Meet The Nolla Cabin, The Zero Emissions Holiday Home

By Arwa Lodhi

Your vacations just got more eco-friendly than ever, thanks to this, zero emissions holiday home! Created by Finnish designer Robin Falck, whose earlier design, Nido cabin, has been globally acknowledged, the Nolla cabin has a minimal environmental impact in terms of both carbon dioxide emissions and its concrete impact on nature.

Nolla’s prototype is located just outside Helsinki’s city center, on Vallisaari island. The cabin is constructed from fully sustainable materials and is designed to highlight Finland’s stunning surrounding nature in every respect.

The creators of Nolla want people to consider how modern solutions and innovations could enable more sustainable cabin living. Rather than ploughing through trees and soil, the Nolla design rests on stilts, meaning it makes very little impact on the earth. It also means that it can be placed just about anywhere.

The dimensions of the cabin are 4m in height and 3.75m in width. It’s made mainly from plywood, and the floor has been coated with a non-toxic, water-soluble varnish. The interior of the cabin was designed by the Stockmann Sustainable collection and includes raw, organic cotton linens and local wood furniture.

Because it is on stilts, the cabin needs no construction permit, and it can be assembled and transported without heavy machinery, leaving its environment nearly untouched. The energy supply of the cabin is entirely renewable; electricity is generated by solar panels, whilst the Wallas stove, reserved for cooking and heating, runs entirely on Neste MY Renewable Diesel, made 100% from waste and residue. The Aava Lines raft operating between Helsinki city centre and Vallisaari will also run on Neste MY Renewable diesel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

“With the Nolla cabin, we want to offer visitors the possibility to experience modern cabin life in the realm of nature, with minimal emissions. An ecological lifestyle does not only require giving up unsustainable commodities, but also discovering modern, sustainable solutions that can be used instead. This has been an essential part of the design process”, says Falck.

First to visit the cabin were artist and multi-talent Sara Forsberg, also known as SAARA, Youtube personality Joonas Pesonen, and photographers Joonas Linkola and Janita Autio. Their journeys were guided by Finnish zero waste influencer Otso Sillanaukee, who has written a guide on sustainable everyday living. But you don’t need to be a Nordic influencer to visit: the Nolla cabin is also available on Airbnb for anyone to enjoy!

To have your chance to enjoy a stay at this cabin, click here.

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