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Reformation Jeans: Denim Goes To Rehab

By Chere Di Boscio

Denim has a drinking problem. It sucks up  around 1,500 gallons of water for just one pair of jeans, and every year, there are over 2 billion pairs of jeans produced globally – and when denim is rinsed, it leaves several tons of nasty, toxic blue dye that goes right back into our water ways.

Those 2 billion pairs of jeans require 3 billion meters of denim fabric, resulting in over 400 million meters of fabric going to waste as cutting scraps (enough fabric to roll around the Earth 11 times).  So it’s no surprise denim is pretty much the worst kind of clothing for the environment.

Last year, Reformation decided to tackle the problem head on with the brand’s sister line, Reformation Jeans – a collection of sustainable denim and lifestyle basics  all made from deadstock and eco-friendly fabrics. The LA based brand saves over 50% of the material waste conventional jeans creates, saving 1.5 pounds of waste per pair on average.  Reformation jeans save more than 75% of CO2 emissions compared to a typical pair of jeans, and the best part, in my opinion, is that the label purchases  water and CO2 offsets for all of their jeans, fully neutralising their carbon footprint.  

Yay, right?

We all love wearing jeans, so we just need to ensure that what we buy is sustainable, and lasts for decades.

This is something the latest #Refbabe, Bregje Heinen, knows full well. The Dutch eco-babe, owner of 3 bulldogs, artist and former Victoria’s Secret model was proud to rock Reformation’s latest collection of vintage-inspired denim, consisting of high-waisted jeans, pinstriped flares, patchwork jumpsuits and vintage-looking tees. You can see the 26-piece collection below, and of course you can shop it at

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