Check Out These 5 Wellness Resorts You Can Actually Live In

By Arwa Lodhi

Imagine the scene: you wake up, go for a swim. Eat a super healthy breakfast, then bask in the sunshine on the beach before heading off for a 1 to 1 Pilates class. You grab some lunch, then go to your massage appointment, then grab dinner with friends under the stars. It’s not even a holiday I’m talking about here; it’s your home. How is it possible without winning the lottery, you ask? Well, through the magic of timeshares at top wellness resorts.

New studies  indicate that  wellness resorts  are in high demand. Features such as health spas and relaxation treatments have always been desirable for many travellers, but now people are demanding more experiences, such as yoga classes in beautiful settings, meditation sessions, psychotherapy and alternative medical services. Many resorts have picked up on this trend, and are offering those dedicated to being the best they can be the choice of extending their wellness retreats beyond a week or two once a year, thanks to time sharing options.

We’ve assembled a list of five of the best wellness resorts with timeshare ownership options that could literally change your life for the best.

1.  Vilalara Longevity Resort, Portugal

When it comes to being thorough about checking your health, nobody does it better than Vilalara. This resort/spa/residence caters mainly to elites from the Gulf, Russia and Europe and offers services such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, nutrition and full body checks. In addition, you’ll find thalassotherapy services, tennis courts, various swimming pools and a fully equipped spa and gym, all set in a stunning cove on the Algarve coast.

2.  Le Blanc Spa Resort

This five-star resort offers a wellness experience in their award-winning BlancSpa that both deeply relaxes and revives. Their super intense Day of Spa experience lasts nearly three hours and includes a full top-to-toe body service that involves hydrotherapy tubs, massages and wraps. All of this takes place on the stunning Mayan Riviera, which is not only lush with tropical forests and white, sandy beaches, but is also rich in Mayan history.

3.  Ritz-Carlton Club, St. Thomas

As any luxury lover knows, the Ritz-Carlton is a brand that’s famous for sophisticated luxury and discretion. In addition to elegant accommodation, this Caribbean property offers an array of services and activities that encourage optimal wellness and relaxation. Listen to the sound of the ocean as you’re massaged and decompressed by expert hands; get into the best shape of your life in the state-of-the-art fitness center under the guidance of personal trainers who offer innovative fitness classes that range from yoga to HIIT.

4.  Grand Mayan Riviera Maya

Want to look gorgeous all the time? The Brio Spa & Salon will groom you to perfection at this residential resort on the Riviera Maya. Timeshare owners can also enjoy the solitude of private casitas, where local plant life, the sound of the sea and fresh air immerse the senses into the joys of nature. There’s a hydrotherapy annex as well, which somewhat resembles ancient Roman bath houses, incorporating traditional Old World remedies that have been in use for thousands of years. Challenge your nerves with cold plunge tubs and open your breathing passages up in unique salt therapy cabins, the first of their kind in Mexico.

5.  Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

Sometimes, the best path to wellness is making a contribution towards something bigger than yourself. And   Mexico’s luxurious Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort offers the opportunity to volunteer to contribute towards improving the gorgeous natural environment that surrounds it. Here, you can participate in educational experiences at the local schools, or help with a new reforestation initiative which aims to help to replace trees and other plant life lost to excessive logging and farming.

If you’re after a vacation that can help improve your mental wellness and peace of mind, consider the many timeshare resorts that offer those kinds of services. Whether you seek incredible yoga by the beach or a more meaningful meditation or volunteer experience, you can find it when you  buy a timeshare.


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