15+ Organic Underwear Brands For Every Day 

We found the best ethical and organic underwear brands for every day – and every body type!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Let’s be honest – we all have two sets of underwear in our drawers. One set is gorgeous. Delicate. Sexy. Lacy. It comes in siren hues like hot pink and scarlet red. It’s not sustainable underwear for every day, oh no. This is lingerie, worn on date nights, or special occasions like Valentine’s Day, or when you just want to feel super sexy. It’s not practical. You need to wash this stuff by hand. But oh my – it has the power to take someone’s breath away!

The other set is humble. Basic. It comes in plainer colours, like black, nude or grey. It’s familiar; comfortable. We use it every day, so it needs to pretty much disappear under clothes. It’s possibly the most essential item in our wardrobe. It keeps the rest of our clothes cleaner, for longer. It makes us feel more at ease. But are you wearing organic underwear brands?

You really should be. Undies – whether bras or panties – are clothes that are held tight against your most intimate places. Wouldn’t you prefer organic cotton or bamboo against your delicate lady parts, instead of synthetic textiles that are chemically dyed and treated? I know I would!

Ready to discover some of the best organic underwear brands, for all body types and sizes? Read on!

15+ Organic Underwear Brands For Every Day & Every Body

1. Wama

Hemp needs little to no pesticide to grow, and is fully biodegradable. Not only that, but it’s soft on the skin, and has natural anti-odour and anti-bacterial qualities too! No wonder it’s becoming so popular in the form of underwear, as Wama knows well.

The goal of this sustainable underwear brand is to move the hemp industry forward, because Wama is truly passionate about all the beneficial qualities of the plant.

They provide hemp briefs, thongs, bikinis and boxers for both men and women that are perfect for everyday use. But what we love the most about Wama is their money-saving undies packs, which make a great gift!

Prices: Around $20 for a pair of briefs

2. Boob

Boob isn’t just an organic underwear brand. It’s a platform for sustainable fashion for mothers all around the planet. There’s advice on what to pack for the hospital before giving birth; guides on how to buy nursing bras; a section on inspirational moms and so much more.

Yes, this brand is focused on moms (think: bras for leaky boobs, undies that support saggy tums), but there’s also something for every woman, no matter what their size or maternal status.

Fabrics include loads of organic and recycled cotton, Tencel, modal, and even recycled organic wool.

Prices: Around $59 for a nursing bra

3. Organic Basics

This organic underwear label keeps ethical textiles and workmanship very much in mind. In fact, Organic Basics is partnered with factories that are committed to reducing environmental footprint, whilst providing fair labour to its workers. The use of organic cotton and PETA Approved fabrics are part of the identity of the brand’s underwear, which envelops the silhouette with a firm waistband and comfortably classic designs.

There’s more than just organic bras and panties available though: you’ll also find underwear packs, tees and tops, dresses and pyjamas, as well as a men’s underwear line.

Image credit: @jodeacxn on Instagram

Prices: Around $60 for a bra

organic underwear brands

4. Groceries Apparel

Oh, how I adore this label! I think it’s my favourite of all the organic underwear brands. But they make SO much more than undies!

In fact, Groceries Apparel is your one-stop shop for everything you need in your wardrobe, from tops and bottoms to outerwear or a gift for your guy.

And the company could not be more eco-friendly! They trace all their fabrics (including organic hemp and cotton) from the farm to factory, and only use 100% GMO-free, pesticide and herbicide-free, fabrics. And get this: they use vegetable based dyes, too!

And as if it couldn’t get any better, let’s talk about their designs. Their ethically made underwear is so stylish, you can literally wear it outside. Just look at that gorgeous tie-dye bra, below. Would you want to cover that up?


organic underwear brands

5. People Tree

People Tree is exemplary within the world of sustainable fashion. They’ve long produced a comprehensive range of clothing, including dresses, pants, blouses, sweaters and pyjamas for both men and women.

Their collection of organic underwear is  both functional and exquisitely chic, but that’s not all! It’s all created ethically, according to the strict standards of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Their organic cotton underwear is highly breathable and soft on the skin. And you won’t risk getting any rashes or allergic reactions, since People Tree’s fabrics are free from chemicals and nasty dyes, which is great for you and the planet!

Prices: Around $15 for a pair of organic cotton briefs

organic underwear brands

6. Allbirds

This sustainable brand from New Zealand is captained by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger. The label began its journey through eco-fashion with chic vegan sneakers, and has now expanded to include underwear for both men and women.

The materials used are  environmentally-friendly, like the brand’s hallmark Trino yarn, a breathable and moisture-wicking mix of organically raised eucalyptus fibers, as well as ZQ-certified merino wool, bio-nylon and rPET, a fabric obtained by recycling plastic bottles.

Prices: From $16 for a thong

7. White Rabbit NY 

If you want to go down the rabbit hole of sustainable underwear, this New York brand will be just your cup of tea! Their production is 100% certified ethical, and they use organic bamboo fabric to make their bras, panties and PJs.

Bamboo is a soft and anti-microbial material that guarantees everyday comfort to those who wear it. Sourcing is eco-friendly, thanks to the fact that this grass uses zero pesticides and is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet.

Furthermore, by buying a pair of knickers by White Rabbit NY, not only will you be supporting the workers who made them, but also an NGO called Fabrica Social, a social enterprise that works to empower female artisans in rural communities.

Prices: From $17 for a thong

organic underwear brands

8. Le Buns

Clean, beautifully designed organic underwear is what Le Buns specialises in. Or, as their founder, Keisha Dessaix says: “Making beautiful garments without compromising the environment or people involved in the process is at the heart of everything we do.”

The Aussie-based label uses only GOTS-certified organic cotton to create its bras and knickers, which carry no toxic dyes or finishings, and of course, zero pesticides, too. Le Buns only uses thick, double ply fabrics to ensure your body gets the support it needs every day.

Prices: Around $40 for a pair of briefs, $80 for a bra

organic underwear brands

9. Brook There

Beautiful basics with a twist is how I would describe the organic underwear brand Brook There. Only the noblest of materials – namely organic cotton and natural silk – are used. All of their garments are designed, cut, and ethically created in the USA, and  when you make your order, it’s sent in Eco-Enclose recycled poly bags and recycled tissue paper. Another goal of the brand is to avoid single-use plastics at every turn. Great news!

Their styles are a notch above ‘basic’ – expect to find feminine details like bows and lace on these intimates.

Prices: From $28 for a panty

10. Aikyou

Are you a member of the ‘itty bitty titty committee’? Join the club! Aikyou defines itself as the “lingerie brand for small busts.” Which is quite welcome – for those of us with smaller chests, it can actually be hard to find adult underwear. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to buy a ‘training bra’ for lack of other options!

Of course, Aikyou’s elegant lingerie items are made with organic materials that are FairTrade certified, and align with the GOTS seal requirements as well as the Oeko-Tex Standard.

Prices: Start around $59 for a bra

organic underwear brands

11. Pact

Pact truly cares about providing access to an organic lifestyle for all people in society. That’s why they offer organic underwear, home items and clothing for both men and women at prices pretty much anyone can afford.

This certified B Corp works hard to ensure its entire supply chain – from the growing and harvesting of the organic cotton to the final sewing and all the processes in between – is as clean and responsible as possible.

Their organic underwear is minimalist, sturdy, affordable, and soft on the skin.

Prices: Start at $12 for panties

organic underwear brands

12. Knickey

Knickey specialises in panties. They are all made in FairTrade certified factories from 100% certified GOTS organic cotton. Free from toxins, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals, this is exactly the kind of fabric you want right against your most intimate parts all day!

Created by women for women, this is one of the best organic underwear brands for offering plenty of features that others don’t. For example: there’s a subscription service, bundle packages, and get this: a recycling program! Yep, that’s right – send Knickey your used knickers so they can be recycled, and you’ll get a free pair in your next subscription box.

Prices: Start at $13 for a thong

organic underwear brands

13. Skin

New York-based label Skin creates perfectly and beautifully cut tanks, pajamas and lingerie. While many organic underwear brands tend not to offer much enhancement to the chest, Skin makes flattering and elegant everyday basics that include padded bras. Yay!

Of course, natural materials and organic Pima cotton are the brand’s calling card. But they’re also well-known for their reversible designs and multi-way bra straps. That means you get ‘two’ bras and panties for the price of one. Bargain!

Prices: From $60 for a bra

organic underwear brands

14. Boody

Boody champions the benefits of bamboo yarn, since the plant produces one of the finest organic fibres for the skin. Simple, comfortable, and ethical are the characteristics that define this organic underwear brand. What I personally love amongst their offerings is the Padded Shaper Bra, which is easy to pull on, feels as comfortable as your own skin, and provides gentle support.

This is one of the few organic underwear brands that has thought a lot about what women don’t want in a bra. For example? Tight straps that dig in, tricky fastenings and wires – and just got rid of them. But if you’re looking for a bit of form, there’s plenty of padding – which you can also remove, if you so desire.

Prices: Bras start at around $16

15. Araks

New York-based Araks uses the most luxurious Italian fabrics to create effortlessly chic lingerie. This is one of the most popular organic underwear brands with celebrities like Michelle Williams and Sofia Coppola. In fact, Coppola chose the label’s sexy briefs to star in the opening shot of her movie Lost in Translation.

Araks has received approval by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for many of their organic cotton styles, including this ‘Antonia’ bra set, below.

Prices: From $22 for a panty

organic underwear brands

16. Kent 

This Californian label creates plant-based undies that gently caress your skin, since they are made out of compostable organic Pima cotton, blended with ZERO synthetic materials. All their dyes are even plant-based, which means only the most natural of materials caress your most intimate of places.

Kent has recently launched various shades, inspired by flowers, such as dusk purple (made with lavender), field green (made with pomegranate) and sky blue (made with indigo).

Prices: Around $18 for a pair of knickers

17. Knickey 

If you are looking for underwear that is comfy, fun, feminine and ethical, Knickey is one of the best organic underwear brands for you! And get this: they even recycle underpants!

Yep, that’s right. This label has partnered with a NYC-based non-profit to recycle the textiles of old underwear, so it won’t end up in the landfill. You can ship them your worn out lingerie, even if it’s not their brand, and voilà! For every box of undies you send for recycling, Knickey will add a free pair of their new underwear to your next order. We love how they’re keeping it circular!

Prices: From around $13 for a panty

Did we miss any of your favourite organic underwear brands? Let us know in the comments, below!

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