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Our Picks of The Ethical Fall Fashion Collections 2019

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Our picks of the ethical fall fashion collections for this year will make you glad summer’s over!

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

We don’t really ‘do’ seasonal trends here at Eluxe, because that just encourages, you know – needless overconsumption to keep up with ‘fashion’. But there can be no denying that as the weather gets chillier, it’s time to add some heavier clothing to your closet.

What we did notice from keeping our eye on the so-called trends from the fashion runways this season, though, is that it seems fashion is finally changing. For example? Menswear and womenswear are being presented together on the runways, brands are questioning the very notion of seasons (finally!), and of course, more ethical fall fashion collections are being shown, as consumers increasingly demand clothing made with sustainable fabrics and by circular production methods.

For example? These brands below are rocking the ethical fall fashion collections with everything from innovative production methods to the use of all-natural, ethically sourced fabrics to create wardrobe must-haves for the chillier season.

Our Picks of The Ethical Fall Fashion Collections 2019

1. Everlane’s Relaxed Tops

Luxurious, versatile silk—that you can throw in the wash? Yep, Everlane has made this a reality! Their Washable Silk Relaxed Shirt is less sheer and more durable than other kinds of silk, which means you can wash it right alongside your other clothes. Easy to wear and easy to clean, this top is perfect for those days when you’re not sure how the weather will be – this top matches shorts, jeans, skirts…you name it!

Not too keen on this simple style? Try some of their all-cotton sweaters, like the one below. It’s thick, warm, and looks great over one of their shirts when the chill sets in.

What we love most: These affordable basics by Everlane have the environment – and classic style – in mind. The brand is focused on making sustainable wardrobe staples that should stay chic and last for decades.

2. Amur’s Coats and Knits

Let’s face it – knitwear can be a bit on the dull side at times. I mean, how many times have you worn a black-sweater-and-jeans combo? Warm, yes. Original, no.

Luckily, Amur creates sustainable knits that come in a variety of colours, shapes and styles that will brighten up your fall! The brand’s cuts and drapes are so expertly done, it’s like wearing couture, but for a fraction of the price. Just witness how wonderfully their coats fit, for example.

Amur stands for A Mindful Use of Resources, and all materials used are sourced with an eye toward environmental good, whether organic and natural fabrics, reclaimed fibers that conserve material resources or trims made by artisan collectives in the developing world.

What we love most: This is possibly the most stylish sustainable brand we know of. And with a small team of designers that used to work at some of the world’s most prestigious fashion maisons (think: Chanel), it’s no wonder.

3. Frank and Oak Denim

Who doesn’t need a great pair of jeans in the fall? Frank and Oak have come up with some innovative ways to make denim more sustainable.

Namely, their Responsible Denim Lab initiative has recently launched a circular denim production method, which makes use of post-consumer waste by reusing jeans fabric fated for a landfill. The denim is ground up by a fabric recycler, then combined with virgin fibres to ultimately create a pair of jeans that’s a hybrid of new and recycled material, visibly indistinguishable from a traditional pair. Old jeans are reborn, and the water and chemicals necessary for making a 100 per cent new pair of jeans is saved.

What we love most: This is a brand that has women of all shapes and sizes in mind, and their circularly produced Ninja jeans (below, right) look great on anyone.

4. Peruvian Connection Knits

If you’ve ever been to Peru, you’ll know that the alpacas there, which provide the wool for countless sweaters, are very well taken care of. They roam freely until it’s time for a haircut, and the result is super-warm, ethically made knitwear that’s timelessly stylish, with an ethnic touch.

Peruvian Connection are experts in the ethical knitwear field, and their sustainable fall fashion collection features all the natural, earthy colours you’d expect to see in the Sacred Valley.

What we love most: Alpaca wool, unlike sheep’s wool, keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, and it’s never scratchy or uncomfortable. Peruvian alpaca is also dyed naturally, with plants.

5. Matt and Nat Outerwear

Dang, but we are excited about this new collection! Popular vegan bag brand Matt and Nat realised that vegans have a problem when it comes to winter wear: coats are usually made of wool, leather or stuffed with down, leaving us out in the cold, literally.

The solution? Vegan friendly versions of the most popular winter coat styles, from ‘cashmere’ and ‘down filled’ puffa coats to the super classic ‘leather’ biker jacket. All with handbags to match, of course!

What we love most: The whole collection is 100% cruelty free, ethically made, and that vegan leather jacket has our name all over it!

6. Ninety Percent Everything

Soft organic cotton material, loose fits, elasticised waists…we pretty much want to just live in Ninety Percent’s track bottoms, sweats, tees and jumpsuits all autumn! And did we mention that this brand is so-named because they give a whopping ninety percent of their profits back to charities?

What we love most: Streetwear may be having a moment right now, but can you ever imagine these trackies looking out of style? Wardrobe must-haves forever, if you ask us! Plus, they can be worn with pretty much everything else on this list.

7. Stella McCartney Backpacks

I don’t know how it happened, but it seems the ‘investment backpack’ is the new ‘investment purse’! From Bobobark’s chic cork model to Stella McCartney’s collections, it seems the backpack is everywhere, and with good reason: they make carrying heavy computers and books to work or school so much easier!

What we love most: We really adore Stella’s because they’re not only vegan-friendly, of course, but are also made from ECONYL, a material created from discarded fishing nets.

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