1. Picnyc Table

Designed by Haiko Cornelissen Architects, this nifty table is not only an instant conversation starter at any dinner but as an extra bonus, it doesn’t need to be wiped down, and any spills probably just fertilise the grass more!

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-4-2 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-4-1

Image credits:  haikocornelissen.com

2. Tiny Planters You Can Wear

Forget crystals: if you want some certified energy close to you at all times, put a plant in your jewellery! Not only does it look lovely, it feels nice having something so natural so close by. Take the outdoors indoors, always!


Designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Design by Hafsteinn Juliusson

3. Living Moss Bath Mat

This all natural bath mat feels good under the feet, and never needs to be hung up to dry. In fact, the wetter it gets, the happier it is, and what’s more: no need to wash this, ever.

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-2-1-1 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-2-2-1

Designed by  Nguyen La Chanh

4. Catnip Table

Poor Fluffy condemned to a life indoors? Make her life a bit happier with this catnip-infused table! Afraid she may be developing a bit of a nasty ‘nip habit? No worries: grass and other plants do just as well here.

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-3-1-1 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-3-2

Designed by  Emily Wettstein

5. LED Mushroom Lamps

Unfortunately, there are no natural glow-in-the-dark mushrooms. But this innovative lamp using natural driftwood by  Yukio Takano is as about as close as you can get…

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-13-2 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-13-1

Designed by  Yukio Takano

6. Hairy Flower Pots

Feel like you’re having a bad hair day? It’s probably nothing compared to these guys! Wonder if any of the team at Good! design–the company that created these planters– used their own faces for this project?green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-16-3 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-16-2 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-16-1Designed by  Good!

7. Wet Umbrella Stand

The grass is always greener–when it’s watered by a drippy umbrella! This invention saves your floors from wet brollies and creates a mini-lawn in the process.

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-7-3 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-7-1

Designed by  Simon Enever

8. Greenhouse Lamp

Water and electricity don’t usually go together so well, but this lamp allows sprouts to grow in its base safely, and looks especially amazing when lit up.

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-15-1-1 green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-15-2

Designed by  Kristyna Pojerova

9. Grassy Bed Lounger

Ok, in this case, it’s actually the reverse of our title: indoors goes outdoors with this bed-shaped grassy knoll. Perfect for lounging around on a hot day, the grass keeps you cool whilst the form keeps you comfy. Pillows and blankets optional.


Image credits:  cepolina.com

10. Living Desk

The workplace can be a jungle–and now so can your desk! Not only does this desk look good, but being surrounded by water, plants or animals eases stress, and the plants filter the air of pollutants, too.


Designed by  greenwork.se