Stylish Home Solar Panels To Fuel Your House

These super stylish home solar panels may just change your mind about placing them on your house!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

During a press event not too long ago at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, eco-magnate Elon Musk announced that Tesla would build and sell its own line of solar panels with integrated batteries. In his speech he said we “need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become.”

Elon succeeded in his goal.

He has created a new enterprise that allows residential homeowners to replace their entire roof with solar panels (some of which you can see in our main image and the one below). They’re all connected to an updated Powerwall 2 battery pack, making it much simpler for homes to be entirely powered by solar power in a way that pleases the eyes, too.

The Musk-designed roof is made of a textured glass tile with integrated solar cells that are hydrographically printed. Each tile is unique. You can even choose between different aesthetic versions of solar panels. For example, there’s the:

  • Textured Glass Tile
  • Slate Glass Tile
  • Tuscan Glass Tile
  • Smooth Glass Tile

Rest assured that these are much more durable than conventional roof tiles, too. And just look how gorgeous they are!

The problem with solar panels

As usual, Musk is on to something. Solar panels are evolving, becoming more beautiful to look at and easier to use. In fact, the  latest innovation of solar panel Venetian blinds, as seen in the video below, couldn’t be easier!

However, solar panels are not a magical cure-all for our environmental woes. Whilst they do take pressure off national grids, and do reduce our dependence on coal and gas, they come with some caveats:

  1. Solar panels are easily damaged by nature. Think: tree branches crushing them, hail, or lightning strikes, for example
  2. Solar panels require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to function properly. This is because they are constantly exposed to the elements, which can cause dirt and debris to build up on their surface. If left unchecked, this build-up can decrease the amount of sunlight that the panels are able to absorb, which will in turn reduce their efficiency
  3. They’re still quite expensive for most people
  4.  Their batteries can experience a number of problems, such as sulfation, overcharging, and undercharging. If not properly maintained, battery problems can lead to a loss of power or even a fire.
  5. As of now, there’s no safe way to dispose of solar panels once they’ve reached the end of their life.

Despite those issues, solar panels can allow you some independence from living on the grid.

Here, we’ve found some of the most stylish home solar panels on Earth. These prove beyond a doubt that despite what most people thought in the past, solar panels are no longer an aesthetic blight. In fact, they offer a visual improvement to the home, if you ask me!

The Most Stylish Home Solar Panels

1. Semmes & Co. Builders

This Coastal Rammed Earth home has received both local and national media recognition. That’s because of the sustainable way it was designed to fit perfectly into a small Santa Lucia hilltop. The site has wonderful views, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Every element is the result of the hard creative work of local craftsmen. And when it comes to its stylish solar panels, the modules look simply phenomenal. They’re placed mainly on the roof that connects the two main parts of this wood and cement construction.

They intermingle delightfully with the entire architectural design, and blend in beautifully with its coastal foothill surroundings.

Photo credits: Elliott Johnson Photography

stylish solar panels Stylish Home Solar Panels

2. Modern Exterior Solar Panels by Pb Elemental

If you were planning to build a veranda in front of your porch and add some panels to produce green energy, you can kill two birds with one stone applying Modern Exterior by Pb Elemental Architecture.

These stylish home solar panels provide shade as they absorb the solar rays that they transform in electricity. These parapet roof solar panels make an exquisite piece of exterior modern design. Plus, they’re so plentiful, the entire house will never be without energy.

Images below: Pb Elemental

Stylish Home Solar Panels parapet-roof-solar-panels-exterior-modern-with-outdoor-lighting-outdoor-lighting

3. David Vandervort Architects

Seattle Architects and Building Designers David Vandervort Architects have come up with this energy efficient home. Its solar panels aren’t its only green feature, though. The house also boasts a rainwater collection system.

This multi-module home design brings together traditional houses from the area and the most refined technologies in the field of sustainability.

Though Washington state is famous for its rain, these stylish solar panels have an easy time picking up sunbeams. That’s mainly because of their south-facing position.

Credits:Michael Jensen  for Seattle Architects & Building Designers David Vandervort Architects  

stylish solar panelsstylish solar panels

4. New Theme

Los Angeles is a fabulous place to gather sunlight, as the New Theme  Architects & Building Designers know well. Their Green Greenberg Green House is majestically designed for eco living. It’s adorned with a solar panel rooftop that performs its task to the best of standards.

The photovoltaic panels smoothly adapt to the shape and orientation of the house, which is designed for maximum light exposure. These stylish solar panels also provide much needed shade to those enjoying the patio and surrounding gardens.

It doesn’t surprise us that it’s been granted  LEED Silver Certification. This house truly represents a model for merging innovative design with outstanding energy techniques.

Credits: New Theme

Stylish Home Solar Panels green-greenberg-green-house-new-theme-14

5. ZeroEnergy Design Roofdeck

ZeroEnergy Design Roofdeck knows how to transform human needs into visual concepts that work wonderfully. The team of architecture, mechanical design, and business professionals here have a multidisciplinary approach to modern green design. And when it comes to roofs, they represent the epitome of energy-efficiency through their stylish home solar panels.

The passive solar design captures energy on-site, whilst the insulation of the panels leverages thermal mass. The glass railings make the panels beautiful to look at, too. In fact, the whole house proves that aesthetics and functionality can walk hand in hand.

Credits: Zero Energy Design


Solar Gaps Blinds

What better place to add stylish home solar panels to your house than through your blinds? These are easy to fit, don’t cost a fortune, and can be remotely controlled by your phone, too! To learn more, just watch the video.

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