Label Lust: Rothy’s Vegan Handbag Collection

Rothy’s Vegan Handbag Collection is the latest in a range of eco-friendly friendly accessories

By Chere Di Boscio

It has long been one of our favourite vegan shoe brands. Not just for its perennially chic, vegan style, but also because they make them from recycled plastic. But now, Rothy’s is also one of our favourite vegan bag brands, too!

That’s right: the conscious accessories brand is now making gorgeous totes, clutches and crossbody bags, and they’re all created in the same eco-friendly way as their sustainable shoes.

Rothy's Vegan handbag Collection

Saving The Oceans

Not sure what that means? Basically, everything in Rothy’s vegan handbag collection is crafted from a proprietary blend of marine plastic and Rothy’s signature thread, which is spun from single-use water bottles. So far, the brand has transformed over 45 million bottles found rescued from the oceans into wearable accessories!

They’ve collected all that waste plastic within 30 miles of beaches and coastlines in the United States.

Many may criticise vegan bags for being made of plastics, and frankly, we agree. But since Rothy’s (and many other conscious vegan bag brands) are using recycled plastic that would normally just be rubbish, that’s ok by us.

Rothy's Vegan handbag Collection

Rothy's Vegan handbag Collection

Knitted By Robots

But it’s not only the fabric that makes these bags sustainable: it’s the way they are made, too. Specifically, all of Rothy’s bags are each 3D knit to shape—resulting in far less waste than typical manufacturing.

The reason 3D knitting is so much better for the environment is because this technology allows manufacturers to choose the exact size and shape they want for an item, and the machine creates just that. No more, no less. It results in a seamless knit, which gives an elegant look. But in addition, a lack of seams means more durability (especially for shoes), as seams are usually the weakest point of a garment or accessory, meaning when it rips, it rips there.

Since apparel waste is a global problem – especially with so many people choosing to buy new items instead of fixing old ones – making more durable products is a great thing. And all of Rothy’s shoes and bags are made to last for decades. They’re also designed so they can be easily machine washed, too – meaning with one quick cycle, you can make them look as good as new again!

Rothy's Vegan handbag Collection

Rothy's Vegan Bag Collection

More Than Zero Waste

Apart from making zero waste accessories, Rothy’s is ethical for other reasons, too. For example, all of their boxes and packaging materials are made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable, too

To offset the carbon emissions the brand emits from manufacturing and operations, they’ve partnered with the Envira Amazonia Project. This charity is focused on forest conservation (particularly the rainforest) and has already offset emissions by preserving 500,000 acres of trees so far.

Finally, of course being sustainable means much more than just using recycled materials. It also means fostering an inclusive, positive work environment for workers around the globe – and that’s exactly what Rothy’s does. They offer exceptional health and wellness perks to all of their workers, no matter where they are based.

Rothy's Vegan Bag Collection

Take Your Pick

Knowing we all have our favourite colours, shapes and sizes when it comes to bags, Rothy’s has created a plethora of accessory styles for us to choose from. Whether you prefer a Mondrian-inspired multihued clutch; oversized, reversible tote, or elegant crossbody bag, there’s something here for you.

Equal parts sporty and chic, their sturdy Essential tote bags are spacious enough to carry just about anything under the sun, and come in 10 colours.

Their catchall bags come in different sizes that act as clutch bags, or boxes you can use to store your stuff in at home, in your bathroom or wardrobe. Use them for cosmetics, jewellery, mementoes, and more.

A best seller in Rothy’s vegan bag collection is the crossbody bag. Maybe that’s because it’s really two bags in one: wear it as the name says, across your chest, with the long strap, or remove it and use the bag as a purse.

One of our favourites, though, is the reversible tote. It comes in four colour combos, fits everything you need to carry around, and once it’s looking a bit tired, it is easily tossed in the wash. They’re also smushable and soft, meaning you can scrunch them up into another bag when you’re shopping, and pull it out as needed. No need to ask for a plastic bag again, ever!

Rothy's Vegan Bag Collection

Rothy's Vegan handbag Collection

We hope you love Rothy’s vegan bag collection as much as we do! What’s your favourite style? Let us know in the comments below!

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