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10 Vegan Shoe Brands That Are Perfect For Fall

These perfect vegan shoe brands will make any fall outfit a little more stylish

By Lora O’Brien

Sigh. It’s always a bit sad when the open-toed sandals and shoes get put away for another season. Goodbye, strappy sandals. Hasta la vista, gladiators. But a big, roaring hello to Chelsea boots, Oxford loafers and sweet ankle boots! It’s not quite time for those heavy, lined winter boots (depending on where you live of course), but fall is definitely the season for cozier footwear.

For those of you who prefer your accessories cruelty-free, we’ve chosen ten perfect vegan shoe brands for fall. Each of them has created at least one style that’s on my wish list, and maybe that will go for you, too.

Get ready to kick up some leaves in some seriously cool kickers!

10 Perfect Vegan Shoe Brands For Fall

1. Rothy’s – Chic Flats

Rothy’s is one of everyone’s favourite vegan shoe brands, no matter what time of the year!

This ethical brand does flats like no other. Not only do they come in an array of colours, prints and styles, but they’re also made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. Yep, that’s right: Rothy’s has covered over 30 miles of coastline collecting stray plastic and transforming it into these beautiful shoes. So every time you make a purchase, you’re not only guaranteed to look stylish, but to be helping clean up our beaches and oceans, too.

Price: From around $150

Second image: @natlovesthat on Instagram

vegan shoe brands for fall

2. Vivaia Booties

Looking for a sustainable bootie that’s as comfortable as a trainer? Look no further! Vivaia is one of the best vegan shoe brands for fall, thanks to their Alexandera slip-on boots. They’re made from upcycled PET bottles, and use a zero-waste process to create them.

As you may have guessed, Vivaia was founded with the mission to create stylish and sustainable footwear that’s both eco-friendly and socially responsible. The result is a stunning range of vegan flats, heels and boots, created from recycled materials and 3D technology.

These little boots come in an array of different colours, and look fab with everything from jeans and tights to skirts and dresses.

Price: $99

3. Stella McCartney – Mega Platforms

Reach new heights of fashion with Stella’s sky-high shoes!

If tastemaker Stella McCartney says platform shoes are in, you’d better bet every fashionista from here to Tokyo will be making a beeline to buy them. And that’s been exactly the case for years with this style. In fact,  you could even say they’re something of a Stella McCartney signature!

They’re crafted from vegan suede, white canvas, or the label’s eco-friendly black faux leather that’s buffed to a polished finish, and then grounded by a sustainably sourced wooden heel and serrated rubber sole. The most up-to-the-minute way to show these off? With some cropped jeans, of course!

Price: From around $700

vegan shoe brands for fall

4. Matt and Nat – Chunky Heels

Whether you like them high or low, vegan brand Matt and Nat’s chunky heels are easy to walk in! They feature a V cut toe, slim look and either a tall, chunky or lower block heel. Choose from a variety of shades – I love the burnt orange hue below, which is constructed from corduroy. Reminds me of the autumn leaves, and looks great paired with neutral colors or black.

Price: Around $100

vegan shoe brands for fallvegan shoe brands for fall

5. Bhava Studio – Chic Booties

Looking for design-led footwear made from vegan leather? Look no further from Bhava! For those just as concerned about the environment as they are animal welfare, beware that many vegan leathers are deathly bad for human health–we’re talking plastics and PVCs here–but Bhava assures their customers that no toxic materials are incorporated into their cutting edge shoes or boots.

With an emphasis on ethical craftsmanship, the brand  works closely with artisans to create products that appeal to its highly discerning customers around the world. The founder of the label, Francisca, is a graduate from Parsons School of Design, and is  fully committed to ethical and environmentally conscious design – she even taught Ethical Fashion and Sustainable Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

I couldn’t choose which boots we liked the most: the wood heeled Lauren, or the pointy heeled Billie, below. Which is your fave?

Price: From around $279

6. Sydney Brown – Lava Heels

Look molten hot in these Sydney Brown lava heels!

This is a luxury footwear label that offers both dynamic design and ethical and sustainable production. The American-born designer founded her eponymous label on a strong conviction that luxury could be produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Taking a holistic approach to design, Brown’s designs are handmade by artisans in her Los Angeles studio. Not only are these shoes vegan, they’re eco-friendly too, as they use sustainable materials such as coconut insoles, recycled and sustainable uppers, and reclaimed wooden soles, all aiming to create every pair of shoes with a ‘cradle to cradle’ life cycle.

I love these slim neoprene sock-boots, featuring a rounded wooden ‘lava’ heel and an above ankle rise. They’re perfect for pairing with skirts or jeans, and their stretch makes them super-comfy, too.

Price: $350

vegan shoe brands for fall

7. NAE Vegan – Butt Kicking Boots

This Portuguese brand, whose name stands for ‘no animal exploitation’, is quite eco-friendly: it uses microfibre, Pinatex, cork, recycled air bags and plastic bottles to imitate leather. Creating both women’s and men’s shoes and boots, the brand’s Trina boots have been a best-seller for some time now- maybe it’s because they’re quite similar to what Miley Cyrus (a vegan, I should mention!) wore in her ‘Wrecking Ball’ video?

These are perfect for rain or shine, and you can choose from cherry red or black.

Price: Around $150

Vegan Shoe Brands For Fall

8. Dr Martens – Derby Boots and Creepers

From glitter and sequins to leopard print and punk art, Dr Martens’ shoes offer a wide variety of styles and colors. I love the vegan versions of their classic Derby boots, which feature their trademark stitching, and their classic punk creeper shoes, which were worn by the Clash and other punks back in the day. They’re super comfortable, and offer an interesting and edgier alternative to trainers with any outfit.

Price: From around $60

Images: @thekristina and @drmartens

vegan shoe brands for fall

9. HEXA Bangkok – Loafers

The perfect, casual autumn shoe? The loafer, of course! And HEXA Bangkok does them beautifully.

Their Speedey style is made from really eco-friendly materials, namely canvas, rubber and jute, and features a 4mm Eco-Ortholite padding that’s added to the insole to eliminate odor and create a more cushioned stride. You’ll never have to about slipping down the stairs on rainy days, thanks to their anti-slip embossed rubber toe, which creates a buffer between you and the ground.

And the best part? Their unique gold sole, which looks so chic when you’re sat with your legs crossed!

Price: Around $125

10. Veerah – Sweet Heels

We’ve always been a fan of Veerah’s delicate, ladylike heels here at Eluxe. Not only are they perfect for the office, but they pair well with fall’s midi and maxi-dresses, too. In fact, there’s a lot to love about Veerah’s vegan shoes: they’re made from apple leather, for one, and for another, they come with accessories like bows, ankle straps and buckles that can be added on if you’d like to create a new ‘style’ of shoe.

Price: Around $288

Images: Veerah on Facebook

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