Vegan Lingerie Brands: 100% Silk Free!

These vegan lingerie brands are super sexy – and of course, are 100% silk free!

By Lora O’Brien

Looking for feminine, lacy, elegant vegan lingerie brands that use materials both kind to the planet and your skin? We hear you!

While searching for vegan underwear a few years ago may have presented fewer options, the demand for sustainable, cruelty-free textiles for our intimates has now become huge! So much so, you can find vegan lingerie from a whole heap of brands, and you know what? Cruelty-free lingerie has never sizzled more!

Many may consider silk to be the epitome of luxury, especially when it comes to our intimates. But when you factor in the production process, it’s hard to not associate the material with cruelty. After all, thousands of silkworms are killed when harvesting silk fibres. Even ahimsa silk, which is considered ‘cruelty-free’ due to the fact the silk is harvested after the silkworms have left their cocoons, raises some questions over its ethical nature.

Luckily, we no longer need real silk to look – and feel – fabulous. Ladies, vegan lingerie brands are thriving. And being kinder to animals have never looked sexier.

Whether you’re a fan of something lacy and Baroque or simple and minimalist, prefer comfy boy shorts or slinky thongs, we’ve found vegan lingerie brands that cater to all your needs, tastes, and ethics.

The Very Best Ethical Vegan Lingerie Brands

Vegan Lingerie Brands

1. niLuu

Proving that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand, niLuu is a female-led brand that combines the iconic elegance of traditional silk with ethical production practices to create a PETA approved vegan silk. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, it’s thanks to the magic of Cupro, a biodegradable yarn that’s derived from a cotton byproduct.

Nulufer Bracco is the talent behind niLuu. She features a stunning luxury collection of premium quality, vegan silk kimono robes. Beautifully cut to honour all sizes, this wardrobe-staple is available in both a full length and mini lengths.

Feel sexy in the comfort of your own home, throw it over your favourite bikini, use it as a jacket, or wrap a belt around the middle and wear it as a slinky dress!

Best for: Stunning, luxurious vegan silk kimonos, bras and pyjamas that are gorgeous enough to wear outside

Price range: High

Based: USA

Vegan Lingerie Brands

2. Sokoloff Lingerie

Ever bought underwear so beautiful, it felt like a crime for it to not be seen? That’s how I’d describe Sokoloff lingerie! Many of their  items are considered to be a halfway between lingerie and clothing, meaning they can be worn intimately and on the street! Perfect if you’re wanting to team a lacy body with a pair of jeans and heels.

Feminine, sexy and stylish, all items from this vegan lingerie brand is ethically made in Canada and created by designer Sofia Sokoloff. Each piece oozes delicate confidence and comfort, and can be admired for both its craftsmanship and the way the items cling to the body with an exceptional fit that feels made to measure.

Best for: Beautiful, everyday basics with a twist

Price range: Low

Based: USA

Vegan Lingerie Brands

3. Luva Huva

Luva Huva is an all-inclusive, slow fashion brand which creates a range of pretty and feminine lingerie and loungewear. All items are handmade in Brighton, UK. As opposed to fast-fashion brands, they only retain a small amount of stock on hand at any time to reduce waste.

Custom sizing is available for each garment, free of charge. Which is perfect if you struggle to find your size. The lingerie is made from a host of eco-friendly materials such as organic bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, algae and Tencel. Their underwear makes you feel as though you’re wearing a piece of luxury underneath your everyday clothing.

Luva Huva also makes the most of their beautiful designs by using end-of-line and off cut fabrics to produce their limited edition ranges, which are often 10 or less items. I couldn’t think of a prettier way to avoid waste, can you?

Best for: Organic fabrics that are healthy, soft and sensual

Price range: Medium

Based: UK

luva huva underwear


WAMA is pioneering the vegan lingerie industry with its range of premium hemp underwear. They inspire to bring more awareness to hemp as an option for clothing, especially lingerie. While some may ask why hemp? WAMA asks, why not hemp? 

Hemp is naturally antibacterial with anti-odour properties. It’s an organic and eco-friendly material that’s super comfortable, breathable and only gets softer after being washed, thus making it the world’s most sustainable fabric. Perfect for your undies!

WAMA’s range of vegan underwear is modern yet simplistic, and makes the perfect range of intimates for everyday use. They also offer an option to bulk buy packs of undies, which is great for stocking up your knicker drawer!

Best for: Healthy hemp shorts, panties and bras

Price range: Low

Based: USA

wama underwear

5. Underprotection

Underprotection is a Danish brand with a whole ten years of experience under their vegan lingerie belt. The purpose of the brand was to create underwear styles that make you feel your best, no matter what your size, combining ethics and aesthetics. In short, their range is proudly challenging the conception of what sustainable fashion can be.

The label releases two collections a year, which includes lingerie as well as loungewear and swimwear. They’re all made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, Tencel lyocell and organic cotton.

While the majority of their products are certified as vegan, they do use a few non-vegan materials such as milk fibre and recycled wool, which is a waste material. But that being said, it’s easy to tell what’s what on their site, so you’ll never make a mistake and buy something non-vegan, if that’s your goal.

We love that Underprotection has the most extensive range when it comes to using TENCEL™ for their intimates. Whether you’re seeking lounge pants, a statement bodystocking or a simplistically sexy pair of briefs, they cater to all lingerie needs and tastes.

Best for: Jaw-droppingly beautiful, colourful lingerie including bras, knickers, tights, and more

Price range: Medium

Based: Denmark (delivers internationally)

Vegan Lingerie Brands

6. Daniela Paradeis

Caution: things are about to get hella sexy! Daniel Paradeis is a lingerie and loungewear designer who creates eco-friendly, unique garments and limited edition sets. Her goal? To make underwear an everyday luxury! Her brand oozes vintage style, with a slightly edgy twist. Every piece is designed and manufactured ethically in Vienna, Austria, with love.

From hand-stitched embroidery to unique details, Daniela Paradeis’ pieces are exquisite, exclusive and made to order. Yep, that means the item you receive was made just for you. Which of course, is a waste-reducing concept. Whether you want to keep things sweet with a plunge bra or delve into their bondage range made from vegan-leather, there is a style for every type of woman.

Oh, and Daniela Paradeis is not only vegan and sexy, but her products are also sustainable, since she makes them from selected European deadstock materials. She also guarantees her range is  sweatshop-free as well as animal-free, too.

Best for: Seriously sexy, special occasion vegan lingerie

Price range: Medium to high

Based: EU

Vegan Lingerie BrandsVegan Lingerie Brands

7. Woron

Sisters Aina and Anya Woron are the talents behind this family-run business based in Copenhagen. With their passion for living life in the slow lane, their shared enthusiasm for sustainable underwear morphed into one of the best vegan lingerie brands around. The label aims to empower women to feel sexy with a little stylish comfort.

This luxurious lingerie for everyday use is made with a soft blend of plant-based goodness, via naturally breathable materials that are as beneficial for your health as they are the planet. Made with non-toxic chemicals and dyes, there is no chafing and no metal digging into you. It’s the basic underwear you love – minus the junk you don’t!

Best for: Soft, comfy and healthy everyday vegan lingerie basics

Price range: Low

Based: USA

woron underwear

8. Fortnight

This is a brand striving to redefine luxury as we know it. Fortnight creates lingerie (and swimwear) essentials that empower women, enabling them to feel their best in items that are made to hug every curve of their body while remaining effortlessly stylish.

Every Fortnight garment is ethically and responsibly handmade in Toronto, Canada with the purpose of lasting beyond seasons and trends. They use soft, long- lasting materials that are both delicate and functional, such as lightweight jersey or handmade lace sourced from a family run mill in France.

No matter what your size, their lingerie celebrates the natural female form, whilst still being glamorous.

Best for: Vegan lingerie for plus sizes

Price range: Medium

Based: USA

fortnight lingerie

9. Lost in Wonderland

Lost in Wonderland is like the Agent Provocateur of the ethical lingerie world. This 100% vegan brand offers sensual lingerie ethically made and sourced in Europe without using silk or animal skin to create their luxury fabrics.

Since its launch in 2013, the brand has been offering an edgy alternative to fast-paced fashion. Influenced by Berlin Avantgarde (think: the movie Cabaret), the designs by Lost in Wonderland have been described as being sophisticated, sexy, and artistic. I couldn’t agree more!

Best for: Vegan lingerie with a bit of kink

Price range: High

Based: Germany, but moving to the USA

lost in wonderland lingerie

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