The Best Ethical Pyjamas To Keep You Cosy All Winter

Forget sleeping nude: these ethical pyjamas will keep you warm, cozy and healthy this winter!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Ethical pyjamas are a must-have in your wardrobe. Why, you may ask? Well, because thoughts of loungewear should evoke images of home, sleep and comfort. But if you learn what can go into such clothing, your thoughts may actually turn quite dark!

For example: several decades now, many clothing manufacturers have been spraying pyjamas with highly toxic fire retardant chemicals. Way back in 1977, when researchers learned that two of these chemicals (brominated flame retardants and chlorinated tris) could cause DNA mutations and various serious illnesses including cancer, they were banned and replaced with other fire deterrents. However, it was soon discovered that even these ‘safe’ chemicals were dangerous, too.

A 2014 study proved that PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), one of the most common chemicals used to treat fabrics, were to blame for increased hyperactivity and lowered IQ in children, thyroid disruption, early onset of puberty, cognitive problems, and more.

But there’s more! Even if there’s no textile finishing on nightwear, it can still be nasty for the planet. For example, fleece is a common material for PJs, but guess what – even if it’s made from recycled polyester or plastic bottles, it still seriously harms the environment every time it’s thrown in the laundry. And this is especially true, since pyjamas are frequently washed.

Clearly, the best solution for anyone who wants sustainable loungewear that won’t hurt themselves or the environment is to buy ones made from natural fibres, preferably organic.

Here, we’ve found the best ethical pyjamas that are cosy and warm. And some are so chic, you can even wear them outside!

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Sustainable Loungewear To Keep You Cosy This Winter

sustainable loungewear

1. Hanna Andersson

This popular brand makes PJs for the whole family. And what cute PJs they are, too! They come in colourful, fun patterns that have a slightly Nordic touch.

Whether you choose a polar bear theme, polka dots, kitties, horses, or a more festive pattern, these are the best ethical pyjamas for your skin. Why? They’re made from soft, organic cotton.

Great for: Family fun! All the colours and patterns are available in all sizes, meaning mom, dad and the kids can all share the same PJs!

Based: USA

Price: From $50

Hanna Andersson pyjamas

2. Thought Clothing

This sustainable clothing company offers some of the best ethical pyjamas and loungewear to choose from. They’re lovingly crafted from luxuriously soft, certified organic cotton flannel and jersey fabrics, as well as from bamboo and hemp.

You can select from designs with or without patterns. My advice? Get the plain bottoms and tops. They’re more stylistically neutral, and can more easily double up as outerwear!

Great for: Wearing indoors – or out!

Based: UK

Prices: Start at around $60 for a set

best ethical pyjamas

3. Olivia Von Halle

Ever wonder what Kate Moss wears to bed? Apparently, she favours Olivia Von Halle’s nightwear. And no wonder!

This is seriously glamorous stuff, with huge attention to detail. Buttons aren’t made of plastic, for example. Instead, natural shell is used. All fabrics are 100% natural – in fact, the brand makes them in-house, themselves. They work with mainly silk and cashmere fabrics, and dye them to order. Their unique motifs are highly artistic, hand-drawn and screen-printed.

In a nutshell, Olivia von Halle makes the best ethical pyjamas for serious fashionistas. It’s all about creating mindful, sustainable luxury so that the end product is one that you will want to treasure and take care of forever. There’s even a bespoke pyjama service!

Great for: Incredibly elegant, bespoke pieces that last a lifetime. Special occasions. Or even wearing to events!

Based: Worldwide. And get this: they offset the carbon footprint of their deliveries, too.

Prices: From $500 up

sustainable pyjamas

4. Hanro

Hanro has been at the forefront of innovation in fabric development since the brand’s inception. Which was way back in the 1800s! We particularly love their navy blue sustainable loungewear set, cut from TENCEL™ Lyocell. The brand chose this fabric for its smooth, soft feel and anti-crease properties. Both the top and pants have a comfy, relaxed shape and are traced with elegant white piping.

Great for: Feeling stylish and chic in the bedroom.

Based: Worldwide

Price: From $192

hanro eco friendly pyjamas


5. Skin

Want something that pretty much feels like, well, skin against your skin? These are the best sustainable pyjamas for you!

Susan Beischel founded this sustainable luxury brand with the intention of creating a global lifestyle label that would exclusively use natural materials like organic Pima cotton and hemp. The result is buttery soft fabrics that are easy to move in. In fact, Skin’s minimalistic, comfortable designs ensure you’ll sink into a deep sleep every night!

My pick? This ultra-soft grey outfit. comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house. Isn’t this exactly what you’d want to wear to curl up on the sofa, or between the sheets?

Great for: This is one of the best ethical pyjamas brands for easy sleeping

Based: Worldwide

Price: Around $50

skin lingerie

6. People Tree

For over 25 years, People Tree has been a pioneer in the sustainable fashion field. They’ve partnered with Fair Trade producers, ethically pay their garment workers, and even have their own organic farms! This green supply chain exists to create their causal, universally wearable pieces. This is also one of the best ethical pyjama brands for those on a budget. Their pricing is highly reasonable – especially considering how sustainable and conscious this brand is!

One of my favourite pieces is this sweet, star-printed PJ set, made of 100% organic cotton. There’s just something about the stars!

Great for: Serious ethics; those on a budget

Based: Worldwide

Price: Around $50

people tree pajamas

7. Everlane

Everlane seems to do it all. From jeans and sweaters to loungewear, they offer ethical versions of all your basic wardrobe needs. The brand creates classic sustainable loungewear styles. These are mainly made out of organic cotton or silk, but if you’re looking for something with a touch of luxe, they also make affordable cashmere jammies, too! There’s nothing cosier than that.

Great for: These are some of the best ethical pyjamas for luxe lounging

Based: USA but ships globally

Price: Around $90

organic pajamas


Do you sleep better knowing your pyjamas were made fairly, and from sustainable materials? I know I do. And that’s why I love PACT PJs!

They’ve worked hard to build long-term, respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships with their manufacturers and suppliers, based on the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Their organic cotton pyjamas are thick, comfortable, and stylish. The brand also uses other natural fabrics like linen, hemp and modal.

Great for: Those who prefer a closer fit in their ethical pyjamas. These will stay closer to your body when you sleep, meaning you won’t feel ‘tangled up.’

Based: USA, but delivers globally

Prices: From $50

eco friendly pyjamas

9. Pudus 

We all have preferences when it comes to pyjamas. Some like to wear an oversized shirt, others prefer to add some pants to the mix. But one thing that we all unanimously seek? Comfort!

Pudus is the equivalent of soaking in a warm bath after a long day at work. Originally gaining popularity for their cosy slippers, the brand has now expanded to offer a whole range of nightwear. And they’re just as gorgeous as we expected! Whether you opt for their V-neck shirt, joggers or fitted sweats, Pudus promises comfort from the minute you wake up to the time you go to bed.

Great for: Wide variety of styles, and plus-sized pyjamas.

Based: USA

Price: Around $50

10. Hass

Hass is an apparel company featuring minimalist designs expressed in organic fabrics. In fact, all of their nightwear is certified to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), and is FairTrade, too.

Their ethical pyjamas are actually styled more like loungewear – perfect for those of us who work from home! For example? Made from super soft modal, this PJ set below is both incredibly comfortable and effortlessly chic.

Great for: Slouching around the house; working from home.

Based: USA, but delivers internationally

Price: From $49

sustainable pyjamas

11. Maylyn & Co

We all have our favourite loungewear set. You know, the one that feels so comfortable to wear, it’s almost like a second skin. If you’ve not yet found yours, Maylyn & Co is a brand that unites slow fashion and comfort. Making the world a greener place through their sustainable lingerie and loungewear, their garments are elegantly comfy, allowing you to begin each and every day in style.

Gently oversized for a relaxed fit, their organic loungewear set features ultra soft tee and pant sets. Available in gorgeous, minimalist hues, they’re made from skin-hugging and breathable organic Modal.

Great for: Staple loungewear that will be your BFF, no matter what the season.

Based: Canada/USA

Price: Around $190

sustainable pyjamas

12. Chinti and Parker

Whether it’s organic cotton, silk or cashmere, you can rest assured that the fabrics Chinti and Parker use in their sustainable loungewear will not only be incredibly soft, but fully biodegradable, too!

Aesthetically, the focus is on classic chic design with playful, whimsical touches, bringing a touch of luxury to the everyday. Oh, and if you’re worried about how to wash such delicate fabrics, never fear. The brand provides a comprehensive guide on their website!

Great for: Giving yourself an ultra luxurious gift that will last decades

Based: Worldwide

Price: Starting at $195

sustainable loungewear

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