“This is the most delicious moisturiser and a great primer for make up on normal to dry skin. Exceptionally hydrating and luxurious, I have converted many clients to use this moisturiser,” boasts Lauren.


2. Couleur Caramel Pearl Touch in Granite

“I love the soft light texture of this natural base. Perfect for those who want a light even coverage.  I especially love Couleur Caramel Pearl Touch in Granite. It is a truly pearl finish, not too sparkly or glittery, it highlights the brow bone and cupid’s bow wonderfully, I like to use a spare  amount to highlight cheekbones. Its fine particles also mix beautifully with moisturiser to create a pearly shimmer cream for glowing limbs or as a dewy illuminated base for the face.”



2.  Christina Roth Berlin, Germany


Berlin based Christina co-founded her chic organic cosmetics line UND GRETEL, together with brand professional Stephanie Dettmann.  Her experience as a makeup artist spans 20 years, which helped her create perfect, naturally beautiful products.  Christina reminds us of a very important fact for all makeup artists: dudes need it too! “Very often, I get asked to do makeup for famous male actors. It is very important to do less than more, and at the same time to create a cool style,” she says.  “For the Berlin Biennale, I did the make up for James Franco for his interviews and red carpet event. He was very happy.”

Celebrity Faces: James Franco, Jerry Hall, Cosma Shiva Hagen, Nina Hoss, Katarina Witt

Beauty Tip: “Every kind of makeup looks more natural if you use only one little drop of dry face oil as a glowing finish under the eyebrows, on the highest point of the cheeks, and a little bit on the bow of the lips.”

Top Cosmetic Picks (used on James Franco)

Base: LIETH Foundation, 03 Beige  Under eye cover stick: TUNKAL Concealer, 03 Deep Beige  To set make up: ILGE Powder, a clear hue To highlight sexy eyes: LUK Creme Eye Stick




3.  Bruno Segni Paris, France


Working at the Theà¢tre Mogador, Bruno Segni’s French brilliance is spotlighted on the faces of talented stage actors  and on model and celebrity clients whose beauty is  forever captured in print, film and television. He even had a bit part himself (as a MUA, natch!) in the recent Yves Saint Laurent film. And guess what? We were also lucky enough to have Bruno work on model Raluca Mos for the print edition, of Eluxe too!

Celebrity Faces: Jeanne Cheral, Rayane Bensetti, Patrick Mouratoglou (coach of Serena Williams), loads of models for Paris Fashion Week  designers

Top Cosmetics Picks

1.  NVEY ECO Erase Corrector  

“This has a great texture and the range of shades is good for most skin types,” says the very handsome Bruno.



2.  Ãƒâ€°minence Cocoa Latte Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25  

Bruno confesses “I really like Éminence products. They’re great quality. This works on most skin types and I love that it has a built-in SPF”.


3.  Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper  

“This is great for keeping lips moist and looks totally natural on all skin tones,” states the pro.



4.  Claudio Noto Rome, Italy


At the early age of 15, Claudio had already begun his fascination with the beauty industry, working with the great Italian makeup artist Rai Enzo Amato at the Sargasso.  Today, this master makeup artist has attracted the elite in the fashion and entertainment industry including the House of Valentino as well as many top celebs and socialites in Italy and beyond who consider him a master of his trade.

Celebrity Faces: Francesca Neri, Andie McDowell, Simona Izzo, Victoria Silvstedt, Colin Firth

Top Cosmetics Picks

1. Lisa Noto Mesmerizedâ„ ¢ Mascara

Claudio insists a good mascara is absolutely key to any makeup look. “I love this mascara by LISA NOTO because it stays on for ages.”

2. Lisa Noto Long-Lasting Liquid Foundation

Foundations can be tricky to find: some are too oily, others are too dry, and of course, the a perfect colour match is essential. Claudio thinks this one is ideal because it’s “…light on the skin, long-lasting with a lifting effect.”


3. LR World Aloe Vera Facial Line

Claudio is a big fan of the foundation from this simple, affordable, all natural brand. “Containing aloe vera gel and 12 natural plant  extracts, this foundation works perfectly with an egg-shaped sponge. Simply dab your  desired hue on the face, bounce and press the product to achieve a flawless  finish, which feels light on the skin with soothing jojoba oil,” he says.




5.  Kirsten Kjà¦r Weis  NYC, USA

Danish expat Kirsten invests her time focusing on her namesake collection of luxury organic cosmetics, thanks to her beauty industry expertise as a makeup artist.  Available in a curated selection of universally flattering hues, the sleek luxe packaging has created an international following among beauty insiders.


Celebrity Faces: Helena Christensen, Christy Turlington, Angelina Jolie, Calista Flockhart, PJ Harvey

Top Cosmetic Picks

1. May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon

This popular natural product comes highly recommended by Kirsten. “A beautiful natural moisturizer, like May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon as the perfect primer for the KW foundation, gives a flawless finish to the skin,” she says.  

Beauty Tip:  Make sure to always moisturize your skin well before adding foundation, it will make it look less “ made up”.


2. Kjaer Weis KW Blush

It’s no surprise that Weis would select something she had a hand in creating: “I would also have to pick our KW blush, it gives a great glow and instant pop to the eyes, on its own or can be used on the lips as well.”


3.  Kjaer Weis Creamy  Foundation

This was created specifically with Kirsten’s key obsession in mind: hydration. No skin looks good when it’s dry and flakey, no matter how great the quality of makeup covering it is. So she formulated this creamy foundation with sweet almond, jojoba and coconut oils to ensure skin always looks hydrated and fresh.

Beauty Tip: Here are two ways to apply a buildable cream foundation: for a natural look,  apply using your fingers as the warmth will allow the product to soften making it  easy to blend into the skin. Or if you fancy a more precise definition (or need  extra coverage), then apply using a foundation brush and blend evenly onto the  face.



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