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Eco Friendly Denim Brands: Your Ultimate Guide

There are more eco friendly denim brands now than ever! Here’s our list of the very best

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Eco friendly denim brands may be a newish thing in the world of fashion. But the blue jean certainly isn’t!

Here’s a bit of fashion history for you: did you know that American favourite, the blue jean, actually has its roots deeply embedded in Europe? Yep, that’s right: Europeans invented the jean, make no mistake. Even the words we use to describe blue jeans are just corruptions of European words: denim was traditionally coloured in a blue shade with indigo dye, on sturdy  Serge de Nimes twill fabric, or “de-Nimes” for short (of course, that’s ‘denim’ now to me and you). As for “jeans,” this word evolved based on a cotton/linen blend fabric produced in Genoa  as far back as the 16th century  – which is called jeanes in French.

Jeans made their way over to the USA with mass immigration from Europe’s working class, and this traditional Euro-workwear was happily adopted in the ‘new country’. Since that time, the rise of the  ethical fashion movement has pointed out  how harmful denim dyes can be for the environment, and how much water, land and energy is wasted making jeans during the manufacturing processes.

Today, more and more denim-based brands are using recycled materials like plastic bottles or upcycled old denim to create new fashions, or are finding ways to dramatically reduce the water and carbon footprint of making jeans. It sounds pretty smug and self-righteous, right? But modern eco-denim can be super-sassy and sexy, as you shall soon see!

Here are a few eco friendly denim brands that infuse a lot of sass and style into everything from jeans and denim tops to handbags.

20 Super Chic Eco Friendly Denim Brands

ethical jeans brands

1. Joe’s Jeans

Joe’s Jeans put the rock’n’roll back into denim. The sustainable jeans brand is all about attitude and sass, except when it comes to the environment, that is. In which case, Joe’s gets all responsible and uses production methods that consume way  less water and energy than most jeans producers use. Plus it avoids all those nasty, toxic dyes that pollute water, harm workers and kill fish.

Eco Friendly Denim Brands

2. AG Jeans

The ‘AG’ must stand for ‘awesomely gorgeous’ because this eco friendly denim brands designs are always incredibly covetable, thanks to unique details, bang-on-trend shades, flattering cuts and soft, pliable materials. The ethical jeans label produces all of its sustainable denim by using Ozone Technology, a process that significantly reduces water consumption, the use of chemicals, and energy. The brand is also devoted to making a positive change by partnering with Water, a charity dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

ethical jeans brand ag jeansethical denim brand ag jeans

3. G-Star Raw

G-Star fully understands the need to reduce the use of conventional, water-guzzling, DDT dependent cotton. So, in addition to using Bionic Yarn in their G-Star Raw line, their RAW sustainable program uses organic cotton, with its reduced levels of fertilisers and pesticides, as a base for a range of new products that contribute towards a more sustainable future without compromising for one single second on quality, comfort or style. Well, how could they not be stylish when Pharrell Williams is the brains behind the brand, and when Ellen von Unwerth shoots their campaigns?



4. Kuyichi

This super sexy brand is kind of the ‘Chanel of jeans’ – it really is top of the range. But unlike Chanel, Kuyichi actually cares about the environment and uses  recycled cotton, plastic bottles, and more alternative materials such as hemp and Tencel to makes its cool creations for both men and women (but mainly men, it should be said).

Eco Friendly Denim Brandskuichi jeans

5. Nudie Jeans

Of all the eco friendly denim brands, Nudie may well be the most conscious of the planet. Check this out: they promote ‘slow fashion,’ by repairing your jeans free of charge so they can be used over and over again; they produce their ranges with mainly organic cotton, they also support the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation dedicated improving the working conditions in the textile industry; and they even send old, frayed, unrepairable denim to be made into other objects!

Eco Friendly Denim Brands

6. MUD Jeans

Holland based MUD Jeans use only eco-certified cotton to make their denim clothing, and  no children or sweatshop workers are involved in any part of their production process. In fact, they insist on paying  fair prices right down to the cotton farmers, but that’s not all. The brand encourages people to lease their jeans instead of buying them. How amazing is that? This way ‘jeans-sharing’ can benefit multiple users. If only more brands did that…it would be like having an eternally new wardrobe, but with a way lower ecological footprint.

Eco Friendly Denim Brands

7. RE/DONE Denim

RE/DONE creates jeans from Vintage Levi’s denim carries. Within its stitching, there are stories of years of wear – a history of a past life. Frayed pockets, faded coloring, torn knees, and soft denim define this brand, whose pre-loved jeans have circulated owners and changed hands over the past few decades, transforming them and giving them a life of their own. Like a fine wine, the Levi’s denim only gets better with age.

These jeans have both vintage character and modern fit. With them, you’ll never have to sacrifice personality for shape.

Eco friendly denim brands

8. Nobody Jeans

This Aussie brand is sexy – and it knows it. Its jeans are made for the woman who’s completely unabashed about showing what she’s got in a pair of curve-hugging trousers. She may seem brazen, but the Nobody woman also has a heart, and buys the brand for its ethics.

Nobody Denim works closely with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) to maintain an ethical workplace and is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia, which means you  can be confident that they have taken steps to ensure everyone involved in making their jeans gets a fair wage and great place to work.

Eco Friendly Denim Brands

9. Everlane

The much-loved ethical brand spends months finding the best factories and gives them a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment. The aim for a score of 90 or above for every factory. But that’s not all: their Saitex denim factory uses a unique closed system that recycles 98% of all water used. Apparently, when it comes out the other side, it’s so clean you can drink it.

everlane jeanseverlane jeans

10. Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft manufacturers all of its products in their family owned, eco-friendly factory where the brand has developed a proprietary cotton wrapping technique that’s completely unique, giving customers the most flattering and comfortable fit – no matter what your size!

Because denim is a notoriously polluting industry,  Warp + Weft has integrated sustainable practices including solar panel energy and a cutting-edge water filtration and purification system that recycles 98% of water used in production.

Eco Friendly Denim BrandsEco friendly denim brands

11. Stella McCartney

Ok, obviously she’s not only about the denim. But when she does jeans…oh my! She does it better than just about anyone. Apparently, many of her collections were inspired by her mom Linda’s style back in the 1970’s. And can I just ask: who isn’t dying to own the denim version of the Falabella? It’s a collector’s item in the making!

Whether they’re cropped at the ankle, flared, or embellished with stars or her logo, all of Stella’s jeans are made of 98% organic cotton denim.

stella mccartney denimstella mccartney denim

12. Frank and Oak

This popular sustainable brand has recently introduced denim made with sustainable Hydro-less technology, and organic Good Cotton. Their jeans also boast a Dynamic Stretch, and no matter whether you like your jeans skinny, cropped or flared, there’s definitely a pair that’s right for you.

Eco friendly denim brands

13. Reformation Jeans

Along with their perfectly designed swimsuits, tops and dresses, this popular eco-chic brand is now offering a wide variety of jeans to choose from.

Of course, each item is held up to high sustainability criteria. Reformation jeans are all made from either 100% recycled materials, deadstock fabrics or sustainably sourced fabrics. What’s more, you’ll save 1,460 gallons of water when you buy a pair of their jeans compared to other labels’, and no toxic dyes are used. We particularly love the style with the star on the butt!

eco denim brandsreformation jeans

14. Wrangler

Yes, believe it or not, this classic denim brand has gone eco, thanks to their Indigood collection. It uses 28-30% recycled cotton and a foam dyeing technology that removes the need for water vats and chemical baths from the denim dyeing process. The result is a waterless method which virtually eliminates wastewater and reduces both energy consumption and overall waste by more than 60% when compared to traditional dyeing methods.

Curious to know more about Wrangler’s move into eco-denim? You can read their story here.

wrangler jeans campaign

15. Levi’s

Of all the eco friendly denim brands, this is probably the oldest. But according to Good On You, the brand has made strong, new commitments to sustainable denim production. These include significantly reducing their water use. Specifically, by the end of 2020, they aim to make 80 percent of their products using a Water<Less™ technique. Levi’s have also set a 25% reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. That would cover its direct emissions and consumed electricity. Finally, they are also pioneer members of the Better Cotton Initiative. All good moves, right?

levis jeans campaign

16. Second Denim Yoga Jeans

Do you love the look of denim but find it a bit restrictive to wear? Well, imagine a pair of jeans so comfy, you could do yoga in them. Yep, for real: Second Denim actually makes ‘yoga’ jeans! The Montreal-based brand makes denim that “fits like a second skin”. To create  these remarkably flexible jeans, only certified organic cotton and Lycra is used.

Second Denim also employs an environmentally-friendly washing technique that cuts water use by 50%. The brand only uses non-toxic, chemical-free dyes to create its range of rinses and colours. As if that weren’t enough, Second Denim also re-uses its denim rinses (many manufacturers throw it out after one use) and uses recycled leather, buttons and rivets.

yoga jeans

17. Calik Denim

This Turkish brand is known for its textiles, which include organic cotton fabrics that are also sold on to other brands. As part of their dedication to maintaining the highest ethical business practices, they only work with manufacturers that share their commitment to economic and social responsibility. Oh, and did we mention – they design great urban styles for men and women?

calik denim

18. Canvaloop Slow Jeans

Forget cotton! Canvaloop is fusing together sustainable fashion with stylish, high-performance jeans made from the most eco-friendly material ever: Himalayan hemp.

With every purchase of their SLOW jeans, you save 3,500 litres of water! Made from one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres in the world, these jeans are also lightweight and breathable. Hemp also has naturally anti-UV and antibacterial properties, too!

Slow Jeans are available in three timeless shades – sky, black or indigo – and come in three cuts.

Eco friendly denim brandshemp jeans

19. Sezane

Sezane delivers French-girl chic that lends eco friendly denim elegance at any occasion. The brand has upped its sustainable credentials with the launch of its new collection Denim (r)Evolution. This collection uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, and an eco-friendly distressing processes that significantly reduces water and chemical use.

sustainable jeans

20. Boyish Jeans

Of all the eco friendly denim brands, Boyish Jeans boasts some of the sexiest styles, and boasts some seriously sustainable credentials. For example, they use less harmful chemicals during the dyeing process, and use around 1/3 of the water typically needed to produce a pair of jeans. In addition, they work exclusively with recycled fabrics and materials for everything they put out.

boyish jeans

17. Mango

Popular fashion retailer Mango has just dropped its SS21 denim collection and we’re obsessed! Whether you’re looking for a pair of mom jeans or skinny jeans to add to your wardrobe capsule, every piece in the collection is made from sustainable cotton.

It’s all done using material sourced from certified crops and an eco-washing process that has allowed them to save over 30 million litres of water across the drop. And it’s not just jeans they’ve created. The denim collection also includes a skirt, puffed blouses and oversized jackets.

Do you know of any other eco friendly denim brands that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, below!

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