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The Ethical Fall Fashion Collections 2021: Our Picks

Our picks of the ethical fall fashion collections for this year will make you glad summer’s over!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

We don’t really ‘do’ seasonal trends here at Eluxe. Because that just encourages, you know – needless overconsumption to keep up with ‘fashion’. But there can be no denying that as the weather gets chillier, it’s time to add some heavier clothing to your closet.

What we did notice from keeping our eye on the so-called trends from the fashion runways this season, though, is that it seems fashion is finally changing. For example? Menswear and womenswear are being presented together on the runways. Brands are questioning the very notion of seasons (finally!). And of course, more ethical fall fashion collections are being shown, as consumers increasingly demand clothing made with sustainable fabrics and by circular production methods.

For example? These brands below are rocking the ethical fall fashion collections with everything from innovative production methods to the use of all-natural, ethically sourced fabrics to create wardrobe must-haves for the chillier season.

Whether you’re after a cosy sweater, statement trousers, or just a basic work shirt, you’ll find it here in our picks of the ethical fall fashion collections.

Main image credit: Stylée.fr Image below: credit here.

Our Picks Of The Ethical Fall Fashion Collections 2021

1. Everlane’s Collared Sweaters

Looking for something from the ethical fall fashion collections that will last season after season? Collared sweaters are making a huge comeback! But let’s face it – they’ve always been something of a preppy staple. And probably always will be! We love the subtle rib detailing, and a relaxed shape of this Cashmere Polo by Everlane. It boasts a cool, I-just-threw-this-on vibe, and it goes with jeans, skirts – you name it!

What we love most: While cashmere isn’t always ethical, this stuff comes from Inner Mongolia, and supports the livelihoods of nomadic herders, who make their living from cashmere sales.

Ethical Fall Fashion Collections

2. Etica’s Denim Jackets

Yep, we know. Denim is one of the most polluting fabrics on Earth. Usually, that is! But these classic jean jackets by Etica are different. They feature authentic trucker details and slim side pockets. And that’s not the best part! They’re all made from 25% TENCEL, a cellulose fibre made from a renewable wood source, requiring very little water, no pesticides, and no harmful irrigation. The other 75% is organic cotton.

What we love most: Jean jackets are one of our picks from the ethical fall fashion collections because they’re perfect for those in-between temps, when you don’t quite need a coat, but a shirt isn’t warm enough.

Ethical Fall Fashion Collections

3. Reformation Cropped Denim

Who doesn’t need a great pair of jeans in the fall? Reformation knows that cropped is the new skinny, and they make what are indisputably the coolest jeans around!

Their Emma style in black were designed to fit like a glove through the hips, but there’s plenty of give through the ankle. Which means these look amazing with boots, trainers or heels, of course.

What we love most: These blue jeans are green! They’re made from 41% recycled cotton, 41% TENCEL, and 18% Organically Grown Cotton.

Ethical Fall Fashion Collections

4. JW Pei Puffed Bags

Sure, quilted bags are great. But when they’re supersized into full on puffa bags, they’re even greater! And that’s especially true when we’re talking vegan bags. This Maze style by JW Pei is one of our favourite picks from the ethical fall fashion collections. It can be worn crossbody or as a handheld purse.

What we love most: The whole collection is 100% cruelty free, ethically made, and this crossbody bag goes with everything!

Image: @jwpei_official Styled by @roosavintage

Ethical Fall Fashion Collections

5. Arch 4 Midi Length Skirts

 Jeans are great, but our picks from this season’s ethical fall fashion collections also include skirts! And we ribbed midi by Arch 4.

It boasts the perfect length for the season, and was spun from sumptuous GOTS-certified cashmere. It’s warm, it’s soft, and it looks great with a sweater, blouse or jacket. Wear yours with a tucked-in sweater and slides.

What we love most: Everything in Arch 4’s production process – from dyeing, knitting and finishing -is traceable and eco-friendly.

Ethical Fall Fashion Collections

6. Turtlenecks By Reformation

Yep, this LA based brand is appearing once again in our picks of the ethical fall fashion collections. And that’s thanks to their fab turtlenecks!

Made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from TENCEL to recycled cashmere, there are a whole lot of styles to pick from.

What we love the most: Though turtlenecks can potentially look a bit nerdy, Reformation manages to make them downright sexy!

7. Rothy’s Classic Flats

All those trousers, sweaters and wraps mentioned above are lovely. But what will you wear on your feet when sporting the ethical fall fashion collections?

Rothy’s purveys an incredible collection of chic sneakers, trainers and flats that not only look amazing with any fall outfit, but are also super-eco-friendly. They’re created from bottles and other plastic refuse that was rescued from over 30 miles of coastline. But that’s not all: Rothy’s uses a zero-waste, 3D knitting technique to create their styles, too.

What we love most: All of Rothy’s shoes are 100% vegan friendly!

rothys flats

8. Frank & Oak Puffer Coats

One of the most essential items in our ethical fall fashion collections is a coat! Though it may look light and slight, no matter the weather, this coat has you covered! Maxi-sized quilted diamonds on the coat are made from a water repellant C0, 80/5 shell, a cire finish. The featherless Thermore® Ecodown® will keep you toasty when the temps drop, and its hip-length ensures all your most vulnerable parts are protected from the cold, too.

What we love most: Unlike most puffa coats, which are usually filled with down, this one is 100% vegan friendly – and eco-friendly, too!

9. Laura Lombardi Chunky Chains

According to jewelry experts, 80s inspired chunky gold chains are back! Whether they’re worn as bracelets or necklaces, they’ll add a bit of bling to any outfit. We particularly like Laura Lombardi’s work, as it’s made from a mix of new, recycled and reclaimed metals. Emma Watson and Tracee Ellis Ross are fans!

What we love most: These look so great when mixed and matched with pieces of various sizes.

10. Ma + Lin’s Linen Clothing

When it comes to the cooler months, comfort matters as much as quality. Ma + Lin is a new brand in the world of ethical fashion that provides both things. Their beautiful tops and blouses, inspired by slow fashion and sustainability, are made to last. They’re the perfect staple for your capsule wardrobe! All Ma + Lin’s garments are made of ethical, sustainable linen, but don’t you dare think this fabric is just for summer! It’s thick enough to keep you warm in autumn.

What we love most: The items are made to order, to prevent a surplus of stock and to keep a zero-waste ethos, which is fabulous!

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