The Best Reformation Jeans For 2024

We want ethical denim. And Reformation Jeans has it! Here’s our pick of their best styles for this season

By Chere Di Boscio

The harsh truth is: denim has a drinking problem. It sucks up around 1,500 gallons of water for just one pair of jeans, and every year, there are over 2 billion pairs of jeans produced globally!

When denim is rinsed, it leaves several tons of nasty, toxic blue dye that goes right back into our waterways.

Those 2 billion pairs of jeans require 3 billion meters of denim fabric, resulting in over 400 million meters of fabric going to waste as cutting scraps (enough fabric to roll around the Earth 11 times). So it’s no surprise denim is pretty much the worst kind of clothing for the environment.

But luckily, there’s more sustainable denim around now than ever before, too. And some of that denim is coming from popular fashion brand Reformation.

reformation denim

Meet Reformation Jeans

Reformation decided to tackle the problem of denim pollution head on with the brand’s sister line, Reformation Jeans. This is a collection of sustainable denim and lifestyle basics  all made from deadstock and eco-friendly fabrics like TENCEL and organic cotton.

Organic cotton doesn’t allow genetically modified seeds and restricts the use of many chemicals. It still uses water and land but it helps sustain the land it is grown on through crop rotations and natural ways of controlling pesticides.

The LA based brand saves over 50% of the material waste conventional jeans creates, saving 1.5 pounds of waste per pair on average.

Reformation denim also save more than 75% of CO2 emissions compared to a typical pair of jeans.

And the best part, in my opinion, is that the label purchases water and CO2 offsets for all of their jeans, fully neutralising their carbon footprint.  

But that’s not all! Let’s talk about style.

reformation jeans 2023

Buckets of Style

We all love wearing jeans, right? But we just need to ensure that what we buy is sustainable, and lasts for decades.

This is something that vintage #Refbabe, Bregje Heinen, (shown in our main image), knows full well. The Dutch eco-model, mom to 3 bulldogs, artist and former Victoria’s Secret model, was proud to rock Reformation’s first-ever ethical denim collection. It consisted of high-waisted jeans, pinstriped flares, patchwork jumpsuits and vintage-looking tees.

Since then, the brand has updated its collection to include loads of styles for nearly every body type and shape. And of course, the latest cuts, shapes and eco-friendly fabrics!

Today, we’ve shifted towards bigger, baggier jeans. Which is a good thing, if you’re into comfort! Obviously, we don’t encourage trend following, so if skinnies are still your thing, Reformation has you covered, too.

Whether you love 70’s vintage styles, jumpsuits or mom jeans, there’s something for you in our picks of the best Reformation jeans for this season.

The Best Reformation Jeans For 2024

jean styles 2023

1. Val 90s Midrise

Give your thighs a break with the Val 90s Midrise! This is a jean that’s slightly fitted at the hips and waist, but don’t worry – it’s not too tight there. The thighs and leg are both super roomy and relaxed. We love how this pair looks with a slouchy blouse or sweater.

Price: $168

Fabric:  57% Regeneratively Grown Cotton and 43% TENCEL.

Best Reformation denim for: Pairing with anything in your closet.

Val 90s Midrise

2. Wilder High Rise Wide Leg Jeans

We think this is one of the best pairs of Reformation jeans for a few reasons.

One, it’s a bit flexible in the sense that you can choose your regular size, for a slim fit. Or, if you prefer something more relaxed, go just one size up. The pic below shows the model wearing her jeans that are just a size up, resulting in a roomier, but still chic, fit.

Two, the wide leg means you can fit boots under these. Perfect for those who live in a colder climate!

Price: $148

Fabric: Organic cotton and TENCEL blend.

Best Reformation denim for: Chilling at the weekend.

Wilder High Rise Wide Leg Jeans

3. Alyssa Ultra High Rise Jeans

Perfect for pairing with sandals and a crop top, these Alyssa jeans are one of our faves! And the main reason for that? Pockets, my friends.

They feature a fitted waist and butt, these jeans then flare at the leg.

The price tag won’t break the bank, and we love that there’s 1% elastane in the fabric blend. That means that after a heavy lunch, these high waisted jeans will expand with your belly. Comfortable!

But that’s not all. This style comes in 2 hues: washed blue or deep black. Reformation added a high-tech traceability technology from FibreTrace. That means you can see the whole lifecycle of your denim, “from farm to butt”.

Price: $128

Fabric: Organic cotton, TENCEL, 1% elastane.

Best Reformation denim for: Everyday wear.


4. Margot Jeans

Honestly, I thought I had enough jeans in my wardrobe. Until I found the Margot. And now? I. Must. Have!

Jumpsuits are really hot for this season. Especially when they look like the Cassidy! This is a full length, short sleeve jumpsuit with a deep V neckline. It features a functional, center front zipper and a belt around the waist, so you can tie it to your liking

Not keen on the dark blue? Well, no probs. These come in black, too.

Price: $168

Fabric: 64% Organic Cotton, 35% Tencel/Lyocell, 1% EcoLycra.

Best Reformation denim for: Feeling like a 70s Rolling Stones girlfriend.

best reformation denim


5. Cynthia High Rise Coated Straight Jeans

These slinky, sexy, silvery pants are one of our very favourite Reformation jeans picks for this year! They’re so rock ‘n’ roll. So chic. So different!

Pair them with just about anything from a delicate blouse to an oversized sweater.

Price: $198

Fabric: 57% Regeneratively Grown Cotton and 43% TENCEL

Best Reformation denim for: Glam nights out.

6. Cary High Rise Jeans

Yes people, mom jeans are still officially a thing. That means: high waist, loose legs. And the Cary is one of the best Reformation jeans styles to carry (pardon the pun) off the trend!

The fit is relaxed throughout the waist and thighs, which is great, because this pair is made of rigid denim. They were designed to fit just right, without too much stretch.

But if you think you’re gonna look like a suburban soccer mom, forget it. These come with silver studs to give them a punky edge.

Price: $148

Fabric: Recycled cotton fibres, TENCEL.

Best Reformation denim for: A bit of punky embellishment.

Cary High Rise Jeans

7. Cynthia Straight Jeans

The Cynthia is a pair of classically cut jeans that’s fitted in the waist, hip and butt. There’s a more relaxed fit in the leg.

Note that this style runs a half size small, so for a more comfy fit, you might want to order a size up.

This style is part of circular Ref Jeans. That means it was made from fabric scraps that would’ve been trash, but was instead turned into gorgeous fashion!

Price: $128

Fabric: 60% organic cotton, 40% TENCEL

Best Reformation denim for: A slimmer fit.

reformation jeans 2023

8. Janae Ultra High Rise Jeans

Can I tell you how much I am LOVING these front pockets? The Janae features several 70’s vintage-inspired touches. These include a super-high waistline, ultra-loose leg, and best of all, those square front pockets!

What’s not to love?

Price: $168

Fabric: 64% Organic Cotton, 35% Tencel/Lyocell, 1% EcoLycra Wash.

Best Reformation denim for: 70s vibes.

The Best Reformation Jeans For 2023

9. Val 90s Mid Rise Straight Jeans

So, you’ve just had a huge meal. Or it’s that time of the month. Or you’re just feeling a bit more bloated than usual. At those times, high rise jeans are a huge no-no. They pinch your waist, make you feel more uncomfortable, and make your belly look like a balloon.

The solution? A low to mid rise jean, like the Val.

These are the best Reformation jeans for just letting it all hang out. Perfect for a day when you’re just working at home, too.

Price: $168

Fabric: 57% Regeneratively Grown Cotton and 43% TENCEL™ Lyocell.

Best Reformation denim for: A super relaxed fit.

Val 90s Mid Rise Straight Jeans


10. Tomas Super Wide Leg Slouch Jeans

This is definitely one of the best pairs of Reformation jeans if you’re looking for something you’ll never want to take off!

The Tomas offers a relaxed fit at the waist and all throughout the leg. But the best part? The recycled cotton that comprises these ethical and sustainable jeans is soooo soft!

Price: $168

Fabric: 80% Regeneratively Grown Cotton and 20% Recycled Cotton.

Best Reformation denim for: Eco friendliness

best reformation jeans 2024


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