The Thrive Movement Clarified By Kimberly Gamble

By Chere Di Boscio

In case you haven’t heard of Thrive, this is a film that aims to answer some profound questions about the human condition, environmental destruction, exactly what’s impeding our ability to thrive on this planet, and most importantly – what we can do about it.

Beautifully filmed and presented by  Foster and Kimberly Gamble, the movie features interviews with many heavy hitters including Deepak Chopra, Vandana Shiva and John Perkins, who all serve to back up some statements made by the film that many would find controversial, for example: that the American political system is essential a puppet of the bankers; that energy and health technologies exist that can solve a lot of our challenges and our access to them has been suppressed,  and that climate change may not be man-made.

There’s plenty to learn from and think about in this film, and even after watching it, loads of questions arise. So I considered myself lucky to be able to interview Kimberly Gamble  to elaborate on some of the core ideas from Thrive.

From ancient mystical knowledge to physics, the environment and conspiracy theories, Thrive covers it all. How on earth would you sum up this film to someone who asked you what it was about?

The shortest answer is that  the movie is an eyes-wide-open exploration into what’s in the way of humanity thriving, and what we can do about it.

I would add that our intention was to make a film that would clarify a minimum sufficient understanding of what is in the way of thriving so that people could engage more effectively in solutions that are truly commensurate with the challenges we face.  Toward that end, Thrive is a combination of stark diagnostics and bold solutions. There is a connection between all the subjects you mention, and Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take? was designed to help people recognize the pattern that runs through all of them, from the principle of non-violation that underlies lasting solutions (ancient wisdom), the toroidal dynamic that the universe uses to sustain itself (physics), and the pattern of control that operates in all sectors of human endeavor, be that education, economics, environment, energy, media, or the others (conspiracy).

We can see how ready people are to think critically and move into truly new paradigms in health, energy, education, finance and the rest- without our ever marketing Thrive, we’ve documented over 72 million views, and it is has been translated into 27 different languages. Lots of people knew about some part of what we covered, and seeing it all tied together provided a coherence that had been missing, and that allowed them to focus their own particular purpose more effectively.

No one can take it all on, so knowing your own particular passion and purpose and engaging with that becomes part of a more comprehensive solution when you can see how it all fits together.

Many of the people you interviewed and spoke about in the film have been threatened for their anti-establishment views and research. Were you not afraid the same could happen to you? And did it?

We were and are aware of the risk of bold intervention. As we discuss  in the film, there is a vast economic fortune tied up in maintaining the status quo, at great expense to people and the planet. Over 61 natural health practitioners have died mysteriously in the last 18 months, and that is just part of that story. However, for us, we were more concerned with the risk to people and the planet if we didn’t share what we saw and do what we did. We have a world-class security team and we prepare for the worst and expect the best. It’s a great combination, because we don’t spend our time worrying and we take practical precautions.

In reference to indigenous wisdom, I asked for guidance about how to relate to the people who are so antagonistic to the work we and others are doing, and was shown how to recognize my highest self in them by seeing how they help me to clarify and hone my vision and commitment, and how they inspire me to seek assistance from multiple dimensions, which I do and which both soothes and protects us. In that way they help me evolve, and I choose to focus on that.

And of course, we are sincerely grateful to have millions of people worldwide who have our backs in person, in social media and in spirit.  

It seems the one group of people who would not find your film’s content too surprising could well be indigenous people. What do you think we need to learn from them now more than ever?

We have had wonderful acknowledgment and support from various indigenous tribes and leaders for our work with Thrive and the Movement. We are eternally grateful to many of them for teaching us by example about a paradigm of infinite interconnectedness with one another and with our environment, and about stewarding our surrounding nature in harmony with all species.

I believe the various tools for self awareness and healing that come from the indigenous cultures, including plant medicine, are tremendously valuable and always have been. It  seems that now their generous commitment to passing this on to those of us in the West is increasingly being acknowledged and received as intended.

Of all the topics covered, the notion of manmade climate change being a scam to milk global taxes out of citizens may be the hardest one for our very ‘green minded’ readership to accept. How would you convince them this is the case, given the widespread propaganda to the contrary?

This is a perfect example of how simple surface understanding is not sufficient and yet without honest dialogue and debate it’s a challenge to gain much more. I find the climate change issue to be more like a religion than an inquiry, which is both frustrating and dangerous, because it is heretical to ask for facts, evidence and reason. Clearly, man-made pollution is a huge problem. But that is not the same as human behavior being the cause of the climate change. What about the sun? What is actually happening with temperature globally? And what is the relationship between an over simplified story about people and the climate and the emergence of a one world government that threatens both individual and national sovereignty?

What is the history of the global cooling/ global warming argument? This is an important question.We lay this out in great depth in Thrive, and Foster condensed 10 years of his research on Global Warming/Climate Change/ Climate Disruption into an in-depth blog that traces the financial and strategic history of this movement and shows how there is a lot of evidence that humanity’s goodwill to protect our ecology is being manipulated so that we agree to fund global domination of our land and resources by the same banking elite who have caused so much harm.

Foster and I are convinced that there are other ways to address our obvious need to curtail pollution (like allowing out free energy devices) than to create a carbon tax that is paid to the world bank and enforced by global police. There’s a link to that blog here.

Many have commented that a Trump presidency indicates a huge step backwards for humanity, yet others feel the shadow government is as in control of the American political system as always. What are your thoughts?

I agree that the shadow government is in control of the American political system. I personally don’t put my hope in government leadership, and in fact don’t believe anyone should have rights that all people don’t have, including people who hide behind labels of government. Nonetheless, we have to deal with the reality that whoever is President has a lot of impact on how many suffer and die. In some ways, Trump has taken a stand against the Global Domination Agenda, for instance through challenging Big Pharma, the Federal Reserve, and mandatory vaccinations. Other of his policies, including the recent attack on Syria, punishing a woman’s choice over her own body, forcing through the Dakota access pipeline and other environmental abuses all represent chilling approaches to our interpersonal, national and global relations.

I personally am working to create a pipeline through which to get new healing modalities out to the world, because no matter what else is going on, or who is in charge of doing it, that is a helpful thing to do. With or without Trump, there is a stranglehold on access to the medicines and modalities that can really help people know and heal themselves.

As we speak, I am here in Costa Rica building a clinic that can legally provide breakthrough healing for people, spiritually, emotionally and physically. We partnered with Rythmia because they have the only license in the world for Ayahuasca, an indigenous plant medicine that can really help people rediscover themselves and their purpose. They expanded their license to include HemaLucent, a holistic revitalization program that can activate and enhance your body’s natural ability to repair itself. The powerful combination of light-activated autologous (your own) cells with an unprecedented cellular support protocol represents a new paradigm in healing, and we are pioneering that here in Costa Rica with the intention to make it available to people everywhere in the years to come.

Pharmaceutical control is at the heart of the suppression of our health freedom and access to healing. Because of the control of the AMA, it is not possible to make claims about the various technologies we have found. However, realizing that Thrive spread without marketing, we figured breakthroughs in healing could also spread word of mouth through people simple experiencing them and telling each other. So we invite anyone who can to come to Rythmia to experience what we are pioneering here, and to spread the word.

It seems Europe is being pushed towards greater nationalism, whether we like it or not. The media is obsessed with this agenda, and there seems to be a clear ‘divide and conquer’ strategy in place. Do you feel WW3 is brewing?

To understand this emerging trend, I think people need to understand the Global Domination Agenda that we laid out in Thrive. We have been on the brink of a global police state with vast multi-nation unions being created as management and enforcement arms for a one-world government. The European Union is simply one of these.  People in Europe are finally waking up to the destruction of wealth, liberty, security, and happiness increasingly dictated by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The UK was first, but most likely France, Germany, Italy and more will follow. The key perspective in our opinion is to recognize that this is an about-face returning toward sovereignty – first back to the nations, then to the sub-states, then to local governments and finally toward individual sovereignty or what Gandhi called “hind-swaraj” –  self-rule. So, though we don’t believe in nation states or any other mandatory government, in transition we see this as a necessary move toward true freedom.

There are many globalists who have been trying to initiate WWIII, martial law, and a global tax to bring in their New World Order one world totalitarian state, but as we say on our Thrive poster, “The world is waking up!”

So, are you saying that you’ve seen a  change in global consciousness since Thrive first came out?

We see a vastly increasing awareness of the nature of the Global Domination Agenda  and its false flag, problem/reaction/solution techniques of deception.  Trust in the mainstream media has plunged into single digits, and most young people laugh at the notion of looking to television networks and globalist print media to get any sense of what’s really going on.

More and more people are seeking out honest money – in the form of crypto currencies credit exchanges and asset-backed money systems. People are finding it obvious, rather than scandalous, to question authority – which is critical.  

And most encouraging for us is that more and more people are talking about and taking action for solutions that recognize and restore the wholeness of natural systems – beginning with personal liberty and moving through every Sector from ecology and economics to energy, health, education and media.

You interview and mention a lot of fascinating people, from Nikola Tesla to David Icke. Could you give our readers a suggested reading list to learn more about how we can educate ourselves on what’s really happening?

At the bottom of each page of our website, there is an icon labeled “Resource Tree.”  You can just click on that, then on “Sectors,” then your Sector/Topic of choice and then either Books, Movies or Websites to find further relevant information. We also have a variety of blogs that we have written over the years that are on the website.

At the end of the film, you suggest some ways we can all act in order to better thrive on this planet. Which do you think are the most important of those points, and would you add any more?

All 10 actions that we recommend on our “What Can I Do?” page are still relevant and important. The common denominator of all of them and our global Solutions Hub Network is the Non-Aggression Principle, which prohibits any individual from initiating force fraud or theft against anyone else, except in true self-defense.

After Thrive came out, we were contacted by hundreds of inventors and innovators with technologies that represent true breakthroughs for humanity in all sectors. Because of our unique position to have been able to vet these various solutions, we are a lot more optimistic than many because we see not only what is possible, but what is here.  We would already have free energy, cancer cures, abundant healthy food, vastly more per capita wealth, creativity and jobs, honest reporting, great school choices and so much more if the government and colluding corporations were not given power over us, by us. We believe that when people see the proof of solutions and the core principles on which they’re based they will no longer settle for less.  I am happy to say that this will be the subject of Thrive II.  Stay tuned!

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