The Sad Beauty of Phannatiq

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

The ethically produced London brand plays on the assonance of ‘fanatic’, and it can indeed be considered such in the field of sustainable fashion.

The outstanding brand for men and women  was established by talented young designer Anna Skodbo, who launched her first collection ‘Abeyance,’ during A/W11 London Fashion Week, and has presented collections each season ever since, in both London and Paris.


Phannatiq distinguishes itself amongst other ethical labels for the unmistakable textiles that are inspired by Skodbo’s love affair with abandoned London, urban industrial decay and street art and textures. The forgotten and ignored nooks and crannies of London, such as Hackney Wick, reflect their sad beauty in the garments employing press studs, rivets and leather piping and printed silk trims with unexpected reverse detailing.


The sullied corners of the City, with their graffitied gates, broken chain fencing, razor wire, all transpire in the Phannatiq collections, with hugging shapes and sassy anti-fit cutting, rubbing delicately and non-toxically printed silks, chiffons, jerseys and wools.


This amazing art for the body possesses the green label, therefore all garments are made from recycled materials or have been ecologically dyed or printed. When wearing a Phannatiq garment, it may reflect the decay and degeneration of London, but its true aim is to regenerate the planet and help it thrive.


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