Plastic Free Activewear That Won’t Kill The Ocean

The best thing about this new brand we found? Tripulse Activewear won’t kill the oceans with microplastics!

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By Chere Di Boscio

I work out. A lot, actually. I’m either running outdoors or in the gym 3-4 times a week, and I try to do yoga at least twice a week. For that reason, you can usually find me wearing tights and tees.

But I have a problem with this ‘uniform’.

While it’s not too difficult to find an organic cotton or eco-friendly bamboo tee shirt to work out in, most decent running tights are made from petrol based fibres. These generally offer the best compression, and the most stretch. Same goes for sports bras – if you really want to minimise jiggle, you’re likely going to have to buy something made from not-so-sustainable materials.

Indeed, for the eco-conscious gym bunny, finding sportswear that doesn’t include polyester, polyamide or nylon is just about mission impossible. That really sucks, because these plasticky materials are not only very, very, VERY slow to biodegrade, but they also leave microparticles of plastic in our water systems when you wash them – and of course, workout gear gets washed a lot.

So when I learned about a new Stockholm-based sustainable activewear label called Tripulse, I was pretty excited.

Tripulse Activewear Begins

The Tripulse brand began when founder Franziska Mesche learned that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and that most of our clothes today are made from plastic such as polyester. 

Not only is this a serious issue due to the problems I mentioned above, but further research has also shown that polyester contains chemicals that can be absorbed by our skin. The result? Health issues including allergies, skin irritation and more potentially dangerous illness, too. “I had people sharing with me that they needed to stop doing sports because they got serious allergies from wearing polyester, and because there is just nothing else to wear if you’re doing high intensity training,” says Franziska. “Instead of just being frustrated about it, I decided to become part of the solution and started Tripulse.”

The mission of of the brand is to take the plastic out of sportswear, and to create much more sustainable, high-performing, comfortable, great-looking activewear.

It turns out that the perfect material for doing just that is one most sustainable fashionistas already know and love: TENCEL™. This wood-based textile is sourced from sustainably grown forests, and is produced without toxic chemicals. Thanks to innovative manufacturing processes done by its parent company, Lenzing, no resources go to waste in the production of this material.

“TENCEL is also biodegradable, which means our product does not harm the environment, even after you discard the it after years of use”, Franziska states.

Perfect For Sports

Another great thing about TENCEL is that it’s perfect for sports, due to the fact that it’s antibacterial, breathable and extremely gentle on the skin. 

But what I personally really love about Tripulse is its designs – particularly their running tights! They not only fit like a glove no matter what your shape (thanks to their stretchy fabric), but they’re also equipped with cleverly placed pockets on the outside, so you have somewhere to put your keys, money and phone. The design follows the shape of your body, so the pockets aren’t at all bulky, and the compression fabric ensures your things don’t fall out, even during the highest intensity workout.

Of course, the brand makes more than pants: there are tee shirts and tank tops on offer, too, in black, grey or coral.

Ethical And Available

Franziska is aware that providing green fabrics and excellent design isn’t enough in a competitive market. she wanted to ensure her brand was ethical, too. “Our products are made in Europe to guarantee fair labour conditions. It’s a major cost – but I think you need to do it if you’re serious about sustainability,” she says proudly.

The very first Tripulse sportswear collection is now exclusively available to purchase through their website, and includes timelessly designed tights, tank-tops and t-shirts. There are also short versions of their fab leggings now, too!

If you’re interested in grabbing some plastic free activewear for yourself and supporting a great new ethical fashion brand, Tripulse is offering some special prices that are only available during their Kickstarter campaign as a way of showing gratitude to their early supporters.

“I want people to question their choices regarding sportswear. Do I really enjoy wearing polyester? Does it really feel great on my skin? Do I like what plastic does to my body and our environment?” Franziska says.

If the answers to those questions are huge NOs, then you’ll want to visit Tripulse today!

Update: Tripulse will be Climate Neutral certified by June 30th, 2021. Great news!

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2 thoughts on “Plastic Free Activewear That Won’t Kill The Ocean”

  1. It´s hard to read that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and many people don´t change their pollutant lifestyle.

  2. OMG! I don´t have idea that polyester contains chemicals that can be absorbed by our skin, i never heard that before, now i will be so careful, thank you eluxe for sharing this information.

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