Ethical Homeware Brands For Better Interiors

These stunning ethical homeware brands will make you want to stay inside – even on the sunniest days!

By Lora O’Brien

The truth is, more of us spend more time at home these days. We eat there, we sleep there, we entertain there, and increasingly, we work there. So the beauty of your home matters more than ever!

While furniture is important to the overall look of your home, it’s often the accessories – or homeware – that really make your style stand out and give it character.

For example, hand-knit cushion covers lend a cozy, homey vibe, whereas silk ones are more slick and elegant. Having crystals scattered throughout your home tells the world you have a spiritual side; an antique globe says you love to travel.

But if you care about where your clothes come from, you’ll probably care about where your homeware comes from too, right?

What makes homeware ethical?

Ethical homeware is a growing trend, just as ethical fashion is. And there are many ways to turn your home into an ethical haven.

But as with any product: beware the greenwashing of so-called ‘ethical homeware’! Sure, that rug may look all ethnic and rustic. But that’s not a guarantee it wasn’t woven by 6 year olds! And yes, those lamp shades do seem as though they were made from hemp. But are you sure it’s not a texturised plastic?

Here are a few things you should be sure of before you buy homeware:

Who made it: It’s now common for us to ask ‘who made my clothes?’. And the same should be asked about who made your homeware. Just as there’s fast-fashion for your body, there’s also fast-fashion for your home. Avoid! Instead, buy from small, artisanal brands or those who guarantee Fairtrade wages for the fine folks who make their goods. Shopping at Not On The High Street or Etsy means you’re probably buying directly from the producer.

Which textiles are used: When it comes to fashion, we’re flooded with waste and overconsumption. And the homeware industry isn’t much better. Textile waste is a huge problem in the furniture industry, so finding brands that pride themselves on zero waste is a huge bonus. You should also know that non-organic cotton is one of the biggest polluters of both soil and waterways. So buy organic cotton, hemp, linen and bamboo textiles for your home instead.

Which finishings were used: As with clothing, a lot of items for the home are sprayed with nasty chemicals like formaldehyde and fire retardants. This is done to prevent wrinkles, and obviously, to prevent textiles from catching fire. Problem is, they’re super toxic and are known to cause cancer! Ethical homeware brands will never use such chemicals though.

Giving back? Greenwashing is rife in the homeware industry, with many companies profiting from skilled artisans without giving anything back. Try to shop brands that not only pay fair wages, but also make a positive contribution by empowering women or providing education, for example.

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Where To Shop Ethical Homeware Brands

1. Cozy Earth

If you think sustainable fashion is important, consider this: you spend just as much time in your bed as you do in your clothes. So your sheets, pillows and comforters should be soft, organic and comfy, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Cozy Earth believes. And that’s why they make all their sustainable bedding from organic cotton and buttery soft bamboo.

Each item is as stylish as it is comfortable. The only bad part? You may not ever want to get out of bed!

What they make: Comforters, duvets, sheets, pillowcases

Where they deliver: Worldwide

where to shop ethical homeware brands

2. Natural Collection

The saying that we vote for the world we want to live in with our money has never been truer. So Natural Collection is a brand that has created a platform for people to align their buying with their beliefs.

The brand offers one stop shop for ethical homeware. And the best part? You’re buying directly from the hands who made each item. You can shop for everything from artisanal pottery to Fairtrade woven baskets here. Doesn’t it feel good knowing your home is making a positive impact?

What they make: Soft furnishings, decorative accessories, pottery, pots and pans, artwork and more

Where they deliver: UK

where to shop ethical homeware brands

3. Fifth Origins

Breathable, soft, reversible and organic. That’s exactly what we want in a sustainable throw or blanket, and that’s exactly what Fifth Origins offers!

Though the brand makes ethical homeware including towels, throws, and even soaps, we’re particularly fond of their muslin cotton blankets.

Handmade in Turkey, their crinkled muslin finish is super soft, and adds an unmistakable charm. They’re perfect for everything from sitting on for summer picnics to wrapping up in on chilly winter nights.

What they make: Throws, blankets, soaps and more

Where they deliver: Worldwide

Ethical Homeware Brands For Better Interiors

4. Bearaby

Do you struggle to sleep at night? Bearaby may just be the answer to better sleep. Believing that self-care should be joyful, natural and drug-free, the brand uses scientific research, sustainable materials and a dose of innovation to make weighted blankets that help people nap and sleep better every time!

Sleep is the simplest form of self-care, and Bearaby makes it both natural, easy and super stylish. We particularly love their organic cotton and velvet blankets. Don’t believe a heavier blanket can help you sleep deeper? Check the science out, here!

What they make: Weighted blankets! From the napper to the hugger blanket, they’re all buttery soft and will look gorgeous draped over any living area

Where they deliver: USA

where to shop ethical homeware brands

5. Avocado

Avocado started out in 2016 to supply greener mattress made from non-toxic, organic materials. And today, they’re one of the best organic and vegan bedding brands around! They make handcrafted luxury products affordable and accessible by selling directly to customers.

Their range is pretty big now, and includes stuff for the bathroom, as well as the bedroom.

What they make: Everything you’ll need for your bedroom, from bed frames and mattresses to bedding and pillows! They even make bedding for kids and dogs, too. But there’s also a great range of towels, bath mats and other bathroom essentials. There’s even organic pyjamas and loungewear!

Where they deliver: USA, Alaska and Hawaii

where to shop ethical homeware brands

6. Jaline Resort

Mexico was the inspiration behind this sustainable fashion and ethical homeware brand. Learning more about the unique hand-weaving craft that artisans pride themselves on passing down through generations, Jaline Resort has worked with the same family of Mexican weavers since 2016.

The label has inspired artisans to think beyond traditional designs, adding a modern twist to skills soaked in culture and history.

Their breezy pillow cases, table cloths and throws always make us think of sun-drenched beach holidays!

What they make: Table cloths, napkins, cushion covers, throws and more

Where they deliver: Worldwide

jaline resort home

7. Zungleboo Store

Sure, loads of ethical homeware brands provide soft furnishings and accessories. But what about harder items, like plates? That’s Zungleboo Store’s specialty!

Zungleboo is their plant-based tableware brand. It’s designed with the health of the planet in mind. All of their plates and bowls are made from plants, namely corn and bamboo. And their designs and colours are chic enough for a fancy dinner party as much as for a family picnic.

Their lighter and less breakable than ceramic. Two extra bonuses for the planet, as they wear harder and use less CO2 to transport!

What they make: Plates and bowls

Where they deliver: USA

where to shop ethical homeware brands

8. GlobeIn

Carved wooden frames, hand blown glass vases and artisanal woven baskets are but a mere sampling of what GlobeIn offers for your interiors. We love how each item is sourced from around the world.

In their online shop, you might find something like a Guatemalan-loomed pot holder, a Moroccan tagine dish, or Portuguese ceramic tiles to decorate your home.

Focused on promoting the nobility of craftsmanship, GlobeIn also provides gift box subscriptions with surprises from around the world each month. You’ll find 4-5 hand-crafted items, and there are more than 5 box themes available each month. Choose which one you’d like to receive, or select ‘Surprise’ and they’ll make the difficult decision for you!

What they make: Every kind of ethical homeware imaginable

Where they deliver: Worldwide

llama plant holder

9. Gudrun Sjöden  

Swedish fashion designer Gudrun Sjödén’s joie de vivre is reflected in both her colourful clothing designs and cheerful home accessories. Both of her ranges are wide, covering every imaginable garment and home accessory.

Each part of her ethical homeware collections is decorated with multicoloured patterns printed on all natural fabrics. These include organic cotton, linen and wool. They’re guaranteed to add some cheer to your home!

What they make: Rugs, napkins, table cloths, ceramics, window blinds and more

Where they deliver: Worldwide

gudrun sjoden homeware

10. Alabama Chanin  

A pioneer in eco-fashion, Alabama Chanin now offers minimalistic, classic pieces for the home. These come from the scraps from the organic cottons she uses to make her jackets, tops and jeans. She sources all her fabrics sustainably and ethically, of course.

Whether you’re looking for a naturally dyed oven mitt, canvas bin, linen napkins or a useful apron, you can rest assured that it has been ethically made by talented American artisans.

What they make: Tea towels, ceramics, aprons, napkins and more

Where they deliver: Worldwide

where to shop ethical homeware brands

11. Rose B. Brown

Rose Brown’s elegant, British made blankets and cushions offer a kaleidoscopic range of patterns. She makes these from alpaca wool in a sophisticated palette of neutral tones, made with natural dyes.

Rose may be based in the UK, but her know-how comes from what’s arguably the epicentre of knitting: Peru. It was there where she undertook a design residency for the non-profit organisation Awamaki, which works with women’s cooperatives to give them economic opportunities. The insights Rose acquired there led her to create one of the most beautiful ethical homeware brands in the UK.

What they make: Blankets and cushions

Where they deliver: UK

organic cushions

Lora O'Brien

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