Trailer Flash! French Glamping Goes Retro

Fans of nostalgia and nature will love this unique, sustainable French glamping holiday!

By Diane Small

The south of France is usually associated with posh hotels, luxurious shopping, and fine dining at Michelin starred restaurants. But for those who want to be a little closer to the splendid nature of this spectacular region, there is a rather riveting retro alternative. Namely: French glamping. In an Airstream trailer, no less!

The  ‘Belrepayre Airstream & Retro Trailer Park’ may sound like a place where Honey Boo Boo and family hang out. But don’t be mistaken! You’re more likely to come across hip cafe owners, actors, bloggers or hardcore vintage lovers at this unique French glamping site.


French Glamping Goes Retro

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Not Your Typical Holiday

Forget about sharing beaches with Russian oligarchs and old-moneyed French families. Instead, enjoy the beauty of the countryside surrounded by  torpedo shaped trailers! The vibe is evocative of retro Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers films. But rather than the cold, harsh landscapes of futurism, you’ll be surrounded by the Pyrenees Mountains that form the natural border between France and Spain.

In fact, the site is specifically located in the south of France near Mirepoix and Toulouse. Both of which are beautiful towns if you choose to visit them!

best french glamping sites

best french glamping sites

Vintage Vibes Only

The stressed aluminium trailers constructed around 1950 took many mid-century families on the most memorable holidays of their lives. But after some restoration and redecoration, they now form the basis of a 50s-fantasy themed French glamping site.

The owners of this small, friendly site, Perry and Coline Balfour, are super charming. They’re proud to invite their guests to stay in one of their large, classic Airstreams. Each one is fitted out with its own unique decorative style. Or, if guests prefer, they are also welcome to bring their own vehicles to the site, of course.

But campers, please note: only Airstream trailers, vintage trailers and campers, are welcome! That’s in order to maintain the exclusively retro feeling of the site.

To help transport guests to the past, trailers feature vintage gems such as:

  • black & white TVs
  • retro sun beds
  • 70’s crockery
  • modernist furniture
  • LP record players
  • …and other touches of carefully collected nostalgia.

A collection of vintage cars and vans, as well as a red phone box and double decker bus from London surround the campers.

best french glamping sites

Belrepayre Airstream & Retro Trailer Park


What To Do

Besides lounging in your 60s deck chair, there is plenty to do on the site. For example?

A cedar hot tub and a yurt designed for yoga and massage provide a ‘spa’ experience. There are various massages on offer, including full body, head, reflexology and other treatments.

You can go swimming and canoeing in the lakes and rivers surrounding the site, as well as climbing, hang gliding, parachuting and hiking in the Pyrenees. This location is perfect for sportier guests!

This being France, of course there are plenty of galleries, restaurants, museums and architectural sites to explore. Visit Belrepayre, which is at the heart of the Cathare region. Here, several castles and cathedrals dating back from the 9-12th centuries can be explored.

There’s even a group of caves in Ariege where prehistorical man lived. Le Mas d’Azil is the designated centre for visitors to learn more about that.

Belrepayre Airstream & Retro Trailer Park

Belrepayre Airstream & Retro Trailer Park

Serious Entertainment

Former circus performers, the two owners of the site certainly know how to entertain! And most of that is done from the site of their famous ‘Apollo lounge’. This specially built Airstream bar designed by Gerad Cholot in 1989 was initially used as a mobile coffee bar in Paris, before becoming the centrepiece of the trailer park.

Perry says: “The previous owner tracked me down and offered us the trailer. He wanted it to have a good home.” It couldn’t ask for a better one! It’s become a bit of a ‘scene’ with guests. Not just because the the restaurant and bar of the park are found here, but thanks to the nightly music hangouts. Vinyl LPs are slipped from their sleeves and given a spin on decades-old turntables.

With a bit of ceremony, Perry dons his Sgt.Pepper style military jacket and DJs his favourite tunes. These range from French ye-ye, Motown, West Coast rock, late ‘60’s pop-psych and early prog, to lounge and even early ‘70’s French disco.

Guests drink, dance and mingle under the night sky, proving once and for all that the best fun is indeed the good, old-fashioned kind.

Precisely the kind you find at this French glamping site!

best french glamping sites

best french glamping sites

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Diane Small

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