The Best Organic Bathrobes For Cozy Days In

They’ll dry you after the shower, keep you warm in winter and look elegant when you’re hanging around the house. Here are the best organic bathrobes for all seasons

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

We all love throwing on a cozy bathrobe after a shower, or when we wake up. And there are all kinds of robes out there, from silky kimonos to towel-like terry cloth ones. No matter what thickness or style you like, though, you should make sure you’re wearing an organic bathrobe.

And there are lots of good reasons for that! Let’s explore a few of them, shall we?

Agricultural Benefits

Organic farming methods are way better for the soil, water, and agricultural workers than conventional practices. Pesticides and fertilizers contaminate not only the plants sprayed with these harmful or synthetic chemicals, but also the air, soil, and water around them. The chemicals used in farming also strip the soil of nutrients, which can lead to soil erosion. Using chemical additives when farming creates a vicious cycle, too. Once the soil has been depleted of nutrients, it then requires more fertilizers to allow plants to grow (and on and on it goes!)

By purchasing organic clothing, you’re giving a boost to farming practices (and farmers) that create healthier soil and ecosystems, thus diminishing risks to wildlife, waterways and human life.

Benefits For Waterways

Now, let’s focus a bit more on water.

As you probably know, synthetic fabrics are made from petroleum based materials. And the result of that is clothing that contains loads of chemicals, and which sheds microfibres and microplastics when washed.

These particles are too small to be caught by most filtration systems, so they eventually make their way into rivers, lakes, oceans, and eventually, the food chain.

Consequently, animals, including we humans, consume these microplastics. They then enter our digestive tracts and impair our health.

The exact health risks are still unknown, but what we do know is that even tiny amounts of plastic contain harmful chemicals, and can absorb harmful bacteria from human waste as they pass through wastewater plants.

Organic fabrics are a much better choice. They don’t contain plastic particles, and therefore can biodegrade back into our earth naturally.

Benefits For You

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It absorbs pretty much anything it’s exposed to. You’re probably already aware of the health benefits of using organic beauty products, and you don’t want to rub chemical creams and cosmetics into your skin. But did you know that wearing non-organically grown clothing exposes your skin to the chemicals used to make the fabric? 

That’s why some people experience uncomfortable reactions from wearing synthetic fibres, or from the dyes used on natural materials. Organic textiles that are naturally dyed with plant based colours are typically hypoallergenic due to their chemical-free production. They’re kind to your body, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Ready to shop organic bathrobes that are gentle to your skin and the planet? Read on!

The Best Organic, Ethical Bathrobes For Cozy Nights

the best organic cotton bathrobes

1. Hass Modal Robe

The Modal Long Robe by Hass offers a lush loungewear experience. It combines a sweet softness with lavish sophistication, and is made in Los Angeles from sustainable Austrian Lenzing-certified modal. This particular textile is naturally thermoregulating, so it will keep you warm without making you sweat. It’s also wrinkle-resistant so this is one item less for your ironing. These robes are sold at Avocado online, where you can also find loads of organic vegan bedding!

Price: $135

Where: United States

Best for: Those who are charitably minded. The brand donates 1% of their profits to NGOs fighting food insecurity.

the best organic bathrobes

2. The Sierra Robe

Do you really hate being cold? Then the Sierra is the best organic bathrobe for you! It’s so soft and cozy, it feels like you’re snuggled up underneath your favorite blanket. Made from quilted organic cotton-jersey, it’s lightly padded for added warmth.

It comes in five great colours, is unisex, and our favourite part? The pockets!

Price: $225

Where: Worldwide

Best for: Those who really feel the cold.

sustainable bathrobe

3. The Ethical Silk Company’s Peace Silk Robes

The Ethical Silk Company creates exquisite designs from organic peace silk. Unlike conventional silk, the insects that spin the fibres are not killed; instead, they are freed before their cocoons are harvested. This Mulberry Silk Robe is ideal for warmer days. It’s entirely made by hand, using artisan techniques from India, and is coloured with AZO free dyes.

Price: Around $195

Where: Worldwide

Best for: Definitely one of the the best organic bathrobes for a touch of old-school elegance in your loungewear wardrobe

the best organic bathrobes

4. Avocado Organic Cotton Robe

This super-thick organic cotton robe is as cozy as they come! They’re available in a variety of neutral hues, and are made from 100% organic cotton, with soft twist yarn. It comes in five colours, and through their membership with 1% For the Planet, the brand donates 1% of all profits to environmental NGOs.

Price: $99

Where: United States

Best for: The lush, thirsty fabric means this is one of the best organic bathrobes for drying off after a bath

the best organic cotton bathrobes

5. Skin

If you prefer refined, delicate looking organic bathrobes, Skin is the brand for you! They use super-soft organic Pima cotton-jersey for most of their designs. These are ideal for lounging around the house after Sunday brunch. And we love, love, love the pockets!

Price: $93

Where: Worldwide

Best for: We’d say it’s one of the the best organic bathrobes for lazy weekends in

the best organic bathrobes

6. Coyuchi Unisex Waffle Robe

Imagine getting out of a hot bath and wanting to maintain that bubbly and warm sensation around your body. The classic spa robe by Coyuchi, with its airy waffle wave, provides that exact feeling, thanks to its made-in-Turkey organic cotton and unisex styling. It’s one of the the best organic bathrobes for keeping you comfortable at all times of the year, in all climates!

Price: $98

Where: United States

Best for: Enjoying spa vibes at home

coyuchi robe

7. Ettitude

If you’re in couch potato mode, but still want to feel a bit stylish, Ettitude has just what you need. Their Clean Bamboo waffle robe is made of organic bamboo fibre, which has a moisture-wicking quality. It’s completely hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and ever so delicate on your skin.  Once you put this on, you’ll feel like you’re at a luxe spa, no matter where you wander in your home.

Price: $90

Where: Worldwide

Best for: Ettitude is a great place to shop for the best organic bathrobes, and much more! They’re like a highly ethical Bed Bath and Beyond.

the best organic bathrobes

8. Parachute

You’ve had a terrific day and are feeling on Cloud Nine, and want to relax at home with a robe that makes you look and feel good. Parachute’s the Cloud Cotton Robe is what you need: soft, light and luxurious. This super comfy accessory also features fluffy gauze, a snug waist tie and two hidden side pockets, for you to carry around the house whatever you like, as you dance the night away to conclude a marvellous day.

Price: $99

Where: United States

Best for: Sharing with him. This style is gender-neutral!

organic bath robe

9. PACT Organic Cotton Robes

Pact is undoubtedly a favourite brand with eco-conscious fashionistas. Their pricing is reasonable, and the offer a comprehensive range of sustainable clothing.

Made in a Fair Trade factory, Pact’s organic cotton robe is a staple piece of loungewear to throw on when you want to chill. This effortlessly chic robe is characterised by a removable belt and deep pockets as well as a locker loop for easy hanging. The GOTS Certified Organic Cotton ensures that in the making of the garment very little water was used in comparison to conventional materials. With Pact’s robe, it’s a win-win for the planet and the wearer!

Price: Around $80

Where: Worldwide

Best for: At under $80, these are the best organic bathrobes for those on a budget.

pact cotton bathrobe

10. Idle

This new label recently got our attention for a few reasons. First up, it uses sustainable fabrics like TENCEL and pure silk. Secondly, they use recycled packaging. They also have a long-standing relationship with their family-owned manufacturer, which guarantees a safe, ethical workplace and fair wages.

But that’s not all!

The brand is also zero-waste, as they use all fabric scraps to make scrunchies. And they’re totally size inclusive, too!

Price: Varies, but everything’s under $200.

Where: Worldwide

Best for: Stay-at-home elegance, plus sizes

idle bathrobe

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