10+ Totally Dope Hemp Based Beauty Products

Hemp based beauty products are having a moment, to say the least! Here are some of the best

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Woohoo! Medicinal use of cannabis is finally legal in a number of countries, including Canada, Peru and the Czech Republic, as well as 29 states across the USA – and that’s a great thing. Cannabidiol aka CBD, has proven to work for many medical maladies, from multiple sclerosis and epilepsy to various neurodegenerative disorders, but it also works for more common ailments, like insomnia, anxiety, and skin disorders.

So no wonder several beauty brands have developed cosmetic lines that use hemp seed oil to hydrate skin, terminate inflammation and prevent wrinkles. Did you know this oil possesses 80% essential fatty acids, (one of the highest percentages of any plant oil in the world) along with terpenes, sterols and vitamin E, which can help keep skin moisturised and balanced?

Plus, growing hemp is easy – it’s basically a weed (heh heh) – so no nasty pesticides are needed to ensure a good crop of this oil. One caveat though – I hear GMO cannabis is on its way, so get the pure stuff while you can, and be sure to read first-hand reviews of CBD oils so you know what you’re getting, and how effective it is!

Here, we’ve selected over 10 CBD and hemp based beauty products that are guaranteed to help take your beauty regime to a whole new high!

10+ Totally Dope Hemp Based Beauty Products

1. Apple & Bears Honey Hemp Wash

Paraben and SLS free, this organic Honey & Hemp body wash is bursting with natural vitamins and minerals that protect the skin. Organic honey is known to improve skin’s elasticity, whilst antioxidant rich hemp seed oil nurtures with Vitamin E, carotene and essential minerals, which balance dry skin.

Price: Around $20


Hemp Based Beauty Products

2. Morocco Method CBD Shampoo

If you want luxurious hair, you have to start at the roots! Morocco Method’s CBD shampoo is made from an energizing and restorative blend of botanically infused ingredients along with shea butter to really hydrate hair from root to tip. The addition of CBD oil, which has homoeopathic energies to recharge growth patterns, works to boost hair growth and add thickness to hair, bringing both hair and scalp back to life.

This one of a kind formula promotes luxurious hair each and every time, without coating hair in toxic chemicals. The shampoo is raw, vegan, paleo, sulfate-free and gluten-free.

Price: Around $29

3. Cannabliss Revitalizing Serum

Packed in hygenica with an airless pump to ensure purity and quality, this light, certified organic and vegan-friendly serum blends a formula of powerful, anti-aging herbs from Korea with natural hemp and other essential oils. The end result is a nutrient dense formula that protects the skin from pollution, helps to hydrate and firm the skin, promotes cell regeneration. It also serves to brighten and even out your complexion.

Price: $120

Hemp Based Beauty Products

4. High Beauty

This new player in the natural beauty scene relies on cannabis sativa seed oil (from hemp) and potent plant actives to deliver results to your skin. Free of THC and CBD oils, High Beauty offers a range of products, including peeling masks, eye gels, facial cleansers and more, all of which are 100% toxin-free and perfect for all skin types.

Price: From $28


5. Vertly Balm  

Vertly is a California based company that primarily focuses on handcrafted balms and butters, made from ethically sourced ingredients. Their products are all certified organic and contain Cannabis Sativa Seed oil, which is an excellent moisturiser and skin saver.

Besides applying them to the most obvious of places (the lips), these balms can be used on any part of the body to help with dryness – in fact, they’re perfect for elbows, heels and knees.

And the best part? Vertly offers a range of Cannabis Seed oil products besides the balm, including lotions, bath salts and facial serums.

Price: $22 for the balm


Hemp Based Beauty Products


6. Malin + Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil

Riding new trends, this label has captured the scent of this natural medicinal herb beautifully in a paraben-and-phthalates-free perfume that smells wonderfully fresh and green. It pairs peppery notes with citrus and wood to create a unisex scent that lasts and lasts – but without the use of toxic chemicals.

No wonder their Cannabis fragrance, which makes a bold, modern statement with its unwinding, pacifying aroma, and unusual key ingredient, is one of their best sellers.

Hemp Based Beauty Products



7. Code of Harmony Skincare Antioxidant Serum  

This brand came to life after founder Janet experienced rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition that causes red, rash, and irritated skin. It triggered her to experiment with plants to find a natural solution, and after years of research, she came across CBD oil in her forties.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, she decided to try its effects on sensitive and ageing skin, and learned that when mixed with complimentary phytonutrients, CBD’s power is even more effective.

She created Code of Harmony Skincare based on what she learned, and today, CoH’s Radical C-Serum is a cult favourite. It stimulates skin receptors, brightens complexion and provides antioxidants to protect the skin. But don’t stop there! The entire range created by this label is packed with healing CBD oils – from face washes to body lotions.

Prices: From $14; $56 for the serum


Hemp Based Beauty Products

8. French Girl Cuticle Oil

Bring the benefits of hemp seed oil to hand with this rich cuticle oil! It combines hemp oils with other plant based oils, such as argan, rosemary and pomegranate, to deeply hydrate your nails and cuticles, whilst helping to calm inflammation and dry skin.

This is a great product for those prone to dermatitis on the fingers, or it can just be used as a pampering step during your home manicure. Personally, my favourite aspect of this oil is the delicious scent of citrus and rose geranium you breathe in as you use it!

Price: $22




9. Erin’s Faces Shea Butter Body Balm

Rich as a Saudi prince (but priced for us regular folk), this gentle balm is available in either unscented or lavender fragrance. Hemp Seed Oil combines with extra virgin shea butter, stearic acid, Vitamins A, C, E & K, and a wide array of minerals to provide a deeply hydrating product that’s perfect for using on ankles, elbows or any other patch of flaky, dry skin anywhere on your body.

Price: $25



Hemp Based Beauty Products

10. Dr Hempster Shampoo + Conditioner

Did you know that hemp seed oil has colour protective qualities for your hair? That’s why it was included in this potent haircare line, whose anti-hair loss blend combines saw palmetto and biotin to strengthen and nourish your locks.

As well as being rich in hemp, this haircare range is all natural, and sulfate free. The best part? They promise that their conditioner is so rich and effective, if your locks aren’t notably more voluminous, you get a refund!

Price: $35.99

11. Grass & Co CBD Body Oil

You know the trend for CBD and hemp based beauty products is really taking off when Selfridges (one of London’s most established and poshest department stores) starts to carry them! One example of that is Grass & Co’s wonderful CBD Body Oil.

This organic formula blends CBD oil with evening primrose, rosemary and marula oils, and claims to calm the mind and sore muscles. Made with all-natural ingredients, this pure topical oil won’t irritate sensitive skin, but will target specific areas in need.

Price: Around $35

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